Titleist 915F (Fairway Wood) Review

Titleist 915F (Fairway Wood) Review
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Titleist 915F Info
Long, straight and forgiving, the 915F delivers great overall performance from the tee and turf. The larger profile provides confidence and a slightly higher flight versus Fd, with no draw bias.
Available Lofts
13.5°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21°

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David Miller says:

how are you hitting up on a 3 wood off the ground?

Tony Rock says:

Wonder how this would go up against the Callaway V Series??? I’m in the market for a new 3 wood and 5 wood. V Series was one choice.

Jae K says:

Rick, can you please test Mizuno JPX-850 Fairway woods and driver? I haven’t seen any test videos yet. 

b10rain says:

Rick, I see they fitted you for the exact same shaft in both driver and 3 wood. Well, obviously not the exact shaft, one trimmed for the 3 wood. But my question is how do you feel about this? I’ve always believed a 3 wood shaft should be a touch heavier and possibly not as stout, but they fitted you for one that after trimming would be a tough lighter and possibly more stout… Didn’t seem like you had any issues launching the 3 wood off the deck, so I was just wondering how you felt about it.

Brandon Skabo says:

Got one of these with a 70g stiff shaft fitted and I love it. hard to adjust hitting it off the deck right away but it didn’t take long for me to start hitting it straight and flush off the fairway. Great club.

GNet Vids says:

Big big that’s big big

Sgt Pepper says:

Would like 2c how this compares 2 the Cobra fly Z?

todd gottschalk says:

Purchased the 915F 2 weeks ago and it made it’s course debut this past weekend. Fantastic club and it feels like butter. It does feel very light and I have to guard against over turning on it.

Ding-Wen Chen says:

Could you possibly get mid-handicapper to review the driver and fairway wood? Mid-handicapper can really test the forgiveness of those clubs. Obviously, you need to fine the factory default clubs for the person to test.

Mustangelleanor1968 says:

Hi Rick,,, i always enjoy watching your every clips of golf and wish i live in Manchester to get some one to one golf lesson from you as i always admire your not only your golf swing but also the distance you can always hit !!!

Craig_NikeGolf says:

Great Video Rick!

Zlake says:

I wish my bad shots carried 250, lol, good vid rick!

Hans Loni says:

Is this 3 wood a good Option for me? I got a HCP 23.2.
(Sry for my englisch I’m from switzerland)

Peter Kim says:

Rick, Thanks for the review. I have bagged the 915 D2 and looking for a 3 wood and hybrids. Was wondering if you could do a 915 hybrid review?

yubin83 says:

Rick, because of your reviews, ive found the clubs that best suit me. Thank you for everything!

oojjac says:

That strke

Sjsksjnnsvvs says:

You are swinging it well but your smash factor seems to be pretty weak. Am I wrong?

Syed Zulkarnain says:

Looks like an excellent buy. Presume you would recommend that it be properly fitted rather than to get the standard off the shelf version? Thank you.

Elvie Conkclin says:

^ *KickX Blast™ Tough Lie – Fairway Wood .* http://shrsl.com/?~cqm8

Jonathan Steinmann says:

R15 vs 915F?

John Costello says:

Got fitted last week for this fairway wood after seeing this video. New 915D driver is my next purchase as well as the AP2 irons. Love the honest reviews you do on all the new equipment that comes on the market. Keep up the good work Rick Shiels.

Nabil Lanang says:

thumbs up!! love your videos. very frankly and amusing especially the straight toe shot. seeing that straight i was like speechless for a moment until you break jokes. well done

pacypacman says:

After i bought this i never used my driver again, i hit like a driver and straighter than all drivers i’ve tested

Bigcitytileandstone says:

Great video Rick. I have almost identical numbers with the bertha alpha 815 and 915 F. Your thoughts

iain macfarlane says:

Well done again Rick, great review. Looking forward to the Monday show with yourself & Peter. I would love to see a shootout between Pete’s 915 & the Callaway big bertha if possible. Regards Iain.

CardzRC says:


Love your channel. I used to be a decent golfer but I took many years off from the game. Recently I have caught the bug again and your videos have been tremendously helpful.

One question for you regarding fairway woods. What make model that you have tested in the past year would you say is the most forgiving? I’m playing bogey golf these days and I’m still playing with my OLD big bertha warbirds #oldschool and I’m ready to update some of my clubs.

Thank you for the great videos, please keep them coming

Jacob Baker says:

hey rick, I doubt you will see this because this video is so old… BUT i have a titles 910 fairway wood, would you recommend upgrading to the new one? I know I should go and test some of these out at the local golf stores, but is time difference (because of the tech upgrades) worth upgrading? I might should mention I have the 913 drive and I don’t have a desire to upgrade until the next iteration of drivers, because i don’t think THAT much of a difference can be made in 2 years. Although that active recoil channel is preeetttyyy swweeettt.

MardyBum100291 says:

Big fan Rick, watch all the time. I’ve actually tried the 915H Sunday and ordered right away, absolutely amazing and a 5w is on the list next, then the driver to replace my 913. Amazing, blew me away. Those numbers are crazy you gorilla!

Nick Rivera says:

Could you compare this and the Taylormade Jetspeed

99johnmatrix says:

I can see the arc getting filled with shit after a few duff shots

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