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Thomas Keim says:

So how do these compare to the Razr X Forged or old X-Forged?

Station 2Station says:

Regarding the 7 iron, why do they appear to be going so high when the difference between the MB and the X-Forged is only .1 yard?  18.2 vs 18.1.  Thank you

3000 says:

The owner of the country club i work at just got his in yesterday. they look amazing in person!

Iñigo Francia says:

Could a mixed set with 7iron to pw of mv and 6-3 of x forged?

Bryan Kay says:

Ordering the X-Forged on Friday! They DO feel like Butter, and enough forgiveness for me (play to a 9 most days) to use every time out. The MB’s are beautiful, but too precise for me. Great Job, Rick

Whoa91 says:

What shafts come with them??? Could they be the cause for the high flight ?

Adam W says:


Charlie Markert says:

Rick how about you post your face to path numbers when you are trying to “shape” them? considering you say you struggle to hit a cut with them it can’t possibly be the club that makes you hit a pull when trying to “cut” the ball

Adam Flynn says:

Callaway taking over from TM releasing clubs every 5 mins

Adam Denison says:

Toe down 3.5-4 degrees on those shots. I know they’re not custom fit but it has to slightly impact the results, no?

Randall Mahony says:

Rick I wanted to ask you if you heard of this new driver being sold as the Hammer X with strange head design and a flat shaft

jason stanley says:

Reminds me of the t zoids

Tony Rock says:

Geez Rick. Your accuracy with these are Great! Thanks for the review

pavandeep sittre says:

Honestly rick your club reviews are stupid. First of all to shape a ball it’s you not the club. And second why is it never your fault. For example the third shot with the wedge. The ball went left because the face was closed meaning you de lofted the club. What does that mean, the ball will go further and spin less. Not the club it’s you. You can not consistently hit the same shot or you can’t shapen the ball.

ibass2 says:

Looking for a “Rick’s rating”,, not much on feel….

John Dunworth says:

Hi Rick. Just wondering what shaft you are using here. I would think you can change the height and spin rate with the right shaft. And I’m thinking about getting these and right now have project x 5.5 in my apex pros from a few years ago. Think about graphite shafts, any suggestions on what would be comparable? Thanks for the great uploads you keep putting out.

Dave Sturrock says:

The wedge may not be the prettiest but once again poor strike or your lack quality ( long and left-pull) and you wonder why it’s gone 10 yards further.
Bad strike doesn’t mean a bad golf club.
“Craftsman never blames his tools”

Swamp Life says:

Wow.. so callaway just copied the TM P770/750s…

chris wolfe says:

x forged

D Brown says:

Hey for your next series could you do something similiar to your course review? Basically a normal course vlog but describe your shot what you plan on doing and how to execute that plan. Then if your shot fails maybe explain why e.g. “i openes the club face too much “

Tom Newsted says:

How does this compare to it’s obvious rival the 718 AP2

Stephen DiBari says:

Would game the X Forged, want the Forged feel and some forgiveness. I now game the Mizuno JPX900 Forged and love them too much to make a change at the moment. Would like to see a head to head on these 2 models

Jacob Weigand says:

At first I thought it looked good but once I saw it up close it looks kind of plasticy

Simon White says:

Gorgeous looking club, that height would really help me. Not sure a 13 handicapper playing a consistently windy course would suit them though.

tyler houghland says:

Do some tests on the Honma range of golf clubs

Joe Dubiel says:

Not really feeling it for either set of Callaway irons. I like the Taylormade CGB irons instead. Like their looks and abilities much better to be honest with you Rick. 🙂 Great reviews though.

ThomasKlarskov says:

what hcp range is this club for?

Kevin Brand says:

Hi Rick, What handicap range would you say these would be for? Iv been playing for 4 years and now down to 15 and looking for a set of clubs i can move forward with. I currently have the apex cf16 which i love but they are well worn. iv heard they may be releasing a “cf18” early next year?? Any recomendations? Thanks in advance.

jo barbs says:

alenouya mamamia,best blade ever,you make a good job 4 detail the club,thank you sir

Matt Gomez says:

Really enjoyed this review but my game isn’t good enough to merit these great looking clubs.

gashead 95 says:

Getting tired of ricks reviews of using solely around carry distance of each club. Surely you can’t summarise that the club is difficult to work the ball with on the basis of ONE attempt at a fade which didn’t come off. I’m sorry Rick but I don’t think you’re ball striking is really good enough to pass comment on how easy a club is to manoeuvre ! I think you’d find a better ball striker would have no problem manoeuvring that club because they are more capable of manipulating the face and path than you. Then the club wouldn’t really have much of an effect.

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