Bombtech Grenade Iron set On course review first shots Golf Vlog 31

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These new Bombtech Irons are Legit! I didn’t even go to the range with these clubs… Literally just threw um in my bag and hit the links. Some complain about the graphics on the back but other than that… I have zero complaints about these golf clubs. If you want more info click this link


Heri Rios says:

New to channel. Looking forward to some more VLOGS. Adios amigo.

dilonisabamf says:

Hey man I really like your channel. I have the Bombtech wedges and absolutely love them. Keep up the good work!!

Jonathan young says:

I have these irons and they play better than my Taylormade 09 Burners. I like the feel when you hit them solid.

Get Back To Golf says:

More info Click here

Gerry Bennett says:

Its the “sole” man. A wide sole like those BT irons really help. Really help! No doubt. I have a set of Nike irons just like those and my game benefits enormously. Make sure you keep the grooves clean and these fat soled irons behave just like real blades . Hey keep up the good work I know its tough for a family guy to get in the rounds. I’ve been there myself . Best of luck

Kit Rodgers says:

Are these USGA regulated? I’m a nobody on a tight budget but i play in tournaments all year round. Don’t want to get DQed’ lol. Great video btw

Chris Mitchell says:

Have you tried the DI’s? Sully has something going… just hope they remain true to the brand!

SiouxPreme Golf says:

Great vid Brent!! I get tired of the Bombtech hate on FB. It’s nice to see that BT clubs working for people.

Wyatt Powell says:

For how weak the lofts are do you lose distance?

Jonathan Wood says:

did you get the stiff or regular flex for your irons?

Danny Bouza says:

Hey I just want to thank you. you helped me make the decision to order the Bombtech irons after months of reading reviews and just making the right choice. Thanks again hope you birdied the par 3’s since this video

Adam Flynn says:

yeah best clubs ever made…and my shit smells like roses too…wayyyy better than mizuno what do they know about irons hahaha

Austin Sayer says:

Enjoying these videos. New sub…

Anthony Guidice says:

These Bombtech guys deserve our support because of their courage and their principles. This is the type of thinking and the type of action that forges a new world for all of us. I love that they are scaring the daylights out of the major OEMs. Why? Because we golfers have been sold a bill of goods for too damn long. (Read Wishon’s book if you don’t believe me, although he has his own agenda of course.)

Do you really think the 2017 M2 irons are any different from the 2012 RBZ irons? They’re not, but we see new clubs every year from these guys so they can pay their tens of millions in overhead. We’ve been trecherously duped. The major OEMs are making fools of us: Buy your new M2 driver and pay for Pauline Gretzky’s new designer sweatshirt and jeans.

I’m no kid. I’m a 61 year old attorney. And I love this Bombtech idea. Finally a golf company that understands the present day reality. Why do golfers resist Bombtech? Here’s why – Because they don’t want to admit they’ve been duped – for years! I’ll admit I have.

Attention Americans – not just golfers: you’ve been duped — for years. Wake up. Being tricked by the powerful is very, very dangerous. Buy what BombTech sells. What the hell do you possibly have to lose? Maybe now you can think a bit more clearly too.

(Don’t get me wrong – our government wants only the best for you, right? Who says they’re hiding anything from us? And of course we went to the Moon, how dare you!)

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