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William Russell says:

Can we expect a Mizuno ST-180 driver review as well Rick?

Richard Argent says:

Bling bling American boring golf clubs

Asher Grossman says:

Awesome. I love cobra irons. I have a set if FMAX iros!

Thomas Kuhn says:

So what happens with the Cobra Connect when you get around to putting new grips on your clubs? Let’s be honest, who really needs this in their irons?

Yankurph says:

They could be made completely out of plastic and I would play them if they performed that well. Very accurate shots Rick, maybe you are just having a great day but considering taking them out on the course. Would really enjoy a video with you playing the F8s and Peter Finch playing the F8 one length irons.

Victor Daniel Traverso says:

Awful set, I don`t like it

TD Kane says:

The sound to us is the same as your Titleist ap3 video.

Matthew Schulze says:

Jesus, GI clubs are ridiculous. 29* 7 iron with a sole 6″ thick

Lucas Marshall says:

might as well throw in a one length driver

Malcolm A. says:

Good review Rick; really appreciate hearing your comments
Keep up the good work

slimjim 2582 says:

There is definitely a click sound that I’ve found on the f7 one lengths I’ve had. It feels very soft and sounds clicky, but that’s when I know I’ve hit it well. It’s kind of an audible reference for knowing you’ve hit it well. I liked the f7s, but I like the variable length better.

Edward Willis says:

I’d like to see you put to the test, by using some £50 Dunlop clubs and see what difference professional clubs make!

Kristian James says:

Please start trying new clubs for your game Rick, Your hitting these amazing!

Dan Johnson says:

Rick, did you color coordinate your pants with the grips?  😉  Like the review

Q C says:

When you are reading off the numbers could barley hear you. I had to turn up the sound in YouTube and on the computer.

Hacker2024 says:

First time I’ve seen you without a cap in a long time!

Michael Sullivan says:

Gaming original Amp irons 2012,,u think it’s worth changing to F8?,, would I see difference

Cinnamon Mon says:

I’ve noticed Rick hasn’t mentioned “Quest for the Open” in a long time. This time last year he started working with Dan Whitaker after the first failed attempt. Is Quest for the Open dead? If so I say fair play, it was content producing click bait in any case.

Philip May says:

Great review as always! Please please please review the ST 180 Mizuno driver

John McAlinden says:

Not massively convinced by the appearance of the detailing on the back.

Tsampiko F. says:

Fantastic clubs. With performance like that, the sound is irrelevant.

Bandit Baker says:

Nice review Rick, personally I think these “bad boys” look superb and as long as they perform I couldn’t give a monkeys what they sound like.

notformebeaky says:

Look like a 28 handicapper choppers club. No thanks.

Stickbow archery says:

5 iron at 215… God man!!!! I get 160 at best as a beginner…….

Calamity Golf says:

Get rob on these

Lucas Carman says:

That carbon fiber look that some clubs have now is super ugly in my opinion. I like standard clubs with nothing strange.

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

That 7 iron is stronger than my 6 iron, the 5 is stronger than my 3!

MySpankster says:

Hi Rick…i love your videos…i am about a 15-20 handicap…..53 years old….which of the new irons would you say are best for me…..i am looking for very forgiving irons…i currently have Ping G25 and i am not that happy with them..i am looking at cobra / wilson / taylormade and calloway…..can you give me a list of 5 irons that i should try….thx a bunch…cheers

Calamity Golf says:

Good review but I am wondering how much some of the drivers and irons cost. Let’s hope their not stupidly expensive

Sammy Pagan says:

That sound really comes through in the video! It has to be the carbon fiber. Next time you guys are in Orlando and want to do a course vlog with an amateur let me know! There are some extremely beautiful courses here apart the ones I have seen you play!

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