Miura CB-301 & MC-501 Irons Review

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http://txg.ca – Testing out the latest offerings from the legendary Miura brand! See how their new blade and cavity back irons perform, and learn more about their forging process that produces such sought after feel.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



Alan Woo says:

Great review. Reminds me of my fitting. I’m a mid handicapper and have a shallow angle of attack and was playing JPX 900 Forged for awhile. I avoided the MP18 range because I always thought it was for single handicappers. One day a fitter recommended I try the mp18 SC. I tried it and hit the tightest shots I have ever hit. Just found it was easier to glide through the turf and the offset helped with my usual over draw miss. Switched over straight away and haven’t looked back. Have won a few comps since and handicap is dropping down.

doug1lau1 says:

The MC-501s are one of the most gorgeously crafted iron heads IMO. Money aside, I simply couldn’t play them just because I’m not built to hit a blade. The simplicity and elegance defies the NASCAR look that so many clubs go to, and it’s strikingly “aggressive” looking for better lack of a term. Ian rocks those 501s like no one’s business… maybe Mr. Muira could cut you a deal to put a set in your hands!

Dallas Dash Cam Guy says:

Can you guys do a review of the G410 crossover?

Chris Elerick says:

what kind of aoa with a 6i would qualify as steep? shallow?

Andy Seidler says:

Hi guys, I live in the midwest playing on bent grass. Recommendations on bigger vs slimmer base of club.

manvesh97 says:

what handicap does Ian play off? or is he a pro? (and if so how good a pro – cos his swing is niccceeee)

Some Mass says:

It would be interesting to include a few shots with Matt’s gamer club during these tests. I feel like it’ll help establish a daily baseline, since his day-to-day numbers will be different depending on physical condition and swing changes. If Matt keeps getting those gym gainz, every new club will seem like a cannon!

Glen Barker says:

I went to club champion and hit the 501 the best of all irons I tested and I’m an OK striker. Got rid of my mizuno 919 tours for these

Francisco Banuelos says:

Would you look into grinding the leading edge of the mp18s?

Roger Ashenfelter says:

great review guys. Glad to see Ian hitting

Fergus Reeve says:

I am a 15 handicap, and tried the “inner cavity 601” irons first, and then tried the mc 501 blades almost as a joke. But actually found the 501’s to be much easier and more consistent for me- even as a very average golfer!
If you find an iron that suit you- don’t ask too many questions, just go with the feels and the results!

andrie kalim says:

Fourteen irons next please

George Forst says:

I had a set of miura 101 irons. I loved them great control with the irons. It was great to hear about these two irons. Keep it up.

Antonio Castro says:

Good review I hope you do also a video on the Miura Giken 1008!!

Robert Brown says:

Excellent video thx. Hopefully Miura will consider offering their beautiful clubs in an expanded Left Hand portfolio.

Fergus Reeve says:

Could you pick a favourite between these and the Ben hogans you reciewed recently?
(Not withstanding that the hogans are 1/3 of the price.)

Stein Fonell says:

Great video.

I play a Hogan PTx 29 degree, and love to hear that the Miura 6-iron is 28/29 degrees.

I find it confusing today with all various loft floating around. I understand that a person wants to say that he used an 9-iron for his shot and distance but loftwise it is a strong 8-iron.

My PTx (only carry a loft number – which is also a bit confusing (the new ones carry club number)) run 4 degrees between each club starting at 29 (33, 37, 41 and 45). My 5-iron is a Hogan FW Hi at 24 degrees. Then I have the Hogan FortWorth wedges starting at Pw 48 Gw 51 and Aw 54 with a different brand Sw at 59 degrees.

I am sure that some clubs overlap now and then but the set was build on my 100 yard shot. I dislike a 54 to be a SW.

A proper gap fitting would be nice.

Dan Sapp says:

is there away to authenticate miura irons? serial numbers? markings?

Tom Flynn says:

Admittedly I’m a pretty good ball striker, but I don’t even have a handicap and I got the left handed equivalent of the cb-301’s, and they’re great. They’ve improved my iron play quite a bit.

Don’t give advice based on handicap, people should try these things out and see if they like them or not. I did and it was the best purchase I ever made.

alexandre cassini says:

On a 6 iron what angle of attack would be considered shallow?

Zack Oakes says:

Exact same thing that happen to me while being fit by Ian, went in there wanting to be fit into the Mizuno 919 forged but he put the 919 tours in my hands and the strike quality and turf interaction was hands down way better, he also said I was a bit more shallow and I would benefit from the thinner sole. Talk about an awesome video to confirm what an amazing fitting experience that TXG has to offer,
Thanks again Mr. Fraser

Tony Brown says:

Also a sweeper here.. shallow attack with low spin. What other heads may be good options with leading edge relief similar to these, but a more reasonable price? Ping i200? Srixon? Mizuno?

