This video discusses the latest HONMA irons as now used by Justin Rose, these incredible irons are just being tested and will soon be tested against some of the greatest irons to ever come out of Japan all new for 2019.

So if your after a new set of golf clubs, and are currently using either a Mizuno, PXG, Srixon then this iron is really worth a go.

So have your say on which clubs you would like to see this iron compared against and lets look forward to more golf clubs being made like this in 2019.


Jim Samaras says:

What are your thoughts on the PXG’s Russ?

fraser carnihan says:

I cant say anything for Honma, but I play Miura and they feel so much better than Mizuno or Srixon!

Bradley Diermeier says:

I live in South Korea and this brand is very popular here and has been for a few years. Funny how the signing of a top tour pro is all it takes to go viral. Honma wins!

Justin CEM English says:

Honma produce good iron
Is the price that kills consumer from buying but the price will come down soon

goodswen mark says:

homna ebon muira chigara many more top but big money

Randy Mahony says:

Why so expensive ? Are they gold filled?

JustSleepin61 says:

They are nice clubs .. I went to a demo day at my local range. Guys were enthusiastic too. There’s a lot of Social Media comments about price point, but my pro says they will be competitively priced but I’ve not seen actual RRP’s yet.

Ben green says:

I Remember seeing a set of shiny set of Honma clubs owned by Geoff Cotton ~ son of Henry Cotton ~ £2500 for 10 blades 1995 ? (Today’s value 15k) Golf boom days 150 000 rounds of golf going around his golf course / year on the best course……. another 18 holes plus 9 hole within the complex…….
My first car on the road cost £500 ~ different times

Dave Gambrill 449 says:

All seem great clubs, but no mention of price point?

walton market says:

Hi Iwatched a Video a few years back of a driver test.. I Had never heard of HONMA. Their driver at the time was the longest in the test by several yards against all other models… I see no reason foe Rose not to use their driver unless it does not suit of course… Very Expensive clubs for a set. I understand they have reduced their pricing to be competetive in the Market place. Great ball striking Russel. LOVE that swing.. IF only I was not 71 and with a bad back?…

Glen Brige says:

Damn Russell I’d give my left nut to be able to swing like that… who am I kidding, I’d give up both… I think you could hit hickory shafts with that swing…. cheers bro

Chester says:

There is a lot of meat on these Homma irons, but you make such a short snack of it.  I would love to see you improve the video values on your club reviews.  It is not just the facts, but also the entertainment aspects, that make for an equipment video that viewers want to watch and that pulls in new subscribers.  So many things to consider doing – shaft specifics, what materials used in the club heads, feel and look of the clubs etc.  Plus flight tracking, and on-course testing.  Been a subscriber since about number 800, and I love your instructional videos which have helped me a great deal.

Gavin Gunn says:

Very strong loft I prefer 7 iron 34/o

Monsoon says:

Had a set 15yrs ago…lowest cast model which was $2000 back then.

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