PGA Golf Pro and YouTube Club Reviewer Rick Shiels tests the latest TaylorMade M2 IRONS for 2017 using GC2 and HMT

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Kaleb Vaughn says:

I don’t want to hit my irons that far! The gap between my pw and my 52 would be wicked!

sikxer says:

Rick, when will we see an M1 iron review? Thanks

Solomon Li says:

I guess it’s this kind of technology that makes it possible to really make one length clubs effective… Or even the idea of making a blended set of longer irons as single length with normal wedges and such…

Tyler Smith says:

I upgraded to these from Taylormade RAC irons. I’d highly reccomend.

patwregan says:

How do you stop these irons from hitting everything left?
I have last model m2 irons and where the face/speed slot starts so does the draw on every hit

Steve Higgins says:

Really enjoy your reviews….off to Wentworth next week for a fitting…your reviews do help.

SH7DOWS says:

Gotta my M2’s! Game changing clubs! I was shooting in the high 90’s before, but every since I got the M2, I now shoot in the low 70’s!

Lloyd D says:

I think Taylormade are taking a big risk with this line up. There’s minimal change only cosmetic do Taylormade really think any one who has the 2016 M1 is going to trade it in get nothing for it and pay £400 for the same driver again no wonder adidas wants rid of them

Craig Murray says:

Hello sir,

I am interested in your opinion on these irons with regards to the faces caving or cracking. Here in Sacramento our local (Haggin Oaks) retailer on course has had to return several 7 irons, a couple 6 irons, and one customers entire iron set because of face caving.
What are your thoughts?

DannyDoesGFX says:

192 yards for a 7 iron. Jesus…

Billy Graham says:

So why not just play a softer ball with this M2 iron, like a Pro V1, not the Pro V1x? Then it will spin the ball at a higher rate, and perform like a normal 7 iron.

John Cleland says:

Just ordered these as I hit the ball consistently with them the lofts don’t concern me too much as I don’t use my 5 iron very often! Ideally I would’ve went with Rsi irons but they don’t offer custom fitting on them anymore

Light House says:

Got fitted for the M2 irons today. I’m a 14HC with not a very fast SS and have always used a regular shaft. However today we tried out a stiff flex in these irons and I was getting better distance with amazingly better dispersion. Out of 5/6 balls all were within 10 feet of each other low trajectory with around 6800/7200 spin. With the regular shaft of the same weight swing speed was down with a higher trajectory and more spin around 7600/8000 and around 5/8 yards less distance. With a dispersion of around 15 feet. I was told if I wanted more spin we could work on getting a better suited regular shaft for a tighter dispersion but as my main reason for getting the clubs was for better distance we stuck with the stiff flex. Currently playing taylormade aeroburner irons. My 7i normally carries 145/150. The M2 irons were giving me around 157/162 carry. I have played a lot of GI irons and these are definitely the nicest I have hit. I would conpair them for feel to the SLDR irons which a friend of mine have rather than the RSI’s that I had tried out when hiring clubs on holiday and which most people will conpair them with because of the face slots. Anyone buying these irons make sure and get fitted because like me you might have the wrong perception of what flex suits you best and might be losing out on distance.

Ben Zielke says:

nice video, what you think about reviewing these against GMax ping ?

Paul Walker says:

I don’t think the lofts are such an issue. Psychologically I can see the appeal for high handicap golfers to be able to hit a little longer (even though it’s obvious why). If this makes people feel better about their game, especially playing against better or longer players, then that can’t be a bad thing. As for gapping at the wedge end, for the players this is aimed at that’s not such a big issue, the lack of consistency means that you’re more likely to pick the club you “trust” and hit it as hard as you need to rather than knowing which club offers the “right” distance.

Having said that they’re probably not for me.

kevin pennington says:

Could you demonstrate the performance differences of the older M2 irons and the 2017 M2’s?

R Owens says:

Would like to see the new M1 iron review.

BombBlaster says:

Should I get this set or the m2 tour irons? Opinions on both?

David Crowe says:

What do you think the best iron set for medium to high handy cap . Right now I’m swing the RSI 1 . I like them . They are a long iron for sure . I would rather have control and shoot shaping than a long iron . Any thoughts would be great .

Shane Stein says:

So, stopping power (descent angle & backspin) isn’t that important w/ irons anymore?

Bill DIAZ says:

Any chance you can review Taylor Made M2 iron vs Srixon Z565 irons ?

Big Papa says:

Hi. What shaft is on the iron that you tested? I see a few shaft options for these.


Andrew Croft says:

hold on tell the truth rick there aimed at muppets

Youtube Hubble says:

Rick – would you buy these over the 2016 model or if you owned the old model would you stick with them? Ian

Drew Miller says:

this was a birthday gift for me as I just turned 13, but they go much higher than my old set and obviously further, but they look great and feel amazing. Not sure how much my input will sway your opinion but I definitely recommend
I upgraded from some burner 2.0’s

Sodthong says:

Lofts are a joke.

Janice Kogut says:

All the pros take their irons to the van and jack their lofts imo. Despite what they say, they want irons distance

Patrick Washington says:

triton triton triton triton triton triton

Nile Ridenour says:

Should compare the 2016 to the 2017, in the m2 irons.

kevinblj says:

do you know when this is available for sale?

Ted Kobelt says:

please do a 2017 M2 vs Hot Metal

dobrostarr says:

Hi Rick, if possible, I’d like to see a comparison of the new m1 irons and the psi.

wayne valentine says:

When are you going to review M1 irons.

Brian Stratton says:

I think you meant 43.5 not 23.5 on the PW….

Austin Giddens says:

What kind of golf mat do you use Rick Shields

Honeybadger.16 says:

Cobra Tour Bag

markmy words says:

Great review Rick! Any thoughts/preferences on the new M2 vs the Ping GMAx, and the Callaway Steelhead?

Bo Cephus says:

I’m confused. He raved over the Ping G irons, which are larger, with more offset and similarly strong lofts, yet pokes at TM over these irons which he hits very consistently. A little biased, perhaps?

supertuber59 says:

the higher handicappers won’t have the swing speed, so their 7 will now match the distance and height of the better player. i think that’s what you’re not noting when comparing and commenting on the strong lofts.

J-dog says:

Just got fitted for these today absolutely gorgeous club love the green colouring

Andrew Croft says:

most pointless golf clubs ever .

notformebeaky says:

Not a handsome club, too much meat on them.

Adam Carter says:


christopher patterson says:

Question – would there be a difference in carry distance between these new irons, and older irons WITH THE SAME LOFT?
e.g. a new 7 iron with a 28.5 degree loft and an older club with the same loft regardless of the number iron

Love your videos from across the pond!

irwinrussell60 says:

I wish my 5i mishits would go 235.

john chan says:

thanks Rick,
check here for things that you need to know before buying a golf clubs

Paul Bear says:

Rick, how come you haven’t done the 2017 M1 Irons review yet?

Wisconsin Golf says:

My 7 iron is 35 degrees loft

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