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Johnny Apple Seed says:

Unexpected Hot Shots and Flyers will kill a golfers round faster than 500 rpms of reduced average back spin would any day…..

Happy Duffer says:

Rick, I am a fan but let’s be honest for a moment, you cannot really expect consistent numbers when you hit one toe side and two heel side of the middle. That kind of ball striking is never going to produce consistent spin or distance… and to be honest in such case a variance a 5-8 yards is to be expected in that case isn’t it? As mentioned by another poster, perhaps this is a result of hitting off mats…seems like real turf would give you better and more consistent results.

Tom J says:

Rick- you have lost it, chop who has lots of bias. sigh. unsubscribed

Garrett Morrison says:

I’m a fan of your videos, Rick. I appreciate the effort you put into editing and polishing them. But your take on modern GI irons has become repetitive, and honestly it seems like you’re missing the point. These irons have low lofts because they launch the ball super high. With lower lofts come lower spin numbers. But since the launch is high, the stopping power will presumably still be robust, especially for the distance that the ball is traveling. The 8 iron = 8,000 / PW = 10,000 formula doesn’t work for modern GI irons, nor should it.

Your audience isn’t dumb (for the most part). We can handle some discourse about descent angle, spin in relation to loft, and overall stopping power relative to distance. Those are the relevant issues here, in my opinion.

Robin C says:

Our other friend Mr Crossfield tested these in America and found the spin to be impressive….is it just strike strike and strike that makes the difference….Rick hit a lot of inconsistent strikes in this video….and Cleavland have been putting the lofts on some of their iron sets for a long time

pickin4you says:

Sorry Rick. Tried to get someone to answer a question, and all he could do was insult me and name call, so I deleted it.

stuart gogay says:

they look like an updated cg16, check it out rick

dubnessIII says:


OxiClean says:

Good to see cleveland making clubs again, I loved my Launcher DST Driver

Barry Macokiner says:

Please do the bombtech wedges!!!!!

Phil Shanahan says:

Please test the Srixon z765

745theone says:

Rick, I was staffed by Cleveland/Srixon and I will say this much about them, you need to look into the right shafts. I have Cleveland irons from a few years ago and was only hitting an 8 iron about 140. New shafts, 155 with more spin. Cleveland is a touchy brand don’t get me wrong but seems like for a lot of people iron shafts don’t get looked at as much as driver shafts. The stock shafts on the CBX’s are a lighter, faster, cheaper Dynamic Gold. Put your KBS’s or Project X’s in them or whatever you hit and I’m sure you will get more consistence out of them. Great looking clubs they have come out with and great feeling, just with these I believe, need to have a better shaft in them.

pedro gonzales says:

I really dont like how irons’ lofts have gotten stronger. I love my Ben Hogans.

Jay Collins says:

I don’t want club numbers or lofts on my irons. I would rather have distances, like this is my 150 yard club. Someday when I hit the ball more consistently I hope to put yardages on my clubs.

Len Frandsen says:

do you really need to use such language?? cmon now

Don Harrold says:

Could you do a review on the HB irons?

Tom Parker says:

Spin is pretty impressive considering it’s basically a 7 iron with 8 on the bottom. Good performing clubs IMO!

Lance Davis says:

If anything you’ve taught us to well my friend. Regardless of what the number is on the bottom of the club those spin numbers are pretty good for a 34 degree club. Tighten the club reviews back up man. This seems like a lazy one.

John Jones says:

i defintely prefer lofts on the clubs, because i find it hard to work out the gapping otherwise. more companies need to start doing it

Thomas Morelock says:

I wish I could hit a 6 iron 200+ yards….or a 5 iron….or a 4 iron. Loft shown on the clubs wouldn’t be a big plus to me. If you only have one set of clubs in your bag it really doesn’t do anything for you. If you are comparing multiple sets I can see it being nice.

TheRealChetManley says:

Love having the lofts on the club. It’s a true indicator of performance, and allows consumers to compare apples to apples.

Strad 4321 says:

Just curious, but would it not be more correct to reference the spin numbers to the loft rather than the club number(i.e. 7 iron)?

Keyser Soze says:

I like them purdy CBX arns. Rich Shields can kiss my az with his retarded gripes about spin. We don’t need out-of-touch pro players to review game improvement clubs for us normal people. Stick to talking about your pompous blade irons, that’s all you know. Don’t pretend you can relate to us so you can get more subscribers.

Dan Wilson Golf says:

Bro, your vids are kinda boring. I like how much info is packed in, but where is the emotion?

Marcus johansson says:

I like to have the loft. Don’t like the stronglofting !!

Derius Wagner says:

Rick, please review the irons relative to the target player market. These seem to be aimed at the mid to high HCs, Spin does not matter much when you hit 10% of the greens in reg. What is the “True Balance” stamped on the club all about?

Pat Decker says:

I like to see the loft on the club and I’m not sure why anyone would be against it. If you have your club loft changed at some point would be the only reason I could see not to do it, since it’d be wrong at that point.

There’s an idea. I wonder how accurate the stated loft is on some of the clubs you review? Could you spot check some and see that they are accurate?

Ken Royal says:

Hello Rick, I’m just, now, catching up with your reviews, so a bit behind. It seems to me the Cleveland CBX and the HB would be perfect clubs for Rob to test. Respectfully, they would be more geared to his swing, I think. Looking forward to more. I’m actually very happy Cleveland is returning to the market. I reckon a lot of seniors are rejoicing. ;>) Cheers!

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