Reviewed by PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Studio in Lytham using GC2 and HMT launch monitor to provide you with the best possible information about the new NEW CALLAWAY XR OS IRONS for 2016


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FranknBeer says:

I wish someone would make a 3 wood that was meant to “help” golfers.

Dan B says:

Any sign of XR pro 2016’s coming or they keeping with last years model?

Louis Pounds says:

can you test the Wilson c200?

Jack Turnbull says:

Hey Rick, if you need a high handicapper for that testing you mentioned, I’m about half an hours drive from Lytham… ;D

Nicholas Johnson says:

Why make a club easier to hit which is a good thing, but then make the standard shaft longer. Thus making it harder for the person this club is aimed at to hit the sweet spot.

Felix Negron says:

Rick, would you recommend these clubs over the Ping GMAX for high handicappers? Appreciate your comments here. Thanks.

Andy M says:

And my XR Pro’s arrive tomorrow… just hoping they don’t bring out XR Pro 2016 model anytime soon!

Matthew Pritchard says:

Hi rick, quick question on my wedge set up currently my set has a PW and SW at 44 and 54 respectively, my current other wedges (Cleveland rtx 2.0) from my old set of irons are 52 and 60. Is this ok I think its not enough of a change. was thinking of changing to a 50 and 58. So my wedges will be 44, 50, 54 and 58. Would love your opinion RIck.

Cace Smith says:

Not for me but if it makes the game easier for higher handicap players then go for it.

culte plusplus32 says:

hi rick. great review but as mentioned before when are you reviewing the apex cf16??? they look great!

mike hunt says:

Come on man please do a review of the new apex irons
you never did the old ones either
Why wont you review them????

Adam Flynn says:

I would prefer all manufacturers ( callaway aren’t alone) to make clubs easier to hit by not cranking the lofts but to then increase shaft length maybe negates some of the good work. These do look easy to launch though and that’s exactly what they are aimed at.

Paul Canting says:

Hi Rick….

I use to play Golf a lot, for personal reasons I was forced to stop play on 2006, I was a 12 handicap, I am planning to go back to play but I don’t have the time to practice the way I use to, so I was planning to purchase a set of irons and I am in the middle of a cross road between Callaway XR OS irons and the 2015 Callaway Big Bertha irons, which of these two sets could be a better idea? I’m looking for a forgiving club with distance, please give me your opinion!

Roger Norris says:

I really like both Callaway and Ping so I was approaching Nirvana with the videos these past few days.

John Heitner says:

Just got the xr OS after switching from my x20’s and i absolutely love them. they are beyond easy to hit with a great ball flight. Also if you are concerned about lack of spin with these the height of the ball makes up for and lands it softly on the green. just get used to the distance as these irons make the ball really go, at least one to one and half clubs longer.

Donny Wilcox says:

i am all for help for those who new it ..but how close are we getting to where its unfair to those of us who spent the time to practice things like strike and path …I know there are set standards clubs must conform to but whens enough enough …I am glad they are being made brings new players to the game and that benefits all who play ….

kyshapka says:

Love these type of reviews. I love the 30 shot analysis for accuracy. But to get a feel for the clubs, I love this type, the GC2 visual and commentary. Great stuff, Rick.

Jay An says:

On your next course vlog, can you and pete go with a full bag of “so called” game improvement clubs? Im in the thinking that no matter how low your handicap, I think it will help your game or at the least not make any difference.

Phil McIver says:

cold getting to your nose there Rick haha

The Scholaredamerican says:

Just fyi anyone can always have these clubs lofts weakened if needed.

Sjors den Ambtman says:

what is off set, and can you buy a iron that has almost no off set.
( please name a few not too old please)

howlingwolf125y says:

I am about a 15 – 20 handicap. I like a bigger head on my irons, but it seems like all the game improvement and super game improvement irons have (way) too much offset. Be nice if they (Golf manufacturers) would come out with an over sized game improvement iron that had a lot less offset.

Ken Kramer says:

Rick, you are brilliant. I wish I could take a week’s worth of lessons from you. Come to the States.

Clayton Anderson says:

Oversized indeed.

dakota says:

The average golfer slices the ball and pulls their irons why offset (it helps getting the ball in the air but also makes their pull worse), why not have weaker lofted irons that get the ball up in the air with spin?

chris dibona says:

I need some help. I’m trying to decide between the Callaway XR OS irons or the Ping Gmax. I’ve hit both and I just can’t decide which one to get?

Garrett Thesing says:

Good job callaway not just decreasing loft to make it longer

Eric Davis says:

How is this, (which isn’t out yet) available for testing and the Apex Pro which came out in October, unavailable? Methinks Rick hates the Apex Pro 16. 😉 I’m gonna ride the matter. hahah

Lee Popham-Lithgow says:

Love the reviews Rick, always look forward to seeing what clubs and tests you video

Mike Kefer says:

If Callaway was really interested in helping the high handicap golfer shoot better scores and not just max distance, they’d reduce the shaft length, not increase it. Short shafts, high lofts, very large forgiving heads, and a decent amount of spin to hold greens = easy to score with irons. Nobody really makes these off the rack that I know of.

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