I take out the new ping g410 7 iron out on the golf course for a full review and see if it could be something you consider to have in the bag.

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Fergus Reeve says:

Have you hit the 410 driver yet? And would you buy it over the 400 max?

I reckon can pick up the 400 max at a good price, and I find it the easiest (not easy, just least difficult) to hit.
Is the new 410 even worth considering or just a waste of extra cash!

I know you love a bargain too!

just sunny says:

The size of those greens though!! Smaller than my bathroom room 🙂

Keith Finley says:

I golfed on Jan 6! Realistically end of April

Jason Price says:

They look like the G20/25 and I love it because I loved those irons. These irons seem to made for me so I’m eager to try them out.

allo cromeau says:

first !!! woohooo!

Adam Boyle says:

It’s your BOY Simon

Eyup Golf says:

Great Video bud!
Interesting take on these irons, are these any good for a mid to high handicapper but with a fast swing speed? That’s the trouble for me at the moment, finding irons that fit that specs.
And for me the G400 ones look nicer….

Kadér Fraser says:

That club is a new invention for 2019, it is a wedge/putter hybrid and it works as you just proved it here.
Good vid as usual !!!

gts golf says:

how do the lofts compare to other irons? Are they getting more distance through lower lofts? Would you suggest these or G400s for a high handicapper still trying to get consistency?

Geoff Bridgeman says:

Which did you prefer, these or the Apex?

Kyle Mathewson says:

Bad looking iron

Eoin m says:

Jesus what are them greens

ian koch says:

if penetration is a problem, why not hit the Stinger shot with it??? reckon you could pull that one off consistently!

Simon Hobden says:

Beard game on point near the ears. Clean lines like a G410

Barking_Mad says:

Winter greens always spoil a round, especially when the club take your money and then say ‘oh BTW, numbers 6, 8 and 12 are on winter greens’. Grrrrr!

Doba says:

You are winning! We here near Toronto got pounded with snow and it was -30*c yesterday..help..

Keith Finley says:

-22° overnight in Ontario!

Brooks Krabousanos says:

You do know you can putt with flag in !!!! Lol, Good review mate!


Love the fact you highlight the swing speed , would the norm be low swing speed high handicap?

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