These were picked by my audience. Over 8,500 people voted for these drivers and in this video I reveal your favourite FAIRWAY WOODS of 2017.

Cobra F7 25.01% 2167
TaylorMade M2 2017 17.29% 1498
Callaway GBB EPIC 8.62% 747
Titleist 917 F2 8.10% 702
Ping G400 7.64% 662
TaylorMade M1 2017 6.54% 567
TaylorMade M2 Tour 2017 5.69% 493
Mizuno JPX900 4.02% 348
Titleist 917 F3 3.54% 307
Callaway Steelhead 3.46% 300
Callaway GBB EPIC Sub Zero 3.37% 292
OTHER 2.08% 180
Ping G400 SF Tec 1.58% 137
Ping G400 Stretch 0.98% 85
Srixon Z F65 0.65% 56
Wilson Staff D300 0.57% 49
PXG 0341 X 0.35% 30
Benross HTX Compressor 0.22% 19
PXG O341 0.22% 19
Benross HTX Compressor Type R 0.08% 7


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xludan says:

I think Rick getting his hands on some tour exotics woods would be eye opening for him. They don’t have the marketing of the big boys but out perform them all day long.

Erlend Austrheim Drolsum says:

Love the channel Rick, but this doesn’t give me much. I’d rather have your own top 3/5/10. Happy new years:)

garry murphy says:

A Rick you pushed old bluey up the list

GS Grant says:

Totally agree with pics. Anyone out there try the Pxg, I hear they are overrated

Phil McIver says:

Won by a big margin well done Cobra

Tracy Ferguson says:

I totally agree with the F7.  I play cobra clubs and they are absolutely the best I’ve ever hit!  Looking forward to 2018 with you and the boys!

Willy Nilly says:

Ping is King.

Mike Bond says:

Team Cobra!

The Moffman says:

Yea i voted for the cobra as well, Love mine

Malcolm A. says:

The Cobra F7 definitely deserved the won ; what a cracker of a club

David George says:

Who did the other 50% vote for?

Lawrence Garcia says:

Im lookin to put an F7 in the bag….

3077nrth 40 says:

I tell you what I love my Mizuno 3-wood with a stiff shaft I hit it straight as hell. 235 yards all the time

Alex Ma says:

This is super interesting but will you do a top ten of your own?

The GUCCI Golfer says:

Thanks rick buying one today!!!!

Brad S. says:

I love the public voting. It really adds a new dimension to your reviews. Very objective with all of those votes that were casted. I can’t wait to see what the #1 wedge was. Nice job, Rick!

Joe Perez says:

A win for Ol’ Bluey! I expected no less.

Michael Ridge says:

Hi Rick, I have the f7 three wood for the last three months, after watching you’re video, great off the tee, Mike ridge.

Matt bailey says:

wheres the titleist 917

Bobby Parson says:

Come on Bro. Really this fairway wood and your Putter as well. LMAO I think your putting your vote counts the most. lol

Stephen Adams says:

Another strong result for the M2. Love mine. Long, straight and forgiving.

James Woods says:

Shocker! People that watch your videos voted for the one you like.

Norman Russell says:

Nice one Ol’Bluey. I got mine in April I think and love it. Very adaptable and long. I love it. I can’t get on with the Cobra Drivers the same way though. TM still make the best drivers I think.

Fredster Gaming says:

I just bought a F7

Jay Chung says:

Holy cow! Old bluey killing the competition in this category. Perfect timing too since the F8s are out, the F7s are on sale. Gonna have to go do some testing maybe…thanks rick for putting this poll/awards together. It really is helpful & interesting

Brad S. says:

I still think the M1 TaylorMade 3 wood is a very underrated club. Smaller profile makes it very sexy and sleek. It’s very easy to get out of mid to long rough than the M2, which is bit bulky and clunky for my tastes.

Christopher Moore says:

I could never hit 3 wood off the deck. The f7 cobra with the rails has given me the confidence to do it. This club is now my strongest club in the bag and will be getting a f7 hybrid with baffler rails To match. Cannot wait. Thanks Rick

Louis Pounds says:

Love my baffler 3 and hybrid!!!

Anthony DeLuca says:

cobra fairway woods are the best, well deserved.

ThaDoobPlaysGames says:

Love my F7 best fairway wood I’ve ever hit. Even copied rick and got it in blue!

Five Speed says:

Always a fan of bearded Rick

MissyLaMotte says:


IngLouisSchreurs says:

since a few videos you have this WeeWw wwwwweeeeeee weeeeeeeeeewweeeeeeeeeewweweeeeeeweeeeeeeeeee noise in the audio, perhaps some cables kaputt or some ground issues with your editing device?

peterk814 says:

Should rename this “which company has the best marketing team”

Carl Meyn says:

lol! juan. Hwon

Richard Johnson says:

A win for the one I voted for!!! That’s inconceivable!

Clayton Anderson says:

That Cobra is the best fairway I’ve ever hit in my life!

Lee c says:

Really happy to see cobra win the top award,I can’t see me changing this 3 dog for a long time.

JoeJoeJoeUrBoat says:

M2 looking mighty strong for 2017! Glad to see Cobra take 1st place though. Those rails seem to be the winner.

Chaz Schott says:

nice job rick!

Martha Chick says:

Spent some time with these three clubs and a launch monitor… I went with the GBB Epic. It felt the best (for me) out of the three. M2 didn’t feel great, huge dispersion. F7 seemed to have a pretty big draw bias, and both the M2 and F7 were consistently 5-10 yards shorter. Not sure why, but I definitely generated the most clubhead speed with the Epic. With the Epic in the neutral setting, I was able to easily work the ball right and left too. Interesting that these three clubs were the ones that tested best on the MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Fairway Wood of 2017. All fantastic clubs!

Michael Dube says:

Love watching these videos !

Keith Finley says:

A fun follow up would be “what 2017 clubs did you buy?” Especially to see if the Cobra outsold the evil twins

Willem Parshley says:

2:19 “Yooan” for Juan is a gold medal mispronunciation. Congrats Rick.

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