Fort Worth 15’s, the best irons for the price – PERIOD!

Fort Worth Black Irons

Equalizer Wedges

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Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

They need to do that black finish on the PTxs

Kirk Bryan says:

Man, these just came to my attention yesterday. They are beautiful! I’m in Dallas. I wonder if they would let me come over and check them out. Great video.

flower liberal says:

Nice to use that sword around children you creep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank frank says:

these clubs hot real good,,,best I ever had

Left Foot Brake says:

OMG they are sexy

Jeff Bahry says:

What shafts did you get in your Ft. Worth Blacks, Christo? How does the KBS Tour shaft compare to Dynamic Gold, in your opinion?

Jacob Streiff says:

Now we know why Christo won’t get a fitting, he endorses these clubs…

Grant Peeples says:

It kills me that BH sells appeal at Walmart. Thought they were upper end(?) Must be the new investors pushing for this.

poktangju says:


David Kripal says:

Love the fact you involved your children in the joy of getting new clubs. Super cool. The irons look nice and heavy .

Stein Fonell says:

I have played the PTx for a good 3 years now and love them. I love the idea with the loft on the club head instead of the actual club number but understand that it is easier grabbing an 7-iron than a 33 degree. I do have to Think about it still.

I would love to see the club number with a smaller loft degree stamped on the head somewhere.

I play today loft 24 (Hi) which I consider being my 4-iron. It is de-lofted to 23 degree. The 5-iron is then a 28 degree (Hi) de-lofted to 26 degree loft.
I then go PTx 29 degree (my 6-iron) – then 33, 37, 41 and 45 (PW). I use the wedges 48 degree (GW), 51 (AW) and 54 (SW) and have a different brand for LW lofted 58.

It is a bit too tight between the lofts for some of the clubs and there is a risk of hitting the same distance – the main reason was that I wanted to secure getting my Hogan clubs in case the Company would not last (this is a year into the company existance or so. I am more of a full-swing guy and do like my lofts. I can easily remove a club or two or even three if I need to (less to carry) with this mix of lofts.

John S says:

Got them for fathers day present- hands down best blade that I have ever played

Joseph Ramirez says:

FINALLY!!!! Lol! Great video as always Christo!

Michael Ackerman says:

A great and funny video! Nice!

Jum Broni says:

Why do people have problems hitting blades??? All wedges mostly are blades and they hit great? People are weird

k9feces says:

They make the Ft worth in chrome again even though they told me they had no plans to make them, in the meantime I already bought Mizuno’s.

Rich Diana says:

The older girl looks extremely disappointed when the box is opened to reveal golf clubs. She was looking for a Hoverboard.

Ben Hogan's Letter Lessons says:

@ 7:42 your swing is back. Wow Wee. Yes stay at the left side of the range. Angle into it, feel like your setting up for a slice or a cut, drop right foot back, move head back into position and think draw swing. You have brought back all of the moves and more. Just a fantastic footage. Please keep swing this way, Christo. I know, I know it is just me. Ha.. Have a good trip. Also, your grip and hand position is far improved.

Thomas Veal says:

I would definitely consider gaming these irons in the white or black. My only issue is I have been playing same clubs for so long a fitting is required to even know what to order.

chuckjenkins says:

nice I’m looking for a used set !!

Chris Milligan says:

Of course you’ve got a samurai sword lol
Great video thanks

rick petryk says:

Can’t wait for lefty version!

andrew storm says:

Hey Christo, great channel! So how would you compare the forgiveness and feel of these Ft. Worth 15’s compared to the PTx’s I think you used to play?

Mike Perez says:

The only brand I have ever played with. Best clubs in the world.

Thomas Veal says:

Have you ever thought about doing a Hogan club fitting and equipment giveaway?

Isaac says:

I’ve used blades all through high school thiner than those, now I’m using cavity backs but they have a short blade length they are single length irons pin hawks.

Dennis S says:

I told Santa I have been extremely good this year!

Cole Gains says:


Old School Golfer says:

Thumbs up for using the Sword to open the box!

Jum Broni says:

I am also on the BEN Hogan journey ! I’m 1year in. I’m left handed. Can I buy the new Hogan clubs? Any advice?

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