Longest irons EVER? Callaway Rogue X Review

Longest irons EVER? Callaway Rogue X Irons Review


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Joe Bold says:

Ridiculous. Ugly club. Way too fatty and too much offset.
Can you try getting more exotic clubs and better designed Clubs from the likes of Miura, Epon, Edelmetall… Getting sick of all the basically ‘immergleich’ golfclubs from Callaway, Taylormade etc.

Brent says:

It’s a total gimmick. They can sell golfers more clubs because the lower loft let’s you think you hit irons farther and then you run into needing more wedges to fill in between 90-130yardages so you end you buy even more clubs. Or like some mentioned are most people even capable of hitting the super low irons in the set. It is very silly.

Jeremy Williams says:

I think each manufacturer are fighting to be the longest in everything. Drivers, irons, balls, etc. they want to advertise that they are the longest. Makes you feel like u are going to take strokes off if you can hit it longer. For those players that have always hit the ball shorter than their friends and average hitting distance, now can walk up to the tee box and hit it just as long. Those are the players that don’t know how far they hit each club so they ask their friends what clubs are hitting or they do an Internet search for how long each club should go. In the past when they have hit it shorter in those situations, now they are just as long. I’ve played with people for that think they have to pull out the same club as me when I know they should be pulling one or two clubs stronger loft. Then they get to the Teebox and swing as hard as they can and usually hit it way left or right. Now they can buy clubs like this and it wouldn’t be as hard to hit it the same distance. Gain back that “pride” and hit it better since they are not swinging out of their shoes every time.

Ronald Westra says:

Unbelievable. Where does thuis stop. Are these irons also suited for higher handicappers? Are they forgiving enough?

jh6070 says:

What jacket are you wearing in this video? I can’t find one on the Nike site that looks like it.

Matt Masengale says:

Great review Rick! I’d be curious to see how these compare to last years Herculean-faced M2s.

Phil Brown says:

So the & iron is my favorite iron in my bag. I cant jit my 5 Iron at all. So if I tried this club out could i hit it?

pcbmastbbxq says:

because the shit golfers that buy the brand leaders clubs (taylormade and calloway) just want more distance if you give them a 7 iron they can hit 15 yards further they will get fit dick syndrome and give you 700 quid for a set of cheating clubs that won’t improve your game in the slightest. much better to spend money on lessons

Luis Ramirez says:

Seems like Callaway doesn’t want to lose anything to Taylormade. 27 degrees!

David Bailey says:

Rick is the best golf equipment tester in the game. Not only to he give us his expertise opinion, he backs it up with data. I be been quit for 12 years and I’m just now starting back. I used his reviews to buy all my clubs. Thanks again Rick!! Keep it up!!

Joaquin Garcia says:

This is ridiculous. I have a couple of friends that like to Blab and show off about how longer their irons are.
They got recent Taylor Made M2 and M4 Irons and I play Ping I20’s but their 8 Iron has about the same lof of my 7 iron. Of course they are going to hit longer but they are just fooling themselves.
Also I find that they get a huge distance gap between their PW and the SandWedge. I like to carry in my bag a 60° a 55° and 50° wedges and a 45° PW so i can cover all disctances from 90 to 140 without having to hit 3/4 shots or less.

Tim Speegle says:

This Tim already hits the ball further than Bill, and there is no Rogue X in my bag. Cheers!

Chris M says:

Why would you not just hit a 5 iron?

nebulonV says:

“that’s bonkers.” hahaha!!

Bill Lovvorn says:

Bought these irons to regain lost yardage. They are great and golf is fun again bottom line.

m b says:

Rick. I’m a 18 handicap and would like to stay with the Callaway irons. As I demoed the Rogue X they seemed a bit more forgiving laterally and for me and I hit about the same height as my older ping eyes. I’m not looking to out do my buddies with the same numbered iron and would like more forgiving irons when the ball isn’t stuck perfectly. I like the cleaner smooth look of the bladed irons over the bulky ones but being an 18er I’m limited. In Staying with the Callaway would you suggest maybe the Steelhead XR? Thanks

Solito Reyes II says:

Can you compare the data between the jacked up 7-iron and traditional 5-iron equivalent? Ball speed, launch angle, carry etc?

Jake McKeown says:

Lol if I’m 150 out I’m grabbing my 8 iron. And if I’m 200 out in grabbing my 4 iron. lol.

Edward Webber says:

Rick, They brought out hybrids because most people could not hit a 21Deg 3 iron, now they bring out a 4 iron with 18.5 deg loft.. Most people would not be able to get that 4 iron of the ground….Silly!!

Rait Kivimägi says:

What’s the real thing about these kinds of irons is that they make shorter longer (less loft) irons. The number on the club doesn’t mean anything. You can put there 3, 77 or X.
If you take a club and hit it 160 yards only question you should ask is what is the best performing iron that flies 160 yards? Which club for the whole wide world you would choose to hit that shot flag away from 160, 145, 180, 210 or 130 yards? That’s how you choose clubs not what it is said underneath of the club.

