Callaway XR Irons Review

Callaway XR Irons Review
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Linda Plaas says:

Another thought… would like to see you do a comparison between the XR and the Mizuno JPX 850.  I did that in a store yesterday but the JPX 850 was a 6 iron and the XR was a 7.  They couldn’t provide the same number club in each.  There was a difference on average of about 8 yards, however with sport-on strikes the XR 7 iron actually equalled the JPX 6 iron.  And so… would like to see a true comparison done by you.  Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

Taylor Carter says:

i got a a chance to try these irons those were the best irons i have ever hit carrying a 7 iron 180 i was blown away because it felt so good and the distance i got to i want them more then the apex m2 and psi irons

massivesurfboard says:

Fantastic, but…. Rick hit a great shot that went 192, then a great shot that went 204.  How are you going to control shots into greats if the dispersion on 2 well struck shots is that much?  Also, peak height 15 yards – can’t be right.

Lefty69 says:

im missing the XR driver

klliou says:

How do you compare XR irons and X2 Hot ones?  I was going to buy X2 Hot.  Now I don’t know if I should wait for XR.  Thanks.

Nixon Whitney says:

Just got a set pure irons ⛳️

Sam Parker says:

Look at how much dirt the guy beside himself pulls up.

fantmone says:

Ok Rick…I ordered a set of XR irons Friday…I look forward to their arrival.  Keep up the videos, I love watching.  

Glen Fanti says:

Purchased these clubs today.

davecumber says:

Been waiting for a review of these irons. Would love to see a comparison/ head-to-head with the Big Bertha and RSi1 irons.

Krish Nathan says:

peter finch in the background. Also what’s up with the description?

Terry jones says:

When you reviewing the xr driver and fairway woods

Rick Howarth says:
beaky84 says:

hahaha. You can see him trying so hard to keep his composure when he strikes the ball…Brilliant

John White says:

I’ve been waiting for this review. Thanks!

Ken Kreh says:

  I play Callaway woods, but not their irons.  I play Titleist irons.  My 7 iron is a loft of 34 degrees, Callawy XR Pro irons is at 31 degrees.  My Titleist 5 iron is 27 degrees, the Callaway XR Pro irons is at 24 degrees.  Which one do you think I would hit further?  Of course the XR irons will go further because they are a full club stronger than my Titleist irons.  It is more important to me to have the consistent amount of degrees of lofts between clubs so I can have good spacing of distances between each of my clubs to maximize my  accuracy.  I just did buy the new Callaway XR Driver.  I always have had fantastic results with their drivers and woods.  I play their X Hot Deep 3 fairway wood from a couple of years ago, and their Hybrids….and love them.  But I am not going to be fooled by iron lofts that do not match up with what I have been playing.  I am sure they are good irons…..but make sure you know your lofts before buying.

Terry jones says:

Are these irons longer than the x 2 hot irons

Stubbs N says:

Just been fitted for these by Callaway, ridiculous irons #lovethem #long

burner1954 says:

Rick…love the reviews! Keep them coming! I viewed your TM RSI – 1″s vs. the Callaway X2 Hot last October and your carry with the RSI-1’s was on average 205 yds. with a longest of 208 yds! Would love to see a review of the TM vs Callaway X-R’s. Seems that the TM is equal to the X-R’s although you hit off a mat vs grass???

Philip Åberg says:

Hi Rick, do you really think that you should call a nine iron a nine iron when it has a stronger loft and is longer than the traditional iron?

N LS says:

Why the animosity? Rick has got good chs and ball speed so the clubs are going to go a long way.

André Fröjd says:

That’s a 9 iron for Brian, haha xD nice vid tho!

CHR15Y BoY says:

26 degrees this 6 iron! My AP2 6 iron is 30 degrees plus Callaway are using 90 gramme shaft about quarter inch longer than standard
Rick you have a 5 iron in your hands

Dan Harrison says:

XR vs X2Hot Irons review should be interesting!!

Niall Lamont says:

Comparison of this and the RSI 1’s

Jonathan Delgado says:

How would you compare these to Nike’s vapor speed irons

lovetogolf says:

I have these Rick and was Impressed like you were! God Bless you buddy.

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Didn’t Rick hit the Z745 190+ as well? Much better looking imo and forged to boot.

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