Callaway Epic Irons review by The Average Golfer

I get my hands on the most expensive irons I have ever tested!


Joaquin Valadez says:

You do not have to buy the complete set. Buy the clubs you need and save a few dollars.

John Folland says:

Next Year They Will Bring Out A Mk 11 Version and These Will Be On Sale Half Price.

gary smith6 says:

Adams XTD forged 2014 technology …That is all folks

keith hacker says:

If these irons are the best that can be made, does that mean callaway will not be bringing out another set of irons ever? Are these the only irons you will ever need, if so it could be a good investment, how much does the average golfer spend in a lifetime on sets of irons?

K4crasher says:

I`m guessing that the loft is strong and the length is long, for those numbers?I think most golfers are starting to realise that there is only so much the manufacturers can do regardless of the marketing hype. Renamed, Callaway PXG?

Paul Bear says:

Good review Andy but I really don’t understand who this club is aimed at. It’s a premium price, premium club but a premium player would not go for this as they would want good distance control, not length in their irons

Matt Gomez says:

Callaway is entering PXG territory. My first glance at this makes me think of TaylorMade M2 irons for these and will assume M1irons for the Epic Tours. Off to watch that video next.

Joshua Watts says:

they are $350 aud per club when they get released here in Australia on the 16/6/17

eaglesham photography says:

That’s not a 7iron… and why would you want your irons to go miles? One of your shots was straight… that speaks more than the distance

gary mcdonald says:

How did you get them before Rick and Mark they are usually reviewing straight away. At that price would have to be custom fit with 6 free lessons.

Bjarni Einarsson says:

It’s too short time for the launch data.. what is the backspin for the 7-iron?

James Dwyer says:

Interesting review, will point out that a pull usually travels further than a straight shot, which may effect some of your numbers, I did see 1 that looked like a big pull, that went out past 190. Not taking the piss, just helping to clarify.

You said it goes further than your current 7 iron? What is the loft on your club, compared to the Epic?

Jason Ferreira says:

I think spin rate is a bigger criticism than price

kierz79 says:

it sounds stupid I could understand the epic pros being closer to almost two grand as they’re player irons so therefore would be more expensive anyway, not that i’m saying it’s right that they cost that much but players irons do always tend to be on the pricier side. But the normal epic irons are probably more geared towards the game improvement category right? It seems crazy to me that callaway would almost price themselves out of the competition like this as there are so many good game improvement irons for a third of the price, case in point being my new m2s, i got them for around £600 which for me still felt like a lot, there’s no way that there will be a huge difference between the two it’s crazy they would put such a large price tag on the epic irons (my bad for the rant haha)

Wayne Harris says:

There is a very simple answer to the price issue don’t pay it. All stick together don’t pay until the price drops to under £1,000. If Callaway cannot sell at the high price it will fall simple economics, trouble is people pay up for brand and prestige issues. If only potential buyers realised the power they have if they act together. Well done at being the first to review.

bluffgubben says:

The spinrate is extremely low, hitting these into greens will be very hard I assume. Fun to see the review tho!

gary mcdonald says:

Rick and Mark both are using Epic drivers it will be interesting to see if Epic or Epic pro irons make it into their bags.

P. Harney says:

Where’s your sidekick Joey the Tweet?


So…if i keep using my apex cf16 irons, they can cover the shorter club lengths once the price for these has dropped! Just got to wait a while?!

Martin T says:

You must be one of the first to review Andy, congratulations! Some great numbers you hit, 200yds with a 7 iron, wow!
The irons look every bit as good as Callaway claim them to be, it’s just that price!

Gavin Raveney says:

well done but not the first to review, golfbox austalia reviewed them 2 weeks ago, but the price is just mental, in 6 months there will be new irons out, better spending extra money on lessons no way is there any tech that will help that much.

Ashley Bennett says:

I’ve bought a car for less than the cost of them irons

folly four says:

The gapping in a players set would just go completely to pot. Or would you only need irons ? the reason I ask if you go up in 10 yards increments the 3 iron would be 230 yards that would put hybrids or a 3 wood as excess baggage.

Anthony Lennen says:

I was able to play a demo set of these irons this past week. It’s almost impossible to describe how much better they are. I am 60 and carry a 4.8 index. They are almost two clubs longer than my AP 2’s. We have a 185 yard par 4 over water that plays into the prevailing wind and I’ve been to the point where I have to hit a hybrid to get there and with the Epics I am back hitting a five iron. My neighbor, who is a 1 handicapper was playing with a the pro model and he shot 68 with them in back to back rounds.

They are expensive but if you can afford them a play a lot of golf, they are incredible. I’ve never made a single comment on YouTube about golf clubs, but these irons are beyond belief.

David Fletcher says:

200 yard seven iron what’s the loft? Your going to need a few wedges in the bag to fill the gap. Answered your own question really epic = epic price, I can’t see many people paying that kind of money for a set of game improvement type irons.

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