Ivan Skripkin says:

Thanks, awesome, ordered a combo set, 4-6:7-pw of these. You just forgot to mention, that Miura provides unbelievable options for customization.

Riaan Kohn says:

Hi guys. When Ian fits himself for clubs please do it on the channel. Think it would be great if Ian gives us reasons for the fitted products.

Matt Sheehan says:

What an incredible video!! I was actually fit into MP18 blades because of what you described and I think for most people sole width gets completely ignored.

James Trichter says:

i was similar when fit for my titliest 716 CB’s, i got more ball speed from them than the AP2’s. Great content once again!!! would love a set of wedges from Miura for that feel and consistence.

Michael Score says:

Always if I see tests like this, I’m more confused about “how to play golf in the right way”. I see this two friendlly young PGa professionells talking with know how about this wonderfull handmade golfclubs. And then I see some shots and a club head speed of about 95mpH with a 6 iron and distances of over 200 yards in combination with 4500 spin. I’m a few years older than this really sympathic pros, but I always thought that distance is not all. What makes a swing good? Is it better having the ball on the “dance floor” in a good poition or making a long iron shot with a 6 iron? I saw Nick Faldo testing mizuno, he has nearly exact 90 mpH with a 6 iron, not more. But this tempo he has always because he has the rhythm again and a again. And he brings his ball holding on the green – se Bernhard Langer. He is also a old man in golf, but his success is because he hits the greens with his irons always on the right place, so he plays till today for the victory in Augusta! For my game always was important bringing the ball from 175 and nearer on the green and for this I had iron 5 to wedge. Only this is the way for successful golf, not hitting long over the green in the deep rough, the sdn, or in the water. Why do this two pros not play on the tour??? With such long 6 iron shots? Every shot on the green? Only in the simulation probably….. I can not understand the message of such tests. I would be interested to know how they feel, wheather the quality is excellent, whether they have offset or not and so on.
Sorry If I was not happy and speaking from a “awsome” test.
Have a good time!

Gunnar Hreiðarsson says:

I was measured for Srixon Z785 with Nippon 105 …. i’m 4 hcp … swing similar to you Ian and this combo came out brilliantly … added ball speed… swing speed with less effort. I’m confident it will do for ur swing too + easy to control the flight … 😉 Bring strength from ur fingers up to to left shoulder … not should down …. tip ur left one up BEFORE swinging … then lets compete soon bro 🙂

ripyerballs says:

Great video lads that’s how I find wider soled irons to narrow soled irons, always find wide soled irons get stuck in the ground.

coach.keen says:

Not sure if you guys follow Skratch, but Erik Anders Lang went to Japan to visit the Miura headquarters and they said their sweet spot is closer to the hosel than the center of the club face. Would the same be true for all clubs or just Miura?

Jay Byrne says:

The MC501 look amazing. What kind of price range are we talking? I really like the feel of the titleist MB 718, how do they compare on size and feel?

Thomas Kuhn says:

6 iron spin at 4500 for the 301 seems low for this type of club. Wouldn’t you expect something in the range of 5500+?

Burhan Hartono says:

How bout the difference feel between ap2 and cb301? How about a comparison video

Bad Relative says:

you say you’re coming too shallow, but according to GC, from what I can see, your strikes were steep if anything? toe down at impact. Anyway, real question is when will you review the new Apex?

Paul Sholtis says:

Another great video. I love hearing your take on forgiveness. The club that looks the best may be the most forgiving regardless of technology! Matt, what’s the thought behind switching back to X7s?

Jake Englebrake says:

Any plans to do a throw back test? Mizuno MP14s, some old Wilson staffs, etc? Huge fan of your videos and I have a set of mp14s in my closet from my high school days and would love to see how they compare with modern shafts

Justin Loomis says:

That’s some crazy low spin for a 6, even if it is slightly strong. I carry my Mizuno MP-33 about 180 with 5700-6100 rpm.

Paul Conan Murray says:

Ian tended to have a toe down delivery. Wouldn’t that exacerbate the thick sole turf interaction since that is where the sole is widest?
Btw, what mats do you guys use? I remember you talked about the importance of a good mat that can replicate the depth of true grass turf interaction?

Christopher LaFreniere says:

I’m shallow hitter. After hearing you mention wide soles may being issues for shallow players I went away from my shovels and to my 718 AP2’s and never had better distance control. So weird how something so small makes such a difference on course.

Keith McIntosh says:

This was a really interesting video. I am an 18 handicapper but I can’t stand big offset shovels. I’m currently still rocking a set of Snake Eyes that I’ve had for 18 years. I’m thinking that even the i210s will be better and more forgiving than these in every way? (I am a picker too.)

Tigerburningbright says:

Ian would you be concerned that these strikes are toe down?

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