Titleist TS Fairway Woods Review

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http://txg.ca – Check out our very comprehensive review of the new Titleist TS Fairway Woods, we experimented with a new format for this episode so let us know what you think! We tested the TS2 and TS3 fairways woods from Titleist, analyzing everything from ball speed and forgiveness to launch angle and spin rate. See how they compare to other top fairway woods on the market this year!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



Parnop Siripornpak says:

Very nice intro at start of the video! This video is simply awesome on so many level. Really thoughtful of Matt to fiddle around with the heads to show us different angles. Funny part is you two really resemble a scene where guys holding beers standing around nice cars and talking about it with passion. It’s so much better when you show Matt swinging it and gives feedback. Fantastic job to both you.

walter s says:

I’m curious to know why yo never show club head speed when you’re testing 3wds? Are these 3wds standard lengths-43″?

Brent Best says:

Ian, how much weight is in the hozzle adapter you use? how does this impact the swing weight of the club being used for fitting? Finally, how do you match the swing weight in the purchased club?

sabr686 says:

The bulge looks more centered on the TS2, the TS3 looks to have that bulge more toe-oriented. Yes?

Ian Foo says:

That intro hits me right in the feels.

Adam Landis says:

I heard they weren’t making these fairway woods in left handed. This is great!

matt dipadua says:

Which one would of fit his game better

Stories with Aly says:

Do you know if they will be drawing on the ts technology and approach for new hybrids and I assume these would be released next year?

Andy V says:

Tried ts2 fairway wood and it feels so good off face nice and high off ground felt good with hazidus shaft faster off cobra f7 face probably get it was planning to get one

sabr686 says:

Thanks for doing this. Cuts my time at Golf Town testing in half. Nice slick new intro, by the way.

Michael McCarthy says:

I like the format. I missed the ‘live’ commentary and banter during the testing like the earlier videos. I like the previous intro music better than this tweak… and seeing Ian on the left and Matt on the right in the beginning confused the hell out of me!

Brendan Hobbart says:

Tested the TS2 16.5 this morning and I couldn’t believe the ball speed. I was seeing a smash factor of 1.50 (Trackman), which I can’t remember ever seeing from a fairway wood before now. Heck, my driver (G400 Max) will give me 1.52 from a good hit, 1.53 if I really really button it. I have never been comfortable with a 3-wood, even back when my index was in + territory. Recently I have been absolutely terrible, but this one behaved strikingly similar to my 3-hybrid. There was a great deal more forgiveness than the 917F2 previously in my bag. Bought it on the spot 🙂

Dr. Q. says:

Missing the strike point on the club face

Andi Howland says:

Guys, great new production and music! Love it. Really nice review too, looking forward to having a bash with both driver and fairways. One question – with TS3 head, can the CG location be adjusted a little further back with Surefit CG cartridge to slightly add to launch as well as heel/toe for changing shape?

SuperYoda7 says:

It’s so cool to see how much effort you guys put in your vids!

Ross Danaher says:

Love the new layout for the intro, music, change of scenery to the front table, and equipment views to start it all off!!! Good job Matty : )

Bubba Cee says:

I’m gonna have to try it !! I know i loved my 3 wood rouge sub-zero!!:) Thanks guys for the review!! -Bubba!

Mel Waller says:

Just got TS2 fairway Sunday. I’m sure it must be illegal because I’m hitting straight and far.

Matthew Flores says:

Love the new intro and the overlays for your names during the intro. Very nice!

Tony Aguirre says:


matt dipadua says:

I have heard really good things about the new srixzon 3 wood are you going to be reviewing them

Bandit Baker says:

Love the new format Guys, I wouldn’t have thought it possible but you have improved on perfection! Well done excellent work. That was probably the BEST club review EVER!!!!!
Wee comments;
I like you both in toning outfits (it looks very professional). A bit like an Audi showroom.
Is there a reason why you swapped sides now that you are seated at the table during the intro? It threw me at first to see you on different side of the screen lol
PS Sorry if I gatecrashed the Live session last night, I had been celebrating beating my Son (it doesn’t happen that often these days) and had drank a little too much Laphroaig (if that’s possible)!

Kenny Medina says:

Intro was top notch gentlemen

Tyler L says:

This format is a lot better guys. The intro music too is better, now I don’t have to skip it ha. Good vid

Robert Salazar says:

excellent review Just like the drivers I need to get fitted for this fairway wood but I don’t know if the shafts should be the same in both?

Anthony Todd says:

There will always be brand loyalty or at least branding preference among the top three or four. As a brand dabbler (in irons), I often curious about the Pepsi Challenge. How well do off brand or less market share brands perform in head to head challenges? Are you guys able to do this kind of comparison or does that ruffle arrangements with the big boys?

Andy V says:

Like this format the best of trying clubs as your talking about plus and minus of each club, trying out Titleist 3 woods with Titleist rep tomorrow at club the 2 looks like it’s for me and can always deloft on windy day I guess

Jesse Steffen says:

Love the new style but the harp music… could be changed

Gary Yip says:

you guys are awesome, but I liked the original ‘theme song’ better 🙁 ….maybe the old theme with the new intro ‘scenes?’ 😀

alexandre cassini says:

Have you tested the Tour Edge Exotics fairway woods?

Dean Fuller says:

Great video guys, loving the new intro and the chat at the beginning. Like others I have been missing the feedback during the testing. I find you get a much better sense of how the club performs and it’s nuances with that feedback. Great stuff!

pavel arustamov says:

Glad you went back to this testing format.

Dr. Q. says:

Over all: nice new format, great testing. Thank you

The CV Shop says:

Brilliant editing Matt, you and Ian are a great combo, stay friends and grow your brand.

Bob Kuralowicz says:

Great new format. Matt looks a lot more comfortable. I’ve been playing the 913 13.5 Fairway for years and haven’t found anything better, but I may have to check out the TS3.

4DTrainer says:

Upping the B roll game, decent job guys.

Spencer Montoya says:

What the intro!? That was awesome…

Jean Ferret says:

These are stunning looking woods. The 5 and 7 woods could replace a lot of hybrids. Another great review gentlemen.

Brett D21 says:

Was just fitted for the ts3 with a S Drago 75 04 shaft. The new ts fairway line is the best feeling woods I have ever hit!

Shane McCullen says:

Loving the intro!!

Dr. Q. says:

talking about the feeling is always very important

Phil Ovenell says:

Love the new intro! Matt, if that was produced by you, great work. Kudo’s to whoever did the work. Good review.

walter s says:

Of course right after I ask the head speed question you put up a screen shot with club speed, ha-ha. Although I question a club speed of 122.7mph for a 3wd

Trabajo Historia says:

More and more I want to go there and made a Fitting, but location is a big problem. One day I will be there

Brent Best says:

Great new format gents! I do however prefer the old intro music over the new.

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