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Ben Baggett says:

Sure wish they could reproduce the old apex 4 shafts from the 80’s.  Bernhard Langer is still playing old apex 5’s !

Mike Boatright says:

You don’t need clubhead speed to play blades it’s about technique and angle of approach as with any club head. I can hit my 3 iron 140 yards or 205 and it’s as long as a 5 iron a xx stifff. These look bad ass however the heads look kinda swallowed out in the back and possible a little bulky. I’d game these though I bet they feel great and perform very well.

Josh Martins says:

Love your reviews and lessons Rick. You don’t inundate the viewer with a ton of talk about launch angles, spins, dynamic blah blah.. like that you review a lot around “feel”

Bobby Peck says:

Ben hogan vs srixon z945? which is better?

bob e says:

stunning looking irons.  the demo guy had a pretty strong swing.
these irons are for young guys, seems to me.  i bet they feel
un-earthly smooth with the kbs shafts.  collectors item .. ben hogan ..WOW

Rob W says:

if theses clubs are so good, then why did Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Co filed for bankruptcy this year?… because golf industry is heading for hard times steady losses in equipment sells as well as golf courses closing, hogan’s newer clubs were a flop like the gimmicky novel approach of numbering irons by loft, which was kinda stupid, who ever thought that up deserves to lose a company

Chris Downing says:

These look amazing. The originals still sell for good mney on eBay so I guess someone is going with that, Ben Hogans reputation, and some new technology building and designing these irons for a set that takes a new approach. Its ridiculous to say the loft degrees is a gimmick because we have allhad to look up the lofts on our clubs at some time. I did the Hogan Club fitting appbthe other day and it certainly produced a irons set that looked very differentto the R9 standard sset I use – two more clubs between my 58 wedge and 7 iron. I think Hogan’s approach is right on the money – players are going back to proper fitting increasingly and moving away from responding to marketing and then buying standard sets. If you were looking for blades I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to try these.

Shaun Kelly says:

you like them this much, yet you won’t play them because you dont like the name brand? I would play with irons called shaun kelly sucks if I got the feelings you described from them.

The Only Starskie says:

find a girl you love as much as rick loves these irons

Slim Biggins says:

Ft. Worth Texas the Mecca of good golfers!

John Ford says:


Soviet Cat says:

It just coots through the surface!

Austin Steed says:

I’m curious to see if any touring pros would use these

Shaun Kelly says:

you like them this much, yet you won’t play them because you dont like the name brand? I would play with irons called shaun kelly sucks if I got the feelings you described from them.

Ian Shepherd says:

i hit some of someone elses at the range and my gosh feel so good…soft and the turf interaction was exactly what jumped out to me too.

SerenityNow says:

I’ve played hogan for the last 5 seasons and I can’t put them down. I don’t even have the better model of irons either. I have the cavity back Hogan BH-5’s and I absolutely love them. I have a set of brand new Titleist 716 AP-1’s forged irons in my garage which are worth quite a bit more and are far superior to my old BH-5’s supposedly and I still can’t bring myself to put my BH’s away. They’re so Damn good.

aspen9120 says:

Hi Rick, great review.  I live in Fort Worth – as a kid Hogan irons were very common here (the manufacturing plant was about 1/2 mile from my house).  The face on my 2 iron was literally the size of the golf ball.  If you missed the sweet spot at all your hands hurt for two holes!

benholt7 says:

Rick, where can you get Ben Hogan clubs from??? I can’t source these anywhere, cheers, Ben

Eric Davis says:

how come you pure these but can’t hit the Nike Vapor Pro irons to save your life?  Maybe some….mental block?  That’s ok I don’t like Nike either.

Peter Daley says:

You reminded me of what I felt like when I first hit my Maxfli blades, the solid impact yet soft feel & fly ball fly sensation. Could see you really enjoyed those clubs. The look says it all, a real bladed club, neat video, well done laughed watching your face after you struck them.

Mrbigolnuts says:

They look like such a classy club, I am a big fan of Nicklaus clubs and particularly the hybrids, same sort of understated make not relying on a big market brand, just quality and precision.

Chase Rivers says:

Ben Hogan FT Worth 15 please

Daz White says:

Love the reviews , Rick 🙂 ive had these now since October last year, im a 5.6 Hcap in Sydney AU, Home Course is NSW, id have too say after having Titleist, Mizuno, Cally, even Miura, its safe too say these are sweet and even though i still have my Cally blades, i still go back too these, they are just soft and easy to Hit ! Anyone playing off less that 10 can hit these, they force you too strike it in the centre…….

Mike Belkin says:

I immediately bought these irons on after I saw an add on the golf channel and after watching this awesome video!

stephen f says:

God almighty…what a great-looking, great-sounding set of clubs.  Stunning.

Andrew Parry says:

I’ve had BH Apex Plus for the past 15 years. When I pure one it feels awesome. I suspect these new ones are similar. Would like to try them but wondering about UK distribution. I’m not sure I really want to change. Only the threat of non-compliance in 2024 would make me do so.

