See how Rick Shiels hits the new CALLAWAY APEX PRO 16 IRONS on Gc2 using the brand new FSX software.



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Jake Lacour says:

I’m getting these clubs next week so excited!

fraser carnihan says:

They don’t spin so they go far, but the 4 iron spins a bit and doesn’t go far shocker….

brewbrody2011 says:

were you fitted for these. rick, you always recommend fitting. I just think if you love the clubs they could be dialed in more for your swing. just a thought…I would love to see you get fitted for some irons. it would be interesting to follow. love the vids. good bless.

kvgolfa says:

No offset? The only thing I don’t like about these clubs is that they have too much offset compared to how the rest of it looks

Semper Fi says:

Love the new software, please do it for all videos going forward. Thanks

Today's Tutorial says:

love how these look, definitely thinking about upgrading to a set of these

Adrian Hof says:

Hi Rick,

I’m just at that point where I’m hoping I can get into the 70s this summer but I’m currently scoring something in between an 82 and 86 average. Do you think I should go for the combo set or the full on Pro irons?



Braxton Stewart says:

hey rick! I was just wondering what you do with the irons that callaway sends you but you don’t put in your bag? I’m about a 5 handicap and have a pair of x2 hot irons that go a long ways but not as precise as I’d like to have. I’m a good ball striker and looking to buy a used pair of new callaway irons. preferably apex 16.thank you⛳

Gianmarco Balsamo says:

As i can see, for answer to the question, Rick have so much unconsistency with Apex. Hogan’s test seems so far controllable, every shot was consistent so far. Maybe is a bad form period, but this awesome looking irons seems not so controllable. My opinion. Apex CF seems good also for very high hp, power irons and very good looking. I’ll never do the mistake to buy a chunky set at all!

Digiphex Electronics says:

The have a custom mixed set now. It starts at 8 iron back with the Pro irons. Are you going to test it? I would like to see if the gapping is accurate when they mix.

Taylor Magnuson says:

I know you did this review a while ago, but it would still be great to see you review on the combo set. I’ve been playing it a while now and for anyone from a 12HCP down to a lower single digit HCP could really benefit from the set. Also, with the new Epic irons coming out it dropped the price significantly. I see a lot of these combo sets being purchased in the near future. Congrats on the dunk at qualifying today! The first Ace still eludes me!

Ligerpride says:

I saw these earlier on and they look magnificent.

Keith Finley says:

yah, you highlighted how poor they are… vs almost ANY other iron you’ve reviewed

stuart silverlock says:

One of the best clubs on the market. i already play a blended set. 4/5 in the Apex with the lofts softened to blend into my Pro’s. Best set I’ve had yet….

Max Zurmuhlen says:

Thanks or reviewing these, I’ve been hoping for this for a while. I’d like to see the 30 shot routine in the iron testing. I feel that its tough to get a good review when you haven’t played the club much, I’m a good ball striker but if I’m testing a new club or trying a buddies I never hit it great at first. always takes me a handful of shots to get the feel down.I play the fly z+’s irons and if i based it off my first 5 shots I’d have never switched to a players club. once I had the clubs feeling down it was night and day. I’ll never go back. That’s why I think its important to have the 30 shots. for all we know your last 10 may have been unbeatable. Keep pumping out the reviews. I have my set and driver because of them. I didn’t look at cobra until I saw you on youtube saying they were very underrated, now they practically fill my bag!

Wisconsin Golf says:

You can play with these. Then do it

Thomas B nielsen says:

Not the most consistant data , my advice is stay away from the 3-4-5 irons in this set thats where the tungsten hell begins . The 5 iron is playable but with the 3 and the 4 feel goes right out the window the tungsten seems to dampen the iron feedback,??!” leaving me with no clue why i came up 10 yards short , The rest of the series AW-6 iron is EPICLY GOOD 3 have no clue what happende in the test because a 12 yard spread on a pw is just sick for a decent hit and i have never seen it and i hit like alot with that very club . any external factors ??

Laurent Scotta says:

Wonder if Rob Potter would love them as much as you do.

Declan Geran says:

Does anyone know if they have released the combi set in the uk yet?

chris boulton says:

ive gone for the combo set today with the 105 XP shaft

Evan Kuperman says:

Thank you! Helps a lot!

Joseph (Joey) Lawson says:

Hey Rick what handicap should I be around before looking at getting this set of irons?

Uncle Dan says:

it is hard to judge it look like shots are to short and to long, short,long , I didn’t see straight ball it look very beautiful but perform not the best

MrXsMisery says:

As a 12 handicaper would you say these would be on for me? Or should i look into something else

Greasby1golf says:

Stupid irons, how can a PW carry 140 a 7 iron 180 and a 4 iron 200, the gapping is well out surely. It just shows how everything’s about distance and not control or playability. Like you say if you want distance there’s loads of clubs M2 or g max or any Cobras.

David Boddy says:

New software looks great, clubs look pretty good, I have the Apex from last year and love them.

Christian Andrade says:

Mr. Rick could you please do a review of the Callaway Apex MB irons please!!!!!!!

Alex Hernandez says:

Rick did you change you’re swing up your tempo looks a little slower and relaxed

colin tennant says:

Think that the software is good, an improvement for sure

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