Callaway Apex Pro 19 Irons Review

Join our new community on Patreon! – Our in-depth review of one of the hottest irons of 2019, the Callaway Apex Pro 19 Forged! Are they as good as everyone is saying? Find out how they perform in this video!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


Dave Wilkins says:

Also I know i500 is hollow irons, but can u do a head to head with them and Callaway forged apex? They are lofted close to same and forgiving. I am 63 and play to a 9. Have lost some club head speed as expected in the last few years.

Bad Relative says:

Finally! Worthwhile post

Jeff Shawver says:

You guys are the best. So thorough on your presentation. A real tribute to golf testing on YouTube. Bravo

jballoregon says:

I’m a 3 handicap, only 90mph ball speed 8 iron, and I moved away from the previous apex, apex pro combo’s because of the back to front dispersion. I’m hardly a fast ball speed player, but when you the shut face with that cup face technology, the long left ball can be off the planet. What looks promising with this generation, are the great spin numbers, something the apex line was missing in 2016.

sjgraci says:

I hit them recently at my club. They launch high and feel nice. Though I don’t have nearly the ball speed as Matt, I have enough and what worries me most with irons like these are the jumpers from the fairway. Distance control is everything on the elevated greens I play as long is usually certain trouble.

Leo Tong says:

14:00 but how come the infamous Trackman PGA Tour average numbers do show iron number matching spin rate in ‘000s (not perfectly but pretty damn close), even though the clubhead speed averages is about 10mph slower than Matt? Can it purely be explained by the fact that the data is collected quite a few years back?

DB George says:

Hit them yesterday and loved them. I have yet to try the Forged non pro version. I don’t like the look of the forged as much as the pro but they might be right for me and my handicap. These are at the top of my list for new irons this year….so far!

Stein Fonell says:

How is the difference between Apex pro 16 and Apex pro 19 lengthwise?
I think I will stay with my Hogan PTx.

How about a comparison between Apex and Hogan?

Aaron___ says:

Are these irons to good for a 10 handicap like myself

dabbs3 says:

I have these iron in the in a combo set. I really like the feel of them. I am a lefty and I am able to hit more of a draw with the iron than my steel head xr’s. The ball flight seems to fly a bit higher than my previous clubs. I went with the black tour elevate shaft in mine its a little heavier shaft and I liked the heavier feel I don’t seem to try and over swing like I do with the lighter shaft. Hopefully all this will lead to better scoring on the course this year. Keep the great reviews coming guys.

James Harrity says:

Awesome vid as usual guys!!

Dave McNamara says:

How much smaller is the head on the pro vs non-pro version?

Richard T says:

Don’t the black heads tend to show wear a lot faster?

Alex Goudkov says:

Has anyone done a study of how much the ball actually has at landing. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say i spin a 7 iron at 6500 and 5700 how much spin does the ball have when it hits the green.

GolfingJamieinCA says:

I hit this bad boy the other day at my local shop, and I am in love. I like my JPX900 Forged, but this thing is absolutely gorgeous and feels amazing. Now I just need to win the lottery. And your spin lesson was awesome, love it when you dis-spell myths like this. Cheers!

John McCormick says:

Buy ELY stock! Lol

bluffgubben says:

Big boy shaft for the man with the big boy pants! And how come Ian looks so tanned?! When my gf pops in when watching you guys I have to turn away the screen or she will start comparing us and that wont be in my favour you handsome devil.

I played the cf16 last year and went for 919 tour a month ago. If you want more distance the Callaway are amazing, but I did fly so many greens the past seasons so the forgiveness in the iron is good, but it really did make me more nervous. With a less tech iron I can control it way more. 94,7mph with my 7i so I dont really need the help with my distance. Great review as always!

Dave Wilkins says:

Where are y’all located?

Steve Vetovich says:

Great job, guys. You have to do a comparison between this club and the Taylormade P760. Would love to get your opinion. But not just the 6 or 7 irons, the 4 irons too. Would love to know which set is better as you move to the longer clubs.

chance melo says:

I have seen players with a spin rate change of very close to a thousand rpms per club however I’ve also seen changes of less than three hundred percent club I think it’s just about a player applied and dynamic loft at impact and Rick shiels says the same about thousand rpms per club but never seems to generate that per club it’s usually about 4-500 short of that number which sometimes makes him kind of get put off by a club or a set of irons but he’s got a great channel that I watch whenever he makes a video same with Mark crossfield and I think it’s because they’re both coach before anything else where u guys are more tech and performance based when it comes to reviews so two different looks when u go channel to channel that’s why I also believe it’s great to watch both sides of it because it gives the viewers watching more then one opinion to help make educated choices on buying or testing… Great review as always thanks for the help the other day with my Miura question really appreciate it and keep up the great work love to see the growth of the channel from a viewers point of view

Stephen DiBari says:

Perfect timing you released this review ! Was just custom fit for these at Club Champion NJ this past Saturday and everything about this review is SPOT ON !

