HONEST REVIEW: Callaway Apex 19 Iron (2019)

I give you my Honest Review on the New 2019 Callaway Apex 19 Iron that have been released to see if you should purchase these bad boys this year!

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Chris Ohlrich says:

That is the best review I’ve ever seen. Proper honest review. I’ve tested the Apex and fully agree with your comments. Thank you

Station 2Station says:

You can definitely feel the difference between irons. Night and day. In fact, I can tell the difference in feel between the Srixon 745, 765, and 785. One of the complaints many folks had about the 765 was that the predecessor, the 745 felt better, so when making the 785 they made some changes to get back to that feel. There is a consensus that Endo forgings are softer than non-end TItleist forgings. People call Titleist clicky. Mizuno MP64 series are softer than Ping i25 irons – in fact they are the widely accepted as some of the softest irons made. That’s a consensus. 1020 is softer than 1025 carbon steel due to the added carbon (the hard part). It’s a consensus among a huge amount of people.. Feel is rarely subjective – LOOKS ARE Subjective. Now if Callaway is saying, mistakenly, that they are the softest made, that’s simply not true. Their own Apex PRO CF19 are softer than the non-pro. Night and Day.

Big Greg sparks says:

My 13 year old bro wants to know what hair gel you use. His don’t last.

freddy says:

I wouldn’t call 162 to 190 consistent.
That slightly thin shot flew the average by 11 yards, so apparently you are looking at an iron that can shoot an unexpected knuckle ball over the green (just like the CF16).

Jonathan Sharpe says:

Great review. Subbed

sharkhark says:

1st time viewer and it’s Hard to be different or stand out in golf online reviewing, so many (mostly Brits? Hmm why lol!) etc but you did. I subscribed. Unique approach appreciated.

Ps I have the original apex from roughly 2013 your opinion those vs these?

Richard Davis says:

The PXG irons are butt ugly.

allo cromeau says:

You just said it well…not every pro know how to fit…….

gts golf says:

has anyone asked yet why there is a car parked on the range? Would be dangerous if I was on the range hitting balls……………

tony penny says:

i have the cf16 love them

Neil Trentdog says:

Another top review

Craig Talbot says:

Simon I had the CF16 and got rid waiting on these coming out but, after watching this I’m now not sure, so would u go cf19 or i500? thanks for your honesty

Justin Stephenson says:

For a truly ugly iron I give you the Taylor Made MCGB but then again it is aimed at the high handicapper. There are probably a few other uglies out there but the MCGB is truly spectacularly ugly

Low 5000s rpms for a 7i even for a 30 degree 7i is just too low to be controllable. If you accept that the 7i is really a traditional 6i with the wrong number on the bottom, I would want spin rates much closer to 6000 rpm. Sure the height of the ball flight and descent angle will help stop the ball at the moment but come the summer with firm greens you need back spin.

Completely agree about only buying the irons you need. I play 5-PW in TM M1s and if I was getting a new set of irons I would seriously consider dropping the 5i for a 23 degree hybrid

Phil Shaw says:

Ugly iron p790 or ap1 …. just my opinion though

James Harrison says:

Are we heading towards seeing 10, 11 and 12 irons to fill the gap between these strong loft clubs and a set of wedges?

mike hunt says:

Taylormade mcgb is just woeful.

Bandit Baker says:

Nice Rant, sorry Review Simon. Your reviews are saving me a fortune, my wife and Bank manager will be delighted lol

George Thompson says:

I love Simon’s Rants and cannot believe his honesty and common sense approach to our great game. I do question however the FEEL aspect when it comes to irons. My own personal belief is that the golf head does not necessarily give you the feel. Its a combination of shaft and head which gives one feedback. For example I bought a set of Mizuno irons with the Nippon 950 gh reg shaft and they felt awful ie Boardy. I tried various graphite shafts on a demo head and WOW the Project lz tour 90 gram 5.5 was awesome. The ball felt as if it was melting into the face. That proved to me it has to be a combination of shaft and head before one can really judge a golf iron or wood.

tsped83 says:

Great review Simon. Refreshing to hear. As for an ugly iron, Wilson C200. I play Wilson M3s (2014?) which I love but wouldn’t mind a little more help, so the C200s would have been ideal…..apart from the power holes. No, no, no.

bluffgubben says:

For what it is worth, I just changed from this to mizuno jpx 919 tour. I swing my 7i 94.7 mph and the CF16 was just sooo long. To moist face, flyer etc. and it goes goes like a missile. Like Simon says, slower swing speeds or not consistent ball striker the cf16 are good, but faster swing speeds will not benefit from this iron

David Hall says:

Simon, when are you going to get your mitts on a Mizuno??

Michael Pittana says:

I am being tested for new irons this Friday. Currently playing cf 16 apex irons with recoil reg graphite shafts that are somewhat beaten up. I Play lots! Would have tried the apex 19’s but am resisting that now after seeing your video. I’m a 12 handicap and 72 years old. Still walk and carry my bag. Any recommendations?

Robert Salazar says:

Great review! you are hilarious! you now make me want to try the i500s. Dang it I just bought these and they came out with black now! I can’t keep up. well I have demo time to trade them back in for something that might be Excalibur! However my swing speed is between 80-90mph so I might need to stick with these for a few months

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