PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels reviews the LATEST COBRA ONE LENGTH F8 IRONS using GCQuad and Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls!

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Young Jae Lee says:

I have f7 forged one length irons, and I have improved the game tremendously because I am hitting my irons more consistently

Bill Kendall says:

I have last year’s One Length and i play all the shots from the 7iron ball position. That’s what they are designed for. The flight on the 4 iron is a little lower than a “normal” 4 iron flight but not terribly so. If I need a higher flighted shot i pull the hybrid and choke down. I like the consistency in ball position and the results. Recommend at least giving them a go

Nofel Shangi says:

Great review I would like to try and I have to see what is the difference

Benjamin Toups says:

Wonder if you can get the gray insert with the one length

Raymond Yadusky says:

You sound like an old man complaining about modern times.

nigel brooks says:

Firstly been watching your channel forever and the content is still first class, with regards to the one length the jury is still out I feel the benefits for a higher handicap player are lots a lower handicap player I feel would also benefit due to their skill ie striking and shot shaping.Would love to see your mate Rob having a go cheers.

Jeff Peterson says:

I play single length irons and I don’t seem to have the issue with a low ball flight on my five iron. My swing speed is at 96 for my irons on average and I have high soft landings. We all have different swings and different angles of attack. I am very shallow at impact and sweep the ball on every swing with crisp and shallow divots. I don’t know why people trip on their ball flight so much. If you hit it crisp and it goes straight then you should have good results.

Steve Wright says:

It’s horses for courses with the one length clubs. I play with the Tom Wishon one length iron (in my opinion better than the Cobra, but that’s my opinion). I’m single figure so that expels the “its only for beginners” and I’m sure Mr Finch and Mr DeChambeau would agree. But one good thing it gives people options as opposed to the same old thing with different stickers. But at the end of the day it’s up to you to try and buy.

Benjamin Toups says:

Think it’s the Blue in it. The gray look awesome.

Young Jae Lee says:

I do not believe hitting 3 shots is enough. When testing 5 irons, Rick hit the last one pretty low, affecting the launch angle, descend angle and the peak height

Brian Harrison says:

Why not put back in your stance and test?

Matthew Johnson says:

How about mixing the two

sushiman2000 says:

I’m a little miffed at this review, I think Rick lost focus on the benefits of a one length set. Like most things in life, their are benefits and drawbacks to different concepts. The advantages of a one length system are consistent swing ideas (stance, lie angle, set-up, tempo, etc.). This helps amateurs like me who play 6-8 times a month. Sure there are disadvantages in flight trajectory but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I play a one length set, striking the ball better, hitting more greens in regulation, and making more pars and birdies. This can’t be measured in a review of this type.

Ben Thompson says:

R u going to do Christmas giveaways again

Jacob Nicholson says:

I’m sure someone has probably thought of it, but maybe it would be a good idea to have the lengths stepped for high, mid, and low irons. Have one length for each group.

MrJoshthenosh says:

sad thing about this test ricks swing speed with his gap wedge is the same as my driver

60DegreeLobWedge says:

Irons aren’t about maximum distance so why even comment on how short the 5 iron is compared to other sets?  You really need to discuss the gapping between the irons as its one of the most important aspects of a SET of irons.  So many sets these days have huge gaps between the short irons and it would be nice to see it tested.

Rob Biles says:

Nice review Rick. I like the idea of one length irons, consistent ball position, swing etc but it would all come down to gapping for me, at both ends. Would be nice to hear Pete’s comments on that.

Richard Wood says:

Rick how do you numbers of F8 compare to the F7?

Hacker2024 says:

Surely these clubs are designed for the level of golfer who doesn’t particularly care about a few yards drop off on a 5 iron. As long as it goes straight!

Kevin Wilkinson says:

Hi Rick , any plans to do the new F-max one length irons ?

spartan gaming says:

Rick from the bottom of my heart The One Length iron is a good idea and not should be only looked at by the higher handicappers but also lower handicappers as well, it gives you a constant swing for your gap all the way to your 5 iron  and I feel that is what a golfer needs instead of a different shot for a different club. But thats what I think. I have tried them out before and although they felt weird, you can’t say their not but they work amazing and I am investing in the new cobra one length irons. However these are only my thoughts, tell me what you think.

Rich Coughlan says:

Been waiting for this review…..

Bill Kendall says:

Be interesting to compare these to last year’s model

Bill Kendall says:

And let’s bear in mind, these clubs a re not designed for the better player. but for most of us weekend warriors.

IR Cunning says:

Rick – Thanks for the review. I think you are missing one key point based on your numbers. You swing the one length 5 iron on average at 94 mph and are concerned about club head speed. BUT, when you swing the wedge smoothly, you swing at 99.9 mph. That is actually faster than both F8 5 irons you hit, so the club head speed is there. If you were to flip those mph numbers on the 2 different clubs, you would have a 5 iron that flies longer and higher, and wedge that flies a little lower and shorter. Main point is that for these irons to work, you need to swing them the same way.

Nick Furness says:

The more I watch reviews on clubs, the more I think I would like a combo iron set. The traditional iron set all the same club will have some irons you hit well and some you struggle with. For example, more bladed irons 7-PW and cavity back 4-6 iron. Maybe in this instance, a set made up of vary length 4-6 iron and one length 7-GW would help some golfers stopping the ball on the greens as they may generate more height going into the greens.

rlong13 says:

Really for hackers like most of us it’s worth losing a couple yards on the long irons to make it easier to hit. My flight is different on every swing I have. Lol

Mark Pogson says:

Yes I know some people that use single length irons. Peter Finch and myself, lol. Why not ask Peter to review them so he can compare them to the F7 he has been using for the last year? Please, seriously, ask Peter to review them.

Mark Blankenship says:

I had the Exact problem you showcased with the longer and shorter irons. Small gaps. I had high hopes.

Dev Buck says:

“The concept with these is to play the same ball position as a 7 iron, but I’m not going to do that with the 5 iron because I dont want to give an honest try so I will proceed to move the ball forward, get thin contact resulting in low flight and a dropoff in carry then will go on to complain about that and how I don’t think these work well.”

C’mon Rick. That’s like you testing a driver but not using a tee and ragging on it for poor performance. Use the tool as intended.

Stephen Davies says:

one length irons a re a brilliant idea.

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