Rick Shiels tests the COBRA KING FORGED ONE LENGTH IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software


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Luke Chassereau says:

Being a high ball hitter, the short irons really scare me. I have to try them to see if I can flight it down. I too swing the 7 iron between 90 and 95mph. The other thing I am worrying about is will you still need to carry a standard sand and loft wedge. Kind of defeats the purpose if you do….

Roberto C says:

I am going to have to sell these things. I see a lot of returns coming. smh. imagine a hack trying to get a 5 iron in the air with 55mph club head speed. not happening.

Simon Li says:

Hi Rick, first of really love the videos good info and looks like you’re having good craic as we say in NI. Anyway.. these clubs look interesting beng that they are one length; 1) do you think they would everyone from different heights to different HCs? 2) Any chance of doing a review on the MD Golf Aston Martin range? read a review on a forum someone said that they were better than their AP2s? I know they are oldish clubs but no one seems to have really reviewed them in the same way you did with the Benross range. Cheers Simon

john smith says:

Mine are on oder .. 59 yr old 4 handicap .. been struggling with 4/5 irons …..

Callum campbell says:

Rick I think u need to do some putter reviews because the putter is the most used club in the bag. By the way your channel is really good

51Dss says:

Are the iron heads designed for accepting parallel shafts or are they tapered – do the same length shafts all have the same kick point throughout the set and wouldn’t a higher kick point help to get the ball flight higher on the longer irons and conversely a lower kick point help to lower trajectory with the short irons.

ticleve2 says:

Would you expect to get he same spin rate from the King F7 One Length Irons?

Jay B says:

Love the concept, especially from a standpoint where you cannot get as much practice as you would like.

One swing (as jack used to say) is all you should need, these take that ideology one step further, really interested in giving them a go, may even trade in my AP2’s if i like them!!!!

Andrew Nelson says:

i think its a great idea and as you said rick for most amateur golfers it will help there long game

Canopus says:

When will we be able to purchase this product?

Anthony Guidice says:

I use the F7. I think I’ve tried just about everything . . . You have to get used to them. At first they seem weird. After a while you don’t notice the single length. You just have to give yourself time to get used to them. Then – you’ll strike each shot more consistently than with variable length clubs.

Charles Sandomenico says:

Thanks Rick good review.

seamus judge says:

Mark Crossfields review of these clubs was better, he took them out on a course.

Steven Whitley says:

Rick – we lose too many golfers every year because the game is just too hard to get really good at unless you practice – a- lot. The average working stiff cannot put the time into it to noticeably improve. So if you eliminate some of the key variables of the golf swing (lie angle, ball position, stance, swing speed) wouldn’t it just make sense that you could make the game somewhat easier – less frustrating – and produce better scores. I understand all about the whole previous failed attempt of the Tommy Armour EQL clubs – but – back then they didn’t quite have the technology or ANY high-level playing ambassador of the concept? Now there is – and – he really has really some game! I am a 58-year-old player of over 40 years who has quit playing twice. However, improvements to equipment always brought me back in (wood to steel headed Drivers, blades to cavity backed irons, hybrids, improved ball technology, graphite shafts etc), however, this single length business may well be a diamond in the rough with regards to club technology. It has the realistic potential of making the game much more enjoyable for long-suffering amateurs, newcomers, and possibly even some pros.
I have read that golf handicaps haven’t really come down that much in many many years? What if this does the trick? Golf is a game of age-old tradition and change comes about very slowly and with plenty of opposition – but – just think about it – ANYTHING – that makes this game easier to play – within the rules – should be embraced!

David Glenn says:

Is there any concern that if one length clubs did become popular that they would become illegal by the PGA?

sean craig says:

Wonder if the game improvement version flies higher?

Chip Satterly says:

Hope you sent Bryson deChambeau a thank you note for his tweet linked to your video.
These clubs combined with the Moe Nornam type single “plane” swing could be a huge game changer for seniors.
Can the lies be changed to make them more UPright??

slimjim 2582 says:

I absolutely love them! I’ve previously tried the 5 iron on sim, and good feel. Just got a set and walked a short 9. What an awesome set of irons. Less thinking, more confidence=more consistency! Hail to the f7 one length!!

Chris Gatti says:

Another good option that I like better than 1 length, is to step the length by 3/8″ instead of the normal 1/2″ per club. This you can do with standard weight heads and adjust weight during assembly via normal techniques. This has the effect of making the long irons, a little shorter in length and the 8-P a little longer in length, not the drastic difference you see with the single length. So long irons still fly high are just a little easier to make center face contact, and the short irons are good for a few more yards without the ballooning from excessive spin. Ask your local clubmaker, as they can do this for the iron heads you own now.

Kevin Reinartz says:

im really excited about these, i do find it hard to hit my long irons and feel that the simplified swing could be beneficial. ill be testing when they release.

Brett Smith says:

when are you going to put them in rob potters hands ?

Keith White says:

Very interesting mate.  Bryson was clearly the reason they came out, and I can see these really catching on for club golfers who don’t desire high 5/4 iron trajectory but just want cleaner strikes.  I always struggle with traditional long irons, but these will have to prove that they are a better option than hybrids, and that may be a real challenge for Cobra.

dean robinson says:

can’t you just choke down for 6 iron and so on. are we talking odd kickpoints etc in that case?

MrMIKESTER1122 says:

I just got fitted for these clubs at my local golf galaxy. I tested the m2 irons, jpx 900 hot metal, and these. I felt like I was getting more consistent numbers with this clubs and I really enjoy the design. My average carry distance with my 7 iron was 185, and my gap wedge was 125. I had the shafts extended .5 inches, modos stiff 105g shaft, mid size Winn grips, and they are going to I believe bend the club because they put this material on the bottom of the face and I hit a golf ball off a what look like chalkboard mat and I was hitting the ball consistently on the toe so they are gonna bend it so it fixes that app…

Thomas B nielsen says:

There were no launch monitors in the 80 s or the 90 s and tbh before trackman in 2003 it was all very iffy . but that a side what a super interesting review and i don´t want to rush to conclusions but loosing height on a 4 iron and gaining it with the AW is not really where we want to go !!!

jungfraujoch11333 says:

Bryson born in the nineties I reckon Rick ? ’93
The original reference book was IIRC 1969, ” The golf machine” ? Maybe

Matthew Lehr says:

Rick. Would putting a HL shaft in the 6,5,4,3 irons produce that desired ball flight you are looking for. So long as the shaft is the same weight as the 7,8,9,pw,gw. EG: s300 SL in gw,pw,9,8,7 and s300 HL in the 6,5,4,3 ?

Get Back To Golf says:

i’d love to try them someday… i was like 701 =)

Jonathan Bowler says:

Looking at getting myself a set of theses as I’m new to the game


Please play 18 with those clubs!!!

fdllicks says:

i made my own 7 iron length set and love them. i will never go back to multiple lengths. That is a crazy idea to me. why have
14 different swings?????? that is nuts.

Max Green says:

Given a bit of time with them Rick would you contemplate sticking them in the Shiels Tour Bag for a #QuestForTheOpen qualifier?

Waqar Ghulam says:

What about carry and spin and holding the green for higher handicappers?

Ordinary Sneaker Guy says:

Great video! Very intriguing

Ryan Jurgens says:

This idea is very interesting. I would love to try these out for a couple rounds and see if my 14 hc improves or gets worse.

Joe Sharplin says:

Rick, Can you give the one length game improvement irons a review please m8? gracias

rwdriver300 says:


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