Players’ Fairway Wood Shootout

Join our new community on Patreon! – Testing the top models of players’ fairway woods – the smaller head size and more fade biased offerings from the major manufacturers. See how they compare in launch, spin and ball speed!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


Mike Martinelli says:

Is cobra the number 1?

Dr. Q. says:

Hi Matt, didn`t understand what the best selling fwy`s are at TXG. Could you help me out? Thanks a lot

makana n says:

m4 tour would be interesting

hi2meb says:

I tried the Cobra fairway woods with the baffled technology. Sounded cool. However I hit them about 40 yards short of what I hit the Rogue. Be interesting to see what you think

Glenn Turner says:

I found the Srixon f z65 3 wd suited me with the Taylormade m3 a close second recently

Pizza Mukbang says:

what are some easy to hit and elevate fairway woods you recommend? 18 handicap looking for a 5 wood club for off the tee but more importantly off the turf on par 5. Cheers awesome channel.

Larry Young says:

I would like to get more info as far as weight of the heads when you test with the same shaft. I would think that 3 wood heads are closer than what I’ve seen with driver heads.  I’ve noticed driver heads are now all over the place from 182 to 206 grams. This has to dynamically change the way the shaft performs. Keep up the good work, you guy’s are doing a great job.

Markus Bereflod says:

Please include the regular Epic fairway wood in the game improvement test if you can!

Ian Foo says:

great dynamic between these gents. good exchange back and forth, both adding value. love it!

Doug Nielsen says:

Ping seemed to have lowest dispersion. May be giving up some distance for control. Odd the Ping had more spin but had most roll? Low launch angle result in low approach angle?

TJ Cutshaw says:

I absolutely love the way these videos are presented to the viewer. The fact that Matt is a high speed lefty like me doesn’t hurt either!

Juan Soto says:

The TM was 2.5 mph faster ball speed, similar launch, less distance than the Rogue? Surprised you didn’t harp on that discrepancy. Love to see an on course test, since the numbers don’t really add up perfectly.

Dave Hanstein says:

Rogue fairways are long. Ping Stretch is lower spinning vs. Reg. G400. Might have been a better test vs. the others tested(same genre?). Another great vid. guys!

Jesse Bowers says:

The tour Exotics got most wanted on MGS this year, would be curious to see those perform…there’s nowhere local I can hit them

Gary Thompson says:

Kudos to TXG as Im loving my bonded Cally Rogue 3 & 5 woods both fitted with Diamana Thump shafts…best feeling, longest and most consistent fairway metals Ive ever played…

Mark Kirk says:

Could you add the Mizuno 3 wood and hybrids to the mix? The ST woods and CLK hybrids seem to be in the big 4 ball park for performance

Alex Officer says:

When you were explaining how the Fd3 and G400 could be good for pickers etc. Is exactly why I sub and watch these videos. Those little chunks of info that only come from experienced fitters are awesome. Keep making great content!

Keith Finley says:

Would love to see a quick supplement with Matt hitting the majestic Cobra F8+

walter says:

Why didn’t your spec graphics show swing speed, I’m curious how fast Matt is swinging the 3wd vs his driver.

john yi says:

Nice comparison! Was the TM the most accurate? I noticed it had the least side spin. I would definitely game the most accurate one. Cheers!

Dustin Telles says:

I love my 2016 m2 3 wood it goes he distance I want feels great just in the wind it’s not great cause my ball flight with my 3 wood just goes way too high is there a way to lower ball flight other than loft. I believe it’s probably my delivery that’s doing it. What would you say?

Paul J Hawksworth says:

I wondered if you could do a fairway wood trial with the optimum length and loft for the average golfer with a swing speed between 80 mph and 90mph
I’ve found for e.g. the shaft length of the 5 wood at 19degrees is too long to be consistent and the loft on the 7 wood too high causing ballooning.
I’ve tried cutting the shaft of the 5 wood and adding weight to the bottom of the club to keep the swingweight but the club just doesn’t feel right after the alterations.
Shafts on all fairways are too long for consistent ball striking in my opinion.
Any chance of testing this theory.

Simon Strid says:

Great stuff! Can you guys try to get your hands on a Mizuno wood and compare it aswell? 😉 Would love if you could do that! // Mizuno freak 😀

Eric Takahashi says:

Seems like 3 woods are not hit very often nowadays. The 15+ handicapper would probably have more overall success trying to hit a good 5 wood or 4 hybrid solid than a 3 wood. The good players are good with their drivers so even if they are in the rough its a lot closer to the green. Or if there is a hazard or dogleg or real tight fairway they often are too long with their 3 wood anyway and end up using a 4 or 5 iron or hybrid.

Jacob Streiff says:

Matteh, your new swing seems similar to the one you were doing when you tried to simulate an averages players clubhead speed

Brian McCool says:

Interesting that the two higher-spinning heads produced markedly different consistencies. You could have covered the Ping balls with a bath towel. Was that Matt or the club….? You discussed distance a great deal – but when I hit a fairway wood, I’m trying to hit a spot (fairway, green). Maybe gaping is a bigger issue for Matt?

Jeff Shawver says:

Great video guys. Can’t wait for the upcoming videos! Bravo on your ideas.

Joshua Hoffman says:

Can we please see some more players fairway wood testings but with 4woods (or 3HL as some manufacturers label them)?

DB George says:

I’m going to guess the top seller is the Cobra F8 Can’t wait to see the next video

Stephen DiBari says:

Best and most informative channel on YouTube for club testing. Keep up the great work

Zachary Milos says:

Shame Cobra doesn’t offer the F8+ in lefty! Cmon Cobra!!! I love my F8 but it does spin up a tad bit much for me sometimes and I’m thinking about maybe switching to the M3. My AoA off the turf with my 3w is about 0 to 1 up.. I just don’t have all that sweet speed Matt has 😉

plamp says:

Do you recommend maintaining consistency (same shaft different weight) among 3 wood shafts and driver shafts?

Jack Evans says:

Why was there tailwind in the subzero testing only?

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