My gamer XForged ‘18 6 iron was consistently giving 160 yards with a smash factor of about 1.35 to 1.37, ball speed about 120 mph

Put my Nippon Modus3 105 stiff into this head and BOOM I averaged about 172 yards carry! 12 yards increase on average, even had a 177 carry in there
Smash went up to 1.44 – 1.49

Amazing! Love the look and feel of the Apex Pro Forged

Interesting point that Matt made about the greyed out hitting area could’ve been extended more. Saw that too

Also was getting too much spin with the XForged 18’s. My PW was giving 10-11,000 rpm’s. My fitter Jon Bock was awesome, he blind tested me with the cobra King Forged iron and then the Apex Pro Forged. the cobra King Forged was barely giving me 2 yards more carry than the XForged 18’s, then BOOM the Apex Pro Forged knocked it out of the park ! SUPER hot face in the mid-long irons with the 360 cup face (I only hit the 6 iron).

Ordered the HEADS only in SMOKE, keeping my same shafts.

Parnop Siripornpak says:

Great looking irons but price is sky high in Thailand. But wow to the X7 shaft. Great stuffs.

Kramer Farney says:

How would these compare vs. MP-18 MMC? Forgiveness, feel, distance, spin, etc…

Jeffrey Grove says:

Great technical details ,love it .

Grant Peeples says:

His ball speed for a 6i is ridiculous. Tour average in 124mph

Zachary Milos says:

Would love to see a video of these puppies vs p760s!

Dave Wilkins says:

Why does Galvin not ever hit any balls?

Michael King says:

Beautiful clubs and I enjoyed testing them, but I have to stick with my 919 forged. They feel better and I’m not getting the occasional jumpy one. All mine with the Mizuno are carrying around 172-175. Just need a little more spin to get the ball to stop a tad quicker. Why I’m gonna test the cut blue against my current z star xv

Per Kristian says:

What’s the impact of that HUGE adapter? Must swing the CG towards the heel and up, no?

dabaumga says:

Love this one guys! Thoughts on X FORGED ’18 vs Apex Pro ’19- would you consider them a different category of irons due to the added tech? Or are the Pro ’19s worth a test if I’m currently gaming the X forged ’18s?

Still Ill says:

How can you be sure the face is jumpy? That could be the result of different strikes or?

Still Ill says:

I think the new Ping blade would be perfect for Matt. A little help in a beautiful profile, but at the same time Ping always make perfectly consistent irons.

Ritzy Photographics says:

Hi guys, would love to see Apex Pro vs Mizuno HM Pro vs P790. Any chance of making that happen?

andrew woodley-page says:

Would these suit a p790 player?

Aaron___ says:

I was thinking about getting fit for these irons what are the like compared to the callways xr irons which I’m currently using

Kelly Wallen says:

Nice to see the @Rick Shiels shout out!

ripyerballs says:

Great video lads how would these stack up against the P790s?

Peter Cooper says:

Love the apparent familial relationship to the X Forged ’18 – a really good looking club! Great review guys.

misteragony says:

I currently play the Apex CF16s. One of the gripes I have with these is the random flyers I get. I do hit them pretty far (9iron is about 155meters). I thought of buying these new pro’s since I presumed they were more consistent distance wise. You made me hesitate again. Perhaps it’s better to look out for a different set, which is toned down a bit.

Stiehl84 says:

Nice shout out to another YouTuber. Very classy

steve con says:

Very interesting comments on spin thank you.

tiger major says:

Best Club Testing on youTube. Thank you guys 🙂

Jesus Nevarez says:

I just got fit for the the AP2s/ PRX 6.5 shafts. My problem is the flight is high and I lose a lot of distance on windy days. Any advice on how to reduce that? I play the TP5x ball if that helps

Truth Stream says:

Outstanding. I say this about once a month, keep the friendship going and never fall out. You guys have great bro chemistry and it makes the content flow seamlessly. Getting on with each other is so key to massive success.

golf007sd2 says:

These irons do look very sexy, yet the “chrome” finish is a bit reflective in direct sunlight when I tested them out at my local range. I’m not sure how this finish will hold its luster over time. All that aside, it lives up to the Apex legendary line of irons. Given that I play with the Hogan PTx irons, I had zero issues hitting them…both are made using 1025 Carbon Steel. The sound, as you both pointed out, is different…and I agree it is not unpleasant. As for distance, I tested out the 7-iron with the KBS stiff shaft (do not recall which KBS however)…I hit them within the range of my PTx 7-iron and the feeling was very nice. For those seeking to stay within the Callways line of irons, the Apex Pro 19 should be at the top of your list. Clearly, a custom fitting is a must; moreover, if you choose to call Callaway Performance Center, located in Carlsbad, CA and make an appointment, they will fit you for a very reasonable price (~$150). In addition, should you chose to buy them after your fitting ~$100 is credited toward your full purchase. Great review as always TXG…cheers!

Leo Tong says:

Is the strike location reading from Quad frequently a bit off? I seem to have that issue with my own Quad also.

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