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Doug White says:

Rick: Who was the winner of the Golf Clubs to be announced today?

lee dalton says:

As a massive Titleist fan, i could buy a full set of T-MB irons 3-pw, then 50,56,69 Vokey wedges and even Titleist fairways woods and driver and then get a Scotty Cameron and still have change

Gee247 says:

You should’ve stopped the review at 5.36. The comment just before said it all.

Jason Marks says:

No Need for these irons, The Apex and they are still selling The X2 Hot NEW in stores.
Best irons Callaway has had in 20 Years.

TJ Shine says:

I blame PXG for upping the price across the board!  There NO reason to pay that much for a set of irons that are NOT going to help you.  Try out what works best for you, then buy it on E-Bay for half the price!

Clare Coxon says:

doesn’t the loft being low have a difference on the spin rate surely you should compare it to the nearest loft wise not club number

Daniel says:

Hey Rick! Can you please do a video on how to stop hooking irons? Thanks!

Nasty Nate says:

not sure about the LZ shaft but a 6.0 for Project X IS in fact, extra-stiff or stiff+ lol. 5.0 = R+, 5.5 = stiff, 6.0 = S+ for my PXi shafts, I am assuming the LZ follows the same formula. Just for reference I play quite stiff irons, swing to about 110 Driver speed and I use 5.5 in PX. Just saying a 6.0 for them is extra stiff 😉 Good video though rick. Seem to have spin issues with all of callaways new long bombing irons over the years.

Anthony Parker says:

You know the Lofts (on the Epic irons) are the same as the 2015 XR Irons Lofts. JFYI!

– oh and i’d bet the Epic Pros are the same as the XR Pro Lofts….

Jack Childers says:

now callaway is tied with taylormade. drivers and irons.

[골프존스크린 - 골프하리] says:

good ^^

Colin Rud says:

you can’t comment on clubs when you can find the middle
like wtf pal
really ????

Christine Vucak says:


Kaven Gilbert says:

Rick cmon they look super ugly ! Nothing like the mizuno MP-4

Victor Vitorino says:

the apex pro are a much better looking club

Victor Vitorino says:

epic irons are junk

Matthew Fuller says:

Let these depreciate a few years….and you’ll be picking these up on the 2019 Golfbidder £500 challenge!

Bob A Booey says:

These are nothing but an updated copy of the Fusion irons that came out about eight years ago. At the time, they were also overpriced.

dcx45 says:

20 minutes for irons review?

Arvind Das says:

Range from pw to 4 irons 135-235 yards! Nothing extraordinary ! And one pays 1500 to 2000 usd. So what is callaway offering the clubs will make the golfer a better player or one carries a price ego. Logic is bewildering!

isthatabear says:

Beautiful “modern” iron. I still think the Srixons look the best.

Bryan Kay says:

It’s analogous to the difference between an $500 Bulova watch and a $10,000 Rolex Daytona. Both tell time quite well, but one comes with the brag bag.

That said, I am betting that the performance difference will be greater for more average swing speeds. The same is true of the Epic Driver – if you go 290+ with your old Driver, than you won’t see huge distance changes. If, however, your current Driver is a 250-260 club, then the jump can be quite impressive.  Likewise, I would surmise that the Epic Pro irons are going to deliver 5-15 yards of improved distance and a much tighter dispersion pattern.

The question is always the same, however – is the difference worth it to you?  If so – enjoy, if not – move on.  I do like the look, I must confess – and I do prefer the Rolex, but I can only afford the Bulova.

DPK12 says:

Hit them yesterday felt good but well overpriced…like everything in Australia

MannyG says:

That’s what you said on all the clubs you review!!!!Pathetic!

todd harrison says:

its funny, his pxg review the spin was the same but he wasnt going all crazy about that lol

Waydog34 says:

These are a ripoff of the Taylormade M2 irons design. And a ripoff

sypen1 says:

That’s one ugly iron

Barry smith says:

That’s just to much

premierconstrictors says:

What is the name of the shoes rick is wearing

Sean Regnier says:

I feel like these clubs were made not to make huge sales but to draw people to their cheaper models. Almost as a comparison.

ThePaulnewell says:

Rick, where is the GC Quad??

HKR Golf says:

That doesn’t look or perform like a “prestigious” club. Sticking with my cf16s

sypen1 says:

No idea why they keep with that color scheme of green it it’s soo fucken ugly. Who’s in charge of the marketing department should be fired.


Rick could you do an article on stack and tilt golf swing explaining the advantages and disadvantages or even doing a round of golf using this method that would be great cheers Carl

kristian nodland says:

i didnt hitt any stright wht epic.
so i ended upp wht callaway steel head pro or what was tht name again .

Anthony Parker says:

When will Rob Potter test the Epic?

onelove says:

Rick, thanks for the honest review. In the end all we have it’s our integrity. Thanks again Rick.

Tyler Rucinsky says:

could you do some reviews on bomb tech equipment. I am interested in their stuff but don’t want to buy it if it’s garbage. @rickshiels

golfbulldog says:

1972 / 1988 Ben Hogan Apex 5 iron lofts were 30 degrees. This 7 iron has a loft of 31degrees, spins like a traditional 5 iron and goes about the same distance as a traditional 5 iron. The 21.5 degree Epic 4 iron loft falls between tradional 2-3 iron loft specs from the 1970s. With a modern shaft it goes about the same distance as Rick was hittting the Wilson signature 1 iron a few months back… I think Callaway went to their marketing department rather than the R and D department and said “do your best, money is no object… ” 🙂 If you want exclusivity find some classic irons from the past on ebay, pimp them up so that the colour of the grip matches the paint fill on the head – if that floats your boat- and add a new shaft (ribbed near the grip, as per Rick’s preference ) and take the remaining £1800 pounds and enjoy life…

magmatt says:

The spin numbers are because of the shafts in there. Normally Rick plays the non LZ models. HUGE HUGE HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Rick please get your normal shafts in there and re do

Sean S says:

M2 coppier!!! I totally dis-agreed with Rick. sorry man, it doesnt look incredible. You say it purely on payment for your advertisement. you have lost my support as far as trust.

Andy Papparides says:

I have cf16s and I would not change them for anything.

brandyn blunt says:

Performance should always outweigh price. The golfer and how how an iron performs is what wins matches, not the price tag or prestige. I will stick with my mizuno mp-5 irons or a srixon and Wilson over these.

Vici Martynov says:

If only they had hired some designers with taste when they started throwing money at this project. They could have fed photos of game improvement irons into the computer and said this is not what we are after, alas they look exactly like game improvement irons with a colour scheme that suggests bargain basement. I think somebody must have accidentally dropped photos from inside a Tart’s knicker drawer into the computer; they wouldnt look out of place there 😉

David Emery says:

Rick, nice video as always.  Hope we can see some of these clubs soon with Rob P for us regular swing speeds.

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