Eric Davis says:

your shirt matches your G30 headcover

Rob W says:

coming soon to your nearest walmart

Gene Gray says:

For reference, back in the day original iron lofts would be more like this:3-21*4-25*5–29*6-33*7-37*8-41*9-45*PW-49*
Manufactures today are making their iron loft stronger, making the long iron lofts too close together, and the short iron lofts too strong and forcing you to spend more money on 4+ wedges. I wish you could buy every manufactures club with traditional lofts


get fitted by pro. lie angle is crucial for hogans. look at hogans website and see how many variables go in to club fitting. don,t guess. then once you mis hit the mistake is you so learn how to swing. if you are used to graphite shafts or offset heads don,t waste your time with these. hogans require steel shafts. but when your on its like nothing else. the game becomes easy. best ever round 7 under no lie.

Brad Morris says:

Nice to hear that the new Hogans live up to the quality and feel that those of us who have played the Hogans of years gone by came to expect whenever we picked one up. 🙂

George Smith says:

They are great looking irons, but if you have a great swing like this guy does and can put the sweet spot directly on the ball like this guy, any iron will feel great.    If they don’t get some top named pros to use them they’re not going anywhere.   So its been 3 months since the debut, who on tour is using them?

Eric Hanson says:

I just got these irons thru Amazon. Two rounds and they are loved. I really really liked my Apex 16 irons, but love these. They remind me of my Apex PC irons from the 1980’s. If you can’t strike the middle you won’t love them. The quality is spot on. Grips are very nice, the “V” sole is amazing, and the KBS shafts work nicely as well. The lofts are simple to get used to (even after only my second round), but they do also have a laser engraved number on the hosel. Where these irons really shine is distance control and accuracy. No ballooning, no hot spots, no super low spinning “I can’t believe my 7 iron just flew the green” shots because of a hollow ‘face cup’ type head. Great trajectory shots, solid very consistent spin numbers, good distance (not short by any measure), and fantastic feel and sound. Former PGA of America golf professional and club fitter, golf addicted, and admirer of Rick’s reviews (he does do a very nice job with reviews, and no, I don’t know him) If you have not hit a Hogan iron you have not lived your life to its fullest. Wishing everyone great golf.

Marc Llanes says:

Hi Rick I’m curious to know if these irons are comparable or better than the Srixon Z545 irons that you reviewed a while back. please let me know

Neebee Hayden says:

I’ve had hogans since I was 18 and I’m 31 and still have them….. Great weight on them and great feel

Ian Walters says:

Never seen Rick at a loss of words before haha

freedomnutz says:

these sound similar slightly better than my cobra II IQ irons that have a graphite shaft., these look amazing tho.

Greg McIntosh says:

I wouldn’t know what club I was pulling out of the bag


i still use 20 year hogan edge forged and im a 2, 3 handicapp. best round ever 7 under, blue tees. these hogans are the same distance as mine and yes they havent changed. the only thing is i hit a 6 iron 175 180 and these newer clubs can hit a 9 or an 8 same distance. everyone says how high i hit the ball but i smashed a 3 iron over 240 the other day picked it clean. 2 iron i can hit 260 tops with a tee. pisses guys off with 500 dollar drivers when i right next them on fairway. hogan sweetest feel in golf.

ZY Project says:

i really want this Ben Hogan FT Worth

charlize841 says:

Do you need to be a 0 handicapper to play them?


serious thought on some muira irons 4 next set thay are gorgeous not 55 , 58 ones the other ones.

SML124000 says:

I want these!!!

Robbie White says:

Still one of the best reviews Rick has ever done.

Dale Pollock says:

Ok, so after I seen this review (I can’t add to what Rick said), I bought the 28 – 60 (in 4 degree gaps) 
These are the best irons and wedges I have ever hit. And you know what, after two rounds, I ordered the 20 & 24 degree. So my set is 11 irons (gapped in 4 degree increments) a 3 wood, driver and putter.

The best part about going back to an old school set is the enjoyment of playing the game the old way. Long irons, boring low flight. Mid irons, I can attempt to hit low, high, left and right. PW to Lob are the most solid and accurate I have ever felt.

I feel like I am actually playing the game, I get punished (although not as bad as you think) for a incorrect strike on the ball. But a correct strike, is pure joy. 

I am never going to be a scr golfer (I am off 4 and 50yo) for me now it is about getting the ball around the golf course the best you can, and hitting different shots.

It’s not about getting the most sanitised, longest, miss-hit correcting, latest techno clubs.  

This old school set of clubs has made me realise how far off track we have gone with the game, the marketing is all about distance, further this, further that…blah blah blah.

Take my word for it, if you want to enjoy golf, get and ‘old school’ set (even though mine are new) forget your handicap, and go play. And I will tell you for sure, these clubs WILL make you a better ball striker.

PS: If you want to get your handicap down, go learn how to chip and putt..because it isn’t the distance that is letting you down.

xu10j4rs1 says:

Can I get these in the UK?

Teppo Einari says:

Man I wish I could try those as well!

4everswinger says:

How much do you get paid by companies to vlog reviews about golf clubs for these companies, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen you give a bad review and mathematically it’s impossible for every club to excellent.

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