Reviewed by PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Studio in Lytham using GC2 and HMT launch monitor to provide you with the best possible information about the TAYLORMADE M2 FAIRWAY WOOD REVIEW



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Derek Stoeckmann says:

callaway XR cheaper and way better

Eddie Holmberg says:

Any chance we get to see a review of the Bentley clubs? Gotta be something special with a pricetag over 10 grand

Armando Ayala says:

Hi Rick can you do a review on M2 hybrid please? thank you.

Franco Rivera says:

what’s the shaft??

Jon Addison says:

Rick, cant find your review on the M2 hybrid, can you provide a link please.

Marcus Young says:

can u review the sm6 wedges?

Kit Cat says:

Can’t get over the lie angle

Paralytic says:

Rick, get some old wooden drivers or the original big bertha and have a whack at them using the launch monitor

Would make for a fun video

Krish Nathan says:

why would anyone buy the m2? less adjustability…

ponce1521 says:

Whens the vapor fly fairway going to get reviewed!

Craig Mason says:

Can you do a H2H on the AeroBurner TP 3Wood and the New M2 3Wood?

Ian Shepherd says:

sooo…its an SLDR lol

Bubba Carr says:

What happened to the winners what in the bag?

Justin Nehls says:

what happened to your draw youve always had?

mojopa01 says:

Dear Mr. Shiels,
I was just wondering how much further these new 3 woods go compared to my Taylormade 200 Steel 3 Wood? It’s form around 2003 I think… Do you have any Idea?
I ask this because I’ve been told (in Tournaments and at the Range) that I should get a new Club because it would give me more distance… So what do you think is the difference that big?
And nice review!!!

ponce1521 says:

Is there any plan to do a Nike Vapor Fly fairway wood review?

whoppes27 says:

Rick, The fluted hosel is there to change the sound and feel because of the new speed pocket, it wasn’t created to save weight.

Thomas Hensley says:

would this be an upgrade to my areo burner 3 wood

evaneezy says:

2 first shots off the deck down the pipe 280s…I dont think anything compares to previous models..

Jake Vaughan says:

Question i have after watching a number of your videos. How accurate is the simulation compared to where you are actually hitting?

Jordan Bovalina says:

rick when are u going to release your review on the nike vapor fly 3, 5 wood and hybrid

jonathan wright says:

Any benefit of this over the AB TP 3 Wood? I have that and it’s a beast.

David t says:

Looks exactly like my aero burner. Got to hit this when I bought my aero burner. Excellent clubs. Aero burner preformed best for me.

Johnjayhawk83 says:

You have gained a lot of yards over the past year. I remember when you thought the 915F went almost too far and it was 20 yds shorter than this one.

Aida Weston says:

” *KickX Blast™ Tough Lie – Fairway Wood .* http://shrsl.com/?~cqm8

Ian Shepherd says:

the driver is for sure except some design features

lauri lassila says:

m1 is like r15 (adjustable) and m2 is like aeroburner, rbz (not adjustable) tailor-made really don’t change the design

Jordan Bovalina says:

rick when are u going to release your review on the nike vapor fly 3, 5 wood and hybrid

MatrixNative says:

ay this really reminds me off my r-5 fw wood im glad there not adjustable. neither is my r5 Dual. I STILL CARRY.

ksinghvirk says:

You need to get your facts straight before spouting things off. It is not just “an M1 without adjustability”. CG location is totally different. Completely different club it just looks the same

Bobby Desjardins says:

Hey Rick,  can you get your sidekick Rob to hit all of the new clubs by category???

Marco A Monrouzeau says:

Did Rick ever uploaded the hybrid review video???

Claudio Mejias says:

Rick, can you review the 3hl wood?

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