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John Lancaster says:

Did I hear you say not in the Epic price “racket”…..freudian slip there 🙂

Malcolm A. says:

Great vlog – loving this new style of review; it makes for a better evaulation overall.
I know makers will “explain” why they make clubs with stronger lofts without changing the club number, but a 7-iron with 27 degrees of loft is just crazy.
Keep these reviews coming Rick!

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Thanks for watching my first look/first hit video guys!!

I will be testing these over the coming weeks on GC QUAD and will also be doing in the bag testing on the course!

If you have any questions that you would like me to address in the coming full review let me know ⬇️

Callum Docherty says:

Makes no sense how many clubs are released, how much better are they than irons from 5 years ago?

Will Borkenhagen says:

Hey Rick any news of new Titleist clubs? I know of the SM7 wedges but am curious of possible new irons

xeStingx says:

i love my rouge pros. hit my 7 iron 220 solid

bhasfire says:

*callaway releases 31 degree 7 iron
Callaway- ahaha strongest irons ever
taylormade- is that a challenge?
*taylormade releases 28.5 M2 7 iron
Callaway: bitch how dare you
*releases 27 degree 7 iron

Dayne Banks says:

Can’t believe that some people will buy these £900 JOKE!!!. You can get so much more club for your money, example JPX900 Forged, and probably have a bit of change to buy a driver too lol

Gerard Fynmore says:

Can you please head to head steelhead Xr iron vs rogue iron

Deon Thompson says:

I just tested the new Rogue Pro and I bought them on the spot. I tried the Cobra F8, Taylor Made M2 and Titleist AP1 and AP2. The Rogue felt the best and were the straightest of the irons i hit. I also purchased the EPic Driver. But I did go with the Cobra F8 fairway and hybrid woods. They felt fantastic.

TheFuZZyOne says:

Urethane not utherane haha good video!

Matthew Lynard says:

will this club replace the whole xr range and is it really different from the xr irons after all the lofts are pretty much the same so is this a forced kind of iron because they made a driver?

Chi Ten says:

do you call that a “youtube belly”? whats going on Rick

Christopher Heathman says:

stronger 7i will go 200yds… my guess.

Sheila & Rick Lynard says:

for my question is were these irons needed they seem like take a stellhead xr iron a 7 iron is 30 degrees same as the standerd rouge
but the stellhead set is about 300 dollars cheaper than this but overall the same thing so i guess what i am asking is this a new thing and will replace the xr range or is callway just hoping i dont notice the price tag and i will say cool distance for 900 dollars lets get it even though it is pretty much the xr irons with a different name

Fabio Beneti Costa says:

hey rick I’m love your channel and your vids are awesome
I am a 16 year old and my handicap has gotten down fast and its time for me to change my rs1 to more of a players iron is there any way you could send me an old set of your 
thanks cheers mate

BDK BDK says:

Please put these in Rob’s hands.

Charlie 234 says:

You GOTTA stop eating bad food Rick! Youre a smart looking man, fat is not an option! hahaha

Chase Streiff says:

Itd be really smart of you to bring in a woman’s golf pro to do reviews every now and again to expand your audience even further

Mike Eastridge says:

in my opinion these are very ugly looking irons.

Paul Ackerley says:

Look a little like M1’s to me ?

Stuart Gordon says:

its about time the R&A and the USGA started bringing in rules about controlling manufacturers lofts, a club should not be aloud to be called a 7 iron with 28 degrees of loft. lofts should be set by the respective associations

Thomas says:

The pro version looks so clean!

oisin2000 says:

Clearly says CF 18 on the neck……..are these the next gen Apex CF16’s?

Mike Lee says:

Terrible irons very ugly they should stop releasing so many clubs and take time to make a decent set of irons.

Shane Jones says:

Rick you may be setting the flag at 200 yards for the Rogue X 7-iron

Randy Spicer says:

I play the apex cf16 s and love em. whish of the Rogue line closely matches the apex.

Lukestersim :3 says:

Good irons but they make a weak sound

Wayne Owens says:

Is the rogue pro a replacement for cf16 irons great review as always

Joe Pizza says:

Would like to see 18 degree head to head btw xforged ut and Std Rogue and Pro. Price diff. interests me.

Mukul Agrawal says:

Waiting for a full review on rogue pro

MySpankster says:

Hi Rick…i love your videos…i am about a 15-20 handicap…..53 years old….which of the new irons would you say are best for me…..i am looking for very forgiving irons…i currently have Ping G25 and i am not that happy with them..i am looking at cobra / wilson / taylormade and calloway…..can you give me a list of 5 irons that i should try….thx a bunch…cheers

Paul Thomas says:

rob potter rogue w perfect for him

Andrew Paulson says:

Any idea when the full rogue pro video is coming? I’m torn between these as the P790’s

Mike Cooke says:

Not really seeing anything to make me want to rush out and spend £1000.

Marcus johansson says:

Standard Rogue looks very much like Titleist AP3…

Adam Seidel says:

I’d beg to differ RIck: You can clearly tell the Rogue W has marketing to women in mind. With as absurdly strong as all the lofts are, only the Rogue W is sensible enough to have a normal loft since they know its users have no need to engage in $*%& measuring contests!

Lawrence Williams says:

Pro is an x tour re-do …….

MrJoshthenosh says:

They are seriously Fugly! especially as ping just brought out the best looking GI irons ever

David W says:

Rick I am looking forward to full testing on the Rogue Standard and X. I hope you can find someone to test the “W” version which is being described as a “senior” or “ladies” model. No one seems to be touching this model for testing so far.  I can’t help but think there is an audience of seniors/ladies who would be interested to hear about this club. This may be an opportunity that is being missed as many of us are seniors or play golf with ladies both of which this could be a fit for. Always enjoy your videos and find them helpful! Thanks Rick!!!

Sam Scothern says:

Would love to have that foam in my Xr steelheads not fussed on the clicky sound but other than that I think they are the same ?????

Andrew MacRae says:

how would you compare the rogue pro irons to the p790s?

Randy Mahony says:

Hey Rick just an opinion I think the back of Callaway clubs are always so busy. I like a plain, clean club like the forged x.

Duncan Kim says:

Thanks for the review.  I’m disappointed that these look cheaply manufactured. The Fit/Finish do not look right.

Adam Ko says:

such ugly looking irons. callaway needs a new designer…

Randy Spicer says:

so right now play the apex cf16’s my first Callaway iron. Was a mizuno guy for 25 years. I love the apex. have had em about a year and a half. which of the rogue would you say is similiar?

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