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Derek1224 says:

I use the KBS C-Taper Lite shafts at 110g weight and they’re more of a mid flight shaft for my swing. I would think that the C-Taper regs that you have there Rick are possibly a lower flighted shaft for higher swing speeds.

ph00ny1 says:

3 deg weaker? Damn
Compared to the 681T that i’m gaming right now, it’s 2.5 deg stronger (38 vs 40.5)

Patrick Hill says:

Just got a set. Love it. Especially the custom shafts

JH Builds & Tutorials says:

“We are working on a new way of testing” . When are we going to see this new way of testing???

notformebeaky says:

The trouble with this finish is they look great for about 5 rounds, then when they get worn a bit, they look shit.

gereyster says:


Chuck Hill says:

Those are some very sexy looking blades. I play the C-Taper 130 in my blades. They do flight lower for me. DG fly wayyyyy to high.

Greenwoods Music says:

Great Vid, Ive got Mizuno MP5 in the KBS TOUR C Taper 115 X-Stiff and they are superb! nice mid flight and the distance you get with them is unreal!


super sexy clubs black is awesome. you can change the orange to whatever color you want use finger nail polish and remover on top to remove excess. same as on gun. view ar 15 nail polish and see what im talking about. i wish he would hit clubs from rough also not just perfect lies and turf. more Golfer Girl also she was hot and knowledgable.

Sam Berensohn says:

Just got fit today for these!! Settled on KBS Tour V shafts in X Stiff, loved the way these looked in the black!! Can’t wait till they come in

itsmewoody82 says:

When are you going to review the PXG irons?

kyshapka says:

Steel shafts Rick. Low launch, low spin. They are my favorite shafts for sure. Love the crisp feel with some pop. These are my next irons as well.

Taylor Zalewski says:

I love MB’s and thin top lines with squat heads…but these scare me looking down on them for the MBs.

Jared Salvati says:

Im guessing the black finish will wear off. I own a trusty rusty wedge in black and the black finish, which looks comparable to the tone and finish on these irons, has worn off on the face and base of the club. I actually like the look of it now that its worn.

Ju's Outdoors says:

Man forget the clubs that lie looks pristine! Perfect soil, beautiful grass! Must feel amazing to pure a forged club off of that.

Conrad Thomsen says:

Can you please try the cobra king f6 irons.

ToraxReborn says:

Isnt 48 the standard for pw?

Graeme Ralph says:

I had a set of the old cobra S3 irons. They had a black gloss head. Over time the bottom of the clubs wore away to Crome . Personally I love the look of the black irons but i wouldn’t buy a set again

Usee says:

I played the black CB the whole season, and the black finish still looks awesome – no comparison to former black finishes, who looked not very tasty after a few weeks…

Guy Martin says:

Have a set of black S3 cobra’s and the black finish has held up well over the years. As a mid handicapper, will be looking to try a set of these in the cavity back version after your review. Thanks

Bob T says:

The look

Cameron Owens says:

+Rick Shiels Golf Channel

Hi Rick, In regards to the shaft, which is the KBS Tour C-Taper 120 shaft, yes it is a low flight shaft. If you want to know more information about the shaft, go to It is a steel shaft, and its’ a low spin / launch / flight shaft…

TherymasterWidnes says:

Got these babies. Proper bats these.

John Jones says:

i have two black wedges and they still stay in good nick but they do scuff up easy

JH Builds & Tutorials says:

I’ve owned these clubs for quite a while and I play more golf than most people. 6 times a week. Trust me, the colours don’t fade.

Conrad Thomsen says:

Can you please try the cobra king f6 irons

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