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Colin Selfridge says:

With the epic driver, Callaway had a nice product and some good momentum but this is all a bit much, and i wonder if they will end up regretting this whole idea.

thomasjp says:

You’re hitting a 7 iron 200 and not even hitting it as hard as you can.. wow

Marianne Schwenz says:

100th comment

please dont like this comment

Peter Twiby says:

So they’ve relabelled the irons 2 to 4, 3 to 5 etc and charged a load more from them.

But if you but them let’s be honest the only thing you’ll care about is, “can everyone see how much money I have”

Linh Vũ Golf Coaching says:

nice !

Erik Lindh says:

When is the giwaway???????? Rick

John Sadler says:

Not sure what Rick’s issue with the lofts is all about. I have a set of Cleveland 588TT irons (4 years old?) and the lofts are very similar and in some case identical. I think we all know that several years ago the manufacturers effectively relabeled the irons so a 6 became a 7 etc. Just not sure why he’s surprised. A lot of money for a set of clubs … jut seems silly.

Jeff Stephens says:

I don’t understand all the negative comments regarding strongly lofted clubs. I have M2 irons and yes they do go further than my previous clubs – about 10 yards – but they fly very, very high also and I have no problems stopping them quickly on the greens. I played a couple of weeks back at Royal Birkdale and even on a links course I didn’t see any long run out – I wish they had it would have given me an advantage

slimjim 2582 says:

Can you review the old original king cobras please??

OraSnuckle HD says:

finally he trimmed that ugly ass beard and got a haircut

Dan Morse says:

would love to see dobby have a hit of these

David Labbe says:

I feel bad for the suckers who buy these.

Steve Olander says:

150 yard PW? What do you hit if under 150? Would have to carry like 20 clubs. Don’t get it at all regardless of the price.

Mark Cook says:

It costs a lot of money to put a 7 on a 6 iron lol

Ryan Thompson says:

It says 7 iron because the number on the bottom is useless. Get used to it

Eric Lemus says:

So whats the difference between “technology” and just mislabeling a club?

Antoine Steeghs says:

It is a 5 iron with a 7 number stampend on it Callaway did this before creating a gap at the top end selling me a gapwedge

mythbuster man says:

Hitting a 7 iron 200 yards is no good if your hitting it 20 yards left and spin rates that won’t hold very firm greens

mharri333 says:

Rick, love your reviews. Big fan. How about Rob Potter hitting these high dollar fixes? Maybe someone not as skilled as you can see the use for them. (No offense Rob. You are better than me. You are hitting for the rest of us.)

notformebeaky says:

You have to ask why a club aimed at the club hacker costs so much. I cannot see the logic in it. How many people are going to buy this club?

desertfox1792 says:

Can you do a comparison of high end irons vs cheap budget / beginner sets?

Matthew Johnson says:

My biggest issue is stopping a ball on the green. No way could I play these or the m2

Clinton Worden says:

Great review as always cheers Clint

Matt Bardon says:

not worth $280/iron

Jordan Palazzetti says:

So basically Callaway made a hideous looking set of game improvement irons and said the technology increases distance..ignore the fact that they made all the lofts stronger..ITS TECHNOLOGY that makes the ball go further. Right. And the price! LOL!

Jeffery Orr says:

187 carry or total every time….epic lol

James Harvey says:

If Callaway are claiming these are the best irons they can make what are they going to say in three months time when they bring out another set of irons? EPIC fail, in my opinion, from Callaway!

Cace Smith says:

Rick’s comment “this is just stupid” sums up my thoughts on these irons.

blaze Roberts says:

rick went ” ill have her by 5″ to “call me daddy”

Benyamin Rusli says:

miura review please. it will looks awesome

John Howard says:

Who won the Wilson irons?

BF golf says:

don’t see any difference to any of there other cast game improvement distance irons

Jonathan Hassler says:

Rick, thanks for the video as always. I reckon I have an idea what you mean by offset but can you please explain in your words? Perhaps in your next review?

Cheers and keep it up mate!

David Miller says:

should have mr potter test these irons

Dante Martin says:

I still love the normal lofts and looks of your current irons…. #goodonyawilson

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