Callaway Rogue Irons Review (NEW)

The Callaway Rogue Iron Review by Alex Etches | GolfBox
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Review includes: Callaway Rogue irons, Callaway Rogue X irons and the Callaway Rogue Pro Irons

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The Callaway Rogue Iron Review Includes the:
Callaway Rogue Irons – The iron that will suit the majority as it offers distance and forgiveness.
Callaway Rogue X Irons – The distance enhancing iron are larger, lighter and produce extreme ball speeds.
Callaway Rogue Pro Irons – Targeting the better player, the Pro range is smaller, with a thinner line and limited offset.

Alex Etches from GolfBox Reviews tests the latest range from Callaway Golf.

The New Callaway 2018 irons offer golfers some key technologies within the range that includes; Enhanced 360 Face Cup Technology and Variable Face Thickness for improved ball speeds from all strike locations on the face.

Metal Injected Moulded Tungsten-infused Internal Standing Wave that allows Callaway to produce a specific CG location that’s progressive throughout the set – this is achieved by injected tungsten into the iron.

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Darren Cossey says:

Are you Joe Miller in wig…..220+ with a 7 iron is disgusting.

GottaLuvGolf says:

My Wife said do the womans rogue review in your boxers….

84motopics says:

You should test all new clubs against their predecessor….although I’m not sure manufacturers would be so keen to send you clubs to test, if you did that 😉

Michael Hake says:

haaa bubble-o-bill… good crack at a fried eggs inspired skit there mate whoop whoop!! seriously though why do they bother putting numbers on the bottom of the club anymore??

ticleve2 says:

Apparently you don’t putt very well.

butette says:

another great fun review!

Ben Ward says:

When is the grass testing coming for the Rogue irons? And 3W?

S Dontmatter says:

Great review ☺ available when at Golfbox ?

Nak Kang says:

Why are you so strong!! What do you bench press lol?

Philip Smith says:

Bubbles are king, doh !

Micah Graves says:

Haha love your videos Mate! I’m a fairly new subscriber but thoroughly enjoy your reviews & watching you absolutely demolish golf balls! Cheers!

Michael Wikerud says:

hahaha once again an absolutley hilarious review… keep up the good work mate!!!

William Sincock says:

Do you think you would try and get on a pro tour? That distance is way up there with pros.

Ryan Kelso says:

you should do a “whats in my bag” please!!

Michael Larmour says:

Loving the videos good reviews bags a fun love it

Youtube Hubble says:

Alex – have loved owning the CF16 and then the Steelhead XR Pro – which of the new rogue do you think are the nearest – Pro?

Zeek Nix says:

Are you eating well?Looks like you lost some weight.Can’t wait to see grass review.

cwugrad396 says:

I can see why manufacturers love you Mate … 200+ yard 7 irons. You should probably be collecting royalties


Who is your favourite YouTuber & WHY AM I?

Robert Tudor says:

Pen and paper …. you are getting serious !!!

Chris Pellatt says:

199m 7 iron……………………Piss Off. I’m going home to slit my wrists now.

nong mar says:

Great explanation of the ‘tech’ for this boofhead

ATM 20 says:

Favorite channel on YouTube! Love your vids! Keep I️t up!

Robert Tudor says:

“if it doesnt work, at least it sounds good” ….. hahaha lol … thats a classic …. still laughing

Simian Golf says:

you gonna test the fairway woods and hybrids

BEASTMODE123850 says:

He has a very powerful swing. I love golfbox reviews because if this guy.

john donohoe says:

Questiont for Orlando Alex: Are you planning on demoing any equipment from Bombtech golf? Love to see how the Bombtech irons perform. I’m not sure if you can get these in Australia or not. Thanks, and please avoid an overdose of bubbles at the Callaway tent. Have fun.

Todd Sparks says:

Lmao Billy Bubblez!!!! Your the best!!

Neil Ralph says:

great review keep it up

Saul Carrera says:

Wow.. Really Alex.. 222 yards with a seven iron.. that is insane… your videos are awesome… great job..

Shaun Foy says:

haha dude you’re killing it

Jason D says:

Mate hilarious video, good stuff 200m 7 iron WTF!…

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