TaylorMade AeroBurner Fairway Wood Review

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Mike Reiter says:

Rick I always struggle with my driver. I finally found a 913 Titleist that I like but don’t get near the distance. I am considering hitting this club and if it performs well for me Im going to consider using it as a driver, thoughts please? thanks Mike

Wayne Swisher says:

what is the difference between regular and TP model.

superstar10155 says:

How come you don’t wear under armour footwear??

Jake Hazen says:


Liam Keenan says:

Hi Rick , would you be able to review the aeroburner TP driver and fairway woods ?


ELComandante says:

I wasn’t excited about this club but it seems to be quite good.
But I am more interested in the vapor fairway woods.
When will you do them?

CrushOfSiel says:

I have this 3-wood and I don’t know what the hell to do with it. It is only ~5 yards off my driver and wayyyy longer than my 2-iron. Not really any more consistent than the driver either.

Sodthong says:

Your reviews are all about how far you can hit a club. I fail to see how that helps club golfers. You should watch Mark Crossfield’s reviews.

Golfnovice24 says:

Good review

Cory Delgado says:

Love it!

Joe Hvac says:

I just bought this club today and played with it and absolutely crushed the ball like never before and with great accuracy, great club and it has that great ping when you hit it square on the face

holidaestyles says:

What’s it like off the deck that’s where I disliked the rbz

DeRpY DeNt says:

You’re so bad

TheGamingSpud says:

Aero burner vs 915f?

MrDazza64 says:

Nice one Ricky lad. Was at Trafford Range Friday last, booked my first lesson with your bad self at the end of this month, really looking forward to it! Be gentle with me! Cya on the 27th, regards, Daz.

Rich Tran says:

I have this fairway wood. Beware you guys that have a draw bias as this likes to turn left.

C Rennehan says:

Off the tee it was very long, but without the tee, carry distances are about the same as the Callaway 815. Would be interesting to see a comparison both off tee and without. 

GolfHo says:

Can’t argue with those numbers!

Molly Ward says:

Hi Rick, what balls do you use when testing

Petri Keskitalo says:

Great review as always! Have you ever tried tour edge exotics fairway woods? Fly-z+ review coming soon?

Jinsok Kraybill says:

Makes the aeroburner BANG at impact!

Sgt Pepper says:

+Rick Shiels PGA​ this 3 wood sits slightly closed,would like 2c a review of the tp version which sits 1° open & maybe the 16.5° HL which would get more height from the ground..

john anderson says:

Hi Rick.. Currently I game the Titleist 915 D2 driver. Would the 915 F be better for me than the Aeroburner? Seems like there is no adjustability on the TM.

Scott Glennie says:

Long long long!! You were correct to mention the rbz range similarity!! Just revamped that’s all. Look in TMAG tour players bags and most still use rbz stage 2 fairway woods!
Great review and nice hitting 🙂

Link says:

When are you doing reviews of Vapor FW and Hybrid?

Jimmy Miller says:

I bought the Aeroburner woods (15 and 21 degrees) and i love them so much

John White says:

Wilson Staff just came out with a new D200 line. Callaway is going to launch a new line called “XR”. Good luck with trying to test all the new clubs!

Bryan Begley says:

What is shaft flex come on man

Michael Rolton says:

Does this kill the SLDR mini, or does the larger head size keep it viable?

metamurph says:

thing I really note here going to the R15 that you did later is while you “didn’t hit the green” with the R15, on the range your dispersion and ball flight was much better.  And most people are going to grab these “off the rack” so if you needed a different shaft with a bit less torque…unlikely to find.  3w – it is supposed to be the “straight club” that you pull out when you need to put it on a tight fairway instead of the “big stick” – maybe a good driver replacement.

Johan Melander says:

Please do the TP as well for comparison Rick!!!

Jeffrey Bodine says:

“Its so loud ” …LOL

Careless Caleb says:

I get. 220 carry out of my burner 5 wood. 18 degree. Love it so much

alex lesko says:

Hello Rick, I have a 21 degree 3 hybrid and 24 degree 4 hybrid and I was thinking of getting this club which hybrid should I swap out for the 3 wood

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