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Chubbs Petersons Hand says:

Rick, how much difference is there in offset?

Matthew Mignault says:

Agree with Rob’s sentiment – it is a pity that they didn’t release the regular and pro models at the same time. I can’t remember what the difference in price between the regular and pro models in the old X-series irons was but I was surprised to see that the steelhead xr pro costs £160 more than the steelhead xr. Obviously I haven’t tried yet, but looks-wise, I prefer the CF-16 to the xr pro.

Michael Price says:

I bought a set of these in Australia about 12 months ago with stiff shafts fitted i can’t fault them great irons

Wilhelm Nathanaelson says:

your the best keep the good work upp :))))

Rhize says:

Have seen exactly this where people “upgrade” from xr to xr stealhead pro. If it was me I’d have sold them a good brush to clean the grooves and the cards of some good pros for lessons.

ressoy says:

M2 Taylor made did the same, M2 / M2 tour.- XR/ XR Tour Extra Sales

Tanner Richardson says:

Can you do these irons vs the callaway cf 16

David Luck says:

Only an idiot wouldn’t know these irons were coming out. Why they didn’t release them with the “standard” version, as they did before, is a bit of a mystery. Even the X 14s had a less offset pro version.

John Jones says:

i dont understand why companies do this, its getting worse and worse these days. Only benefits the players who ‘get them given to for free’ not the average golfer who actually spends more on equipment/apparel/lessons/green fees. so much for improving the game of golf.

TheCabaxi says:

Not another set from Callaway surely

InsightDean says:

I bought a the steelhead xr – chrome. Fortunately, i like the chrome. They are playing a bit longer.

Juan Reyes says:

I agree that the black should have been an option for the folks who bought those xr clubs.
I do realize they are not the same club, there is a difference in the technology.

Patrick Kelly says:

I wonder how long they will wait to release the epic line of irons

Gavin Williams says:

Hi Rick great review as always do you know if they will be bringing out an epic iron to go with the driver 3 wood ?

dpingman777 says:

I have been a PING fan my entire life. I went and got fitted and these clubs suited better than the XR’s and the variety of other clubs I tried (which were many). I would say go get fitted. I was set on getting the G’s but these felt much better for me. I don’t care about release dates. These clubs perform. My first round with them I dropped 10 strokes. Something has to be said for that. Get fitted, get fitted get fitted…You might be surprised!

Nicholas Johnson says:

Would be nice if the golf mags called them out on this silly release cycle. But I’m sure we’ll get the usual press releases slightly rewritten as a review.

Mitchell Thurner says:

As if Callaway didn’t have enough irons already

TheFranchise9 says:

I heard these came out, searched to see if Rick had a review, sure enough posted 6bgours ago. nice job

Kevin says:

Callaway’s honestly bore the shit out of me to the point I don’t wanna look at them or try them out. Huge offset to the point where they look like junior clubs. Can’t believe Henrik Stenson plays with them.

David Fletcher says:

Callaway have an ex TM man high up in their organisation so is it really a surprise that they have gone release crazy. They want to be the number one player in the club market and by keep releasing new gear it keeps them in magazines and you tube reviews. As with taylormade though if they are not careful people could start to lose interest and sales fall away. The only other good thing is by filling the market people who don’t need to have today’s shiny new offer can have last months shiny new offer at a cheaper price.


quick question – is the tip diameter in the steelhead xr pro at .370, just like the steelhead xr? thank you.

Station 2Station says:

good review of a hideous club

Abdul Adzim says:

“Pro” model is now 31degree, oh man.

Nate Ross says:

Couldn’t agree more, I bought the Steelhead XRs when they came out would have liked the option. I think I would have chosen my set anyways but it makes me question what will happen the next time I buy a Callaway set….. I love to buy gear, but don’t want for my new stuff to become outdated so quickly.

CF Miller says:

Rick love the videos. I am the guy who is totally pissed that this was not a option when I was looking at clubs a few months ago. Purchased the Steelhead XR but would have jumped on these if they hit about the same. I’m sure I will be happy with the XRs as I have loved my X-16 steelhead for 14 years. But daaaammmm those pros are sooo sexy. It will leave me thinking that those are the clubs I SHOULD be playing.

