Rick Shiels, PGA Golf Pro tests the latest Ben Hogan PTX Irons using GC2 and the new FSX Software by Foresight


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gbvoul says:

Doesn’t make a difference

John Dunne says:

I can’t say I like the look of the PTX or the Fortworth 15 irons. I prefer a more modern look. Just my personal opinion.

colin doherty says:

Hi Rick, where can we buy these ptx’s in the UK

John Dunne says:

I’m sure they feel amazing and preform well, but based on looks they just don’t suit my eye.

pete Cordery says:

Rick where is their a supplier of the PTX IRONS in the south of england i live in Brighton and cannot find a supplier anywhere

metamurph says:

Would love to have you hit some Miura’s. I wish these guys had these in the hands of fitters. I am not going to just order a set of lofts based on a website without giving them a run and I agree these don’t look as good and the things like the different treatment of the cavity makes it look like prototypes not a finished product.

Another line…what, in an iron, does more forgiving really mean? To me, an iron isn’t going to “gear effect” a toey shot to hook less. What forgiving means to me is the distance won’t drop as much if you don’t middle the sweet spot. Though I have had irons where it seems like my lateral dispersion is better too. I don’t know that this the mechanics of the club or their affect on my swing. But I have seen front to back dispersion to be smaller and that is valuable unless left or right and shorter means I stay out of the hazard 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts on what more forgiving really means and kind of like what Markie Mark just did: compare his MP5 to JPX Ex…the difference may be marginal. IE we are talking about 6 strokes per…year, round….

ColonelTurdz says:


jonny clayton says:

To me these look hideous compared to the fort worth 15, well hideous in general actually . Have you thought about changing back?

Scott Willi says:

The medallion on the back just doesn’t fit my eye. I don’t know why, but it’s kind of a turn off.

Rob Potter Golf says:

“Soft as butter”?
Udderly Smoooooooooth there buddy lol

Trent Driver says:

I’ll never understand not wanting longer irons. If I had a 8 iron that flew 200 you bet your ass I’d want it. Shorter clubs are easier to control so why wouldn’t you wanna hit lower clubs further? Just my opinion

John Parker says:

Rick, your launching the ball quite low. Only 19 degrees for a 7? Little low

William Todd says:

Get Rob to test these as well would love to see how he gets on with them

liamlad1 says:

Love these irons! Would love the chance to put these in my bag this year. Thanks for the review and giveaway Rick. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Z9 Serge says:

What are the bags to the left at 1:36

DarkMetalJustice says:

Wow! Those PTx irons are gorgeous! If you end up doing a giveaway on them, sign me up, Rick! Slainte!

Oliver Howard says:

Evnroll please

Todd Wilson says:

wow, these went on a fire sale. hope the company survives

PTx Irons (Steel)
MSRP: $1218.00 set
Promotional Price: $577.50 set
PTx Irons (Graphite)
MSRP: $1323.00 set
Promotional Price: $577.50 set

gep GSD says:

Rick subscribed

Elijah Grammas says:

Would u reccomend these or the Ap1’s?

Chris Orndorff says:

Thanks for the excellent review. I’ve been curious about these irons since their release. Your remark about some companies having a 34 degree 8iron caught my attention. The loft in the old Apex II 6iron was 34 degrees.

golf raven says:

Heck, might get back to Hogans after all. Like the looks of those but the thicker topline might be a no go. Will wait what comes out in next two years.

Bruce Hart says:

i got to try these at a demo day and was very impressed. then i discovered that for $20 they will loan you two clubs (at least in the US) so now i have a 29 and 41 to play with. there’s just something great about the feel, the weighting, the turf interaction. i find i’m very consistent with these whereas it’s hit or miss with the M2 6 iron that TaylorMade kindly sent me. i feel like i can plot my way around a course. Back in the day I played Hogan Edge forged irons so it’s nice to see the Hogan name back in action.

So far i haven’t found these to be the kind of clubs where you can hit it hard and launch it super high and let it ride the wind with a high draw. These have a very controlled flight and don’t seem prone to wild flights of fancy (but sometimes those are fun, too). During my test period i need to try a course that requires one to throw it in high and soft (no links-style bouncing it up on the green).

Dom Carano says:

Get Rob Potter on these

Dustin says:

good to see Hogan clubs making a bit of a come back. when Ben Hogan himself was in charge of the Ben Hogan club company they were a staple in golf equipment. somewhere down the line after Ben’s death the company lost its purpose and changed hands multiple times. I’m not sure who is making Ben Hogan’s now but they seem to be in touch with the Hawk himself.

Brad Carter says:

I really like the new Ben Hogan irons. I’ve always played Mizuno, but both sets I’ve hit are as good as anything made today.

John W says:

Please have Rob test and rate these clubs…. Please!

liam f says:

Rick i think the technical term is ” Milling lines “. Not Swirly lines

tommy weatherby says:

Taylormade please Rick!!
Happy holidays!

Vartan Papazian says:

where is rob when we need him???

Nak Kang says:

Ben Hogan Groupie you are !

Jack MackTv says:

When are you going to pick the winners for the giveaway?

DropD says:

Any tour players playing the Hogans?

b10rain says:


I know you like these and put these in the bag for the Open . Go for 1 degree upright and 1/2″ longer in your next set. Put in nippon modus 3 120s hardstepped or 120x shafts.
Watch your dispersion and consistency improve buddy.
Good luck.

gary smith6 says:

Are they as soft as Mizuno Rick?

kyshapka says:

Rick, I’m curious, now that you have gone through qualifying… do you think that you have really played better with either the Ben Hogan Ft Worth 15s or PTXs than you did with the Ping S55s? I would REALLY REALLY love to see you do some sort of head to head with those 3 clubs. Also, you think you’ll consider the new iBlades to go into the bag? Thanks!!

Patrick Heavey says:

wanna win em…

Frank Whelan says:

are left handed available?

Dan B says:

PSI tour 7 iron is 34* to just for the comparison 😛 I would look at playing the PTX in the bag down to 9iron and get a 46* SM6 so all your wedges match, just an idea.

MrBigolnuts says:

They’re beautiful and I think I’m in love. Yes def Rob rating needed!!

David Malesky says:

Would you consider letting Rob hit these and evaluate them?
It would be interesting

Mr. Todd says:

Ben Hogan

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