See how Rick Shiels hits the new CALLAWAY APEX CF16 IRONS on Gc2 using the brand new FSX software.



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Talmadge Fisher says:

Hey rick I trust you’re reviews over many others I have found online. I’m stuck in a spot where I’m thinking about getting a new iron set but I don’t know what I would like. I have played titilest near blades and hit them well and I’ve tried ap1 and I’m not that happy with them. I like little offset and I’ve been a fan in the past with callaway so I’m trying to get some callway clubs. I’ve seen many players report that the callaway apex are not good from 8 down and you said yourself a combo set is available. Is the combo set something you would really recommend? Are the clubs going to feel heavy with the pros and light with normal apex? I feel like that weight difference would throw one off on distance control. I also like the idea of just apex pros but their lower numbers even on your tests were terrible. What should I do? Thanks for the help!

fribban says:

Refreshing with the new software!

Mark Scott says:

They only went “too long” when you pull hooked them.

Simon Bertelsen says:

Great review Rick! Will you let Rob test these? 😉

Rpoke21 says:

Very good review of the CF 16 (7, 4, PW). You’ve convinced me to go with this set! I’ve hit the 7 and loved it. Thanks!

LJ & Son's VLOGS says:

When are you testing the big bad EPIC and Epic pro irons?
I bet you hit the non pro version 7 iron 220 yards lol

Uncle Dan says:

they Ave to much offset for me like the cobra MB,CB combo black they look sweet I hit my 5 iron 200 y I know I can hit them 5 to pw the 3 and 4 I am afraid that I will hit 80% good and 20% bad shots I need to try them but I am lefty an golf town didn’t Ave the left head yet thanks for the good work you help a lot of golfers keep it up ☺⛳

dave clear says:

where did you get your shoes from Rick? Cant find them anywhere desperate to get them!

G Sea says:

Like the new software, not so sure about these clubs though ☕️

Golf Buddy says:

I have the Apex MBs much prefer them

Paul Williamson says:

any chance you could take a look at the Wilson staff c200 irons and possibly a distance challenge.  I just hit one quickly, in a demo day, wow was it long for a 7 iron.

Eric Davis says:

Thanks for reviewing this family.

Max Dec says:

Love the new software

mikey shore says:

i can totally understand you when you say too long….. as an amateur, i feel that at times you can hit clubs too long when the lofts are not as traditional. i was looking into something a little softer feel and more traditional in lofts.

terry howard says:

Rick would be great if Rob tested theses and compared to his XR3i pro’s

Ben Jennings says:

Any update on the combo’s?

George Miller says:

like the new graphics! good to see your presentation style evolving. i think you are engaging with viewers better all the time. keep up the great job your doing! cheers

Johnathan Karahalios says:

Will you be reviewing the Ben Hogan PTX irons?

Nasty Nate says:

demoed one of these cf 16 7 irons with the PXi 5.5 shaft today because they didn’t have my ap2 head to match the shaft I requested. Never hit a 7 iron that far… even with lower loft, it felt like the ball was stupid long lol. Not to contradict ya here, maybe it was the new shaft that added the distance, but I gained almost 30 yards! Good video! been looking at videos to try and explain why I hit this iron so far… I normally hit a 34* 7 iron around 145y on a smooth swing. the 31* apex 7 iron went average 167y… Needless to say I changed my ap2’s into the PXi shaft but I am wondering how much of that distance gained was the 3* of loft.

Wisconsin Golf says:

Shaft has a big influence on spin so If he swapped the shaft it might be better

Joshua Woods says:

rick. can you review the pro combo set?

Eric Seljan says:

Hey Rick, I am new to your channel and love it. I went to the PGA tour superstore today and tested the Apex Irons. I hit the 7 iron and crushed it. I hit my current 7 iron in the ballpark of 155 and I hit the Apex 7 iron 195. I usually shoot in the high 70’s, low 80’s so you think I should give the Apex Pro’s a try?

Tony Atkinson says:

Rick the new software is the dog’s..

Joe DeVine says:

loving the graphics!

jeremye scott says:

Would you recommend the XR or apex more? I’m looking for a new good set of irons/hybrids(3h-4h,5-PW).

James Harvey says:

Nice review…I went for a fitting for these but didn’t like the excessively long distances. I was hitting 7 iron two clubs longer.

Gary Yee says:

Nice new software! In regard to the extra distance, why not just club down accordingly when you have gotten used to the irons?

Alfred Tu says:

Thanks Rick! Eagerly awaiting the pro version review please!!

Craig Berrell says:

Feel great but do not stop on the green fast enough.

gunnergavistin says:

Which iron would you prefer, cf16 or m1?

Donny Wilcox says:

I just got fitted for these …I am 40 years old and have played forged irons /better players irons for years now….and went to buy another set ….but as I am getting older and not as flexible as I once was …the apex cf16 was just simply amazing in my opinion and I bought them …I can still work the ball …feel is amazing…and the ball flight is strong and high …I can see how it may not be for everyone …but thats why you hit several models and manufacturers offers before spending this kind of money ….and for those who bad mouth this set purely on what information they have seen on youtube or in magazines…I strongly advise you to try them and then make your statement about this model….I almost went with the pro version …but the extra conference behind the ball and the consistent flight and distance even on slightly off center hits just sold me not to mention they are still very soft feeling club….I have only played two rounds now with mine but honestly like them more every time I take another swing with them….great club

stumpyslvr says:

Thanks for the review.Rick could you do a head to head with the cf 16 vs the xr pro iron.Thanks

thomas nicholson says:

Could rob potter review these and the pro irons please

R L says:

Bring out “da potter.”

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