George Steer says:

Would love to see a head to head comparison with Rob Potter and his XR Pro’s from last year.

Jared W says:

Is that the new GC Quad I see in the video?

Neil Devine says:

I’ve had the stealhead’s for about 3 months now and think they will be getting changed once again. should have known Callaway would do this, always thought the top line could be thinner and in a darker finish. Oh well, it’s only money

Joel Peart says:

Integrity in the game of golf is important, but Callaway are there to make money. Obviously this tactic pays dividends or they wouldn’t do it. Rick here states that Steelhead owners out there would be filthy, and this is true I imagine – but only because they are likely the type of people who are desperate to have the latest release from their big manufacturer. Be happy with the very good clubs you have and work on your swing. That will bring you far more enjoyment than any shiny (or matte black) club ever could. Apologies for the thesis…

Olle Holmström says:

Can someone please tell me the difference between the apex cf16 and the XR pro callaway irons. I don’t know which one I like more but the XR pros is cheaper.

Ted Yorainman says:

Nice review, Rick. Thank you.

TeufelHunden says:

I bought the steelheads xr a couple weeks ago… not worried about them coming out with the pro’s I knew they were coming before  bought the xr’s all they are like you said is same clubs with pro on them now… and they also charge you like 12 dollars more a club too….

John Harpole says:

I was wanting you to do this review, thanks


these look cheap, rushed to market, and a rehash of the x14, x16 days, blechh

CallawaySlapper says:

Hi Rick
I bought the Steelhead XR’s back in October and I can honestly say I love them, the black model just don’t appeal to me!
Great review btw

81Justathought says:

today at one of my local golf shops I tried 5 clubs, TM M2 tour stiff flex, Cobra max, Ping G 115g tour shaft stiff, Ping I200 in a 110 & 105 stiff and the Calaway Steelhead XR Pro with a 105 TT Steep less steel stiff shaft, and wow I am going to be buying the Callaways, for me it felt sooo easy hitting them, the feel of the ball coming off the face of the club felt smooth, and the looks is unbelievable, love the dark finish and the ball at dress is good too, my only knock on it and it’s a small one and thats the sound but it is something I can get use to very quickly, right now I use Taylor made R7 irons with FCM 5.0 Rifle flighted reg shafts and I cant wait to get them out of my bag and replace them with the Callaways.

jo barbs says:

omg this iron are just to krazy

Brian Moreira says:

Calloway did the same thing with the Apex

Peter Emr says:

Rick,Will you be doing a vlog with Rob testing the XR steelhead pro irons.I would like to know his perception.Gratefully+Peter

Paul Grey says:

I’d be interested to see how these compare to the Cleveland CG16 clubs from four years ago.. they have the same lofts.. it would be a good comparison to see if all this “technology” that these companies keep going on about actually makes any difference at all.

Niall Graham says:

Cheers Rick

Sigh Finally says:

I know this is an couple of months old, but if the shaft gotes right through the base of the head, and I break a shaft, am I screwed and required to buy the whole club again? What if I want to change my shafts after I bought them?

I’ve never, ever broken an iron shaft, but I still think its a fair question.

Max VanNatter says:

I really don’t understand why people get so bent out of shape with manufacturers releasing new clubs so often. Why care? Take lessons, get fit, have a good time. If you have an itch to spend money on new clubs you have countless options and can probably get a 2 month old used set of clubs for half price because someone couldn’t resist Callaways marketing. I watch these videos because I love all things related to golf. At the end of the day however I will never buy a set due to a review like this. If you really want to find “your” perfect set, get fit.

Strad 4321 says:

I am also hopping mad that Callaway keeps bringing out new irons that I am never going to buy. 🙂

Golf Fish Hunt LIFE says:

I pre ordered mine 3 weeks ago and they are due to ship out by March 17. They actually announced these around the same time the regular model came out… Good things come to those who wait in the golf industry… lol

Adam Schenkelberg says:

The original plan for Callaway was to release the Pro version with the steelheads but the steelhead pro failed USGA inspection for being too “hot” and had to be re engineered. Hence the spring release.

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