Sean says:

My Zing 2 7iron (34.5 loft) vs 36 here. Goes about 145 probs 150 off a tee, only been playing just under a year. Nice to know im not miles off distance wise then! I normally hit the same club as mates with much stronger lofted clubs apart from one mate who has m2 they almost 2 clubs stronger haha

Grunt Newman says:

not a good looking iron imo. Very “fake” and cheap looking. They should have tried harder.

Sharon wooster says:

Bomb tech suggests distance and power ,hence the name! These look terrible and stats are could buy a much better second set than these disasters

Eazy Gunz says:

I have the driving irons and they are excellent. I’ll be ordering the irons this week likely.

frank hoxsey says:

I think you do a great job of being fair about the performance of the Bombtech clubs. I have read in the comments where people say they look cheap. They Are! What do people expect from such a low price point? I guess everyone wants a Porsche for the price of a VW?

Mike Farrell says:

Ali ,they look good, but what sort of offset do they have and how much will they cost

BombTechGolf says:

Great review! Pull the pin. Launch em high and land them soft

danthemanwhocancan says:

Looks like it came free stuck on the front of a Magazine (not necessarily a Golf magazine)

Wayne Trunks says:

Great that you demo these clubs. Good spin numbers can’t really fault them.nice to see traditional loft for a change.My only problem is will people choose these over the main OEM boys I doubt it. Which in my opinion is a shame

Grabak 666 says:

Hey Ali, nice quick review on this set of clubs, thank you very much, even though it’s absolutely useless for lefthanded golfers, you should have mentioned that somewhere.

Bandit Baker says:

Sorry, but I just can`t get past their name and look everything about them shouts “Cheap & Tacky”.

Carlos Perez says:

Good review and important to know the lofts on clubs you hit so you know what yards to expect. Many reviews on their site say the golfers hit them a club short, but much of that comes from difference in lofts.

Jacob Streiff says:

Black heads with green logo would look nicer

Griffs726 says:

Ali, what shoes are you wearing in the video? They look very sharp.

P Mac says:

Worst graphic design ever. Did a kid design these?

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