Brent Krug says:

it is silly……people have egos so like to brag that they can hit a wedge or 7 iron etc X distance. The stamping on bottom of club is irrelevant…….I think it is all about ego and making people feel better when they can hit short irons a club or 2 longer !!!!!

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Tell me, is this getting silly now? Where will it stop with brands strengthening lofts ? Let me know down below! First thousand comments & LIKES will get put into a price draw #1kClub

Neil Richards Ranga Pirate says:

So clearly these clubs are marketed to the ‘Ego’ players. I play a lot of golf, with some bloody good golfers (Ranging from pro’s and mostly single figure h’cappers), and not one of us worries about what club has been hit. Its all about the result. If you’re hitting a 7 iron and we’re teeing off with a 5, good on you. But at the end of the day, its all about the score (and enjoyment) on the card. As I’ve always been told, you write the score, not a description.
Each to their own I guess.

Good review Rick. Greeting from Oz.

Luke Jankowitz says:

I actually have the rogue x’s. They are amazingly long but for me go double as high as my last iron. They are good looking and for me overall great iron

melvin sacromentoe says:

Can someone tell me why if you wanted more distance you wouldn’t just go one iron down? Honestly just curious.

Anonymous Poster says:

To my thinking, another, maybe better, way to look at it, that would probably make more sense, is that, keeping club distances constant, your five iron is now shorter in shaft length, with a higher descent angle and maybe a bit more spin, all of which improve accuracy. Except it’s now labelled a seven iron.
I would be very interested to see a comparison between your 5 iron and the Rogue X seven, looking at these parameters, and also accuracy measurements.

Thomas Brauner says:

FOA Thank you for another very informative review. I saw all your reviews so far. I think, instead of focusing on distance, much more important should be the gapping, what you mentioned in another review before.
I changed 2 years ago to the M2 with a high launch steel shaft. I got more and more trust to my irons and finally I ended up with a carry of about 180 yards with my 9 iron.
To be precice in the short game and have the right gapping I would need now about 17 wedges 🙂
I decided to come back to traditional lofts, changed to the new callaway X-forged and enjoy to do a full swing and see the right gapping. Of course my 9 iron is now about 20 yards shorter, but thats not the point. if I want to go for 180 yards I take the 7 iron now. BUT.. I have now from the range 120 yards + a very stable distance AND spin control.
So my only point I would like to suggest is to show much more how average golfer can be happy with their game and can use their clubs to score well, whatever number is on the sole of the club.

Sean Fleming says:

This turns me off callaway

Freya Anderson says:

Return coach chart apartment carve deep stumble trick closed totally complex

Russ Burgess says:

Absolutely bonkers. As they say “it’s not how, it’s how many.” I managed to get down to 7.0 on a par 72 SS 73 course hitting my 7 iron 140 carry, pitching wedge 110 carry. If it’s a par 3 150 yard hole I would be stood with a 6 in my hand while someone could be using a wedge! Doesn’t matter what you use. A good player hits down at around 5 degrees, so would be presenting 13.5 degrees of loft on the 4 iron or 22 degrees on the 7; you’d need hell of a lot of clubhead speed to get it airborne. You won’t see any tour players going down this path, I wonder who will take it further?

David Bailey says:

I would love to see you do a video on 30-50 yard shots. How to really spin those one hop and a check shots.

Mike Beck says:

Sorry Rick but you missed the plot on this one! Dawson McNew’s comment is right on the money. A few years ago 7 iron was my 150 club. However, age changes everything. This club gets me back there… and I am dam happy about it!

Der Superrenz says:

I need new irons. So I went to my local fitter today with my eyes set on several possible clubs. The Rogue X not being amongst them. And I ended up buying them, cause the feel and the numbers were really good. No other club could beat them. Even weak hits went dead straight and flew a long way. I see why people don’t like them but for me they turned out to be just perfect. By the way – I usually shoot in the high eighties.

Brooky says:

one coyote

Brooky says:

Shorter clubs are generally easier to control. I think we’d all agree on that. So, number aside, a club that’s 7 iron length but produces distance, height, and spin similar to a 5 iron is, arguably, a better club than the traditional 5 iron. Yes, the traditional 5 is likely more ‘workable’ but not all golfers are looking to move the ball left/right or high/low. The real problem would come in at the bottom of the bag, not the top. I’d suspect the gapping of these irons near the bottom of the set is too big. Where you’re saving a club or two at the top of the bag, would you have to add more wedges to the bottom? That’s what I’m interested in.

If I could start my iron set at 6 instead of 4 (in terms of club length) without sacrificing too much at the bottom of the bag, then I’m in.

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