PING G410 3-WOOD REVIEW, the Ping G410 range of drivers, irons woods and hybrids has been a huge success so far in 2019, the driver is one of the most forgiving on the market for all handicap levels and the irons are also very forgiving. What about the 3-wood? does it go miles, is it the perfect 3-wood for mid handicappers? is it forgiving? who should be using the g410 3-wood? is it the best 3-wood of 2019? Lets find out… and lets do it now


carpykeith says:

Interesting review, I have i210’s and stealth wedges, looking to replace my G10 hybrids with 410’s and my F8 3 wood may be up w for swapping too!

Jessie Caples says:

James, whats your take on best fairway this year ?

Bryan Hylok says:

I think since the G came out woods have been great and the g410 might be best yet. I get taylormade and others but to me thats hacker clubs ping titelist seam to get the low handicap golfers and for good reason

Patrick Foster says:

Interested to know If doing a fitting why would you take the horror swings out?

Charles Harrison says:

Another great video. You always offer an unbiased opinion on every club you ever review. I want to try the 7 Wood, as I own and use the Ping G400, 3 and 5 woods and get on great with both of them. Keep these excellent videos coming and I will always watch them.

allo cromeau says:

Hahahaha ping G 1million…lmfao…thats yhe best one you said in a while hahahah

Fergus Reeve says:

Everyone else seems to do this… so I’m comment no1 and view no1…..

Do I get a cookie?

Dave Hanstein says:

I’ve hit all the new stuff and the Ping G410 was longest and most consistent for me.

mark brook says:

looking forward to the head to head

Rodd Underwood says:

How would it go with the correct shaft to suit you

松田もしくろす says:

I am holding my breath for the 3 wood shoot out.

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Looks a really low profile face – how does it compare with others (mizuno/f9) ? Btw best reviewer at the mo – great to watch!

justin palmer says:

Why would you even consider something you’re spraying all over the course ?

Ed says:

Agree with you James on the turbulators, not a fan! And with all the great alternatives from the competitors it simply won’t make the cut for me.

Papaspyder says:

What is a mid handicapper?

Paul Curotto says:

James it’s low profile is reminiscent of the original Adams tight lies 3 wood.

Andy Holt says:

The sound on camera here is very brittle and a little reminiscent of the old aeroburner line from TM to my ear.

coegj says:

I don’t drink or smoke, so I waste/invest money in golf toys. I’ve had my share of Ping drivers and and fairway woods and the one thing always seems the same, I either hit the clubs really really really really good, or really really really really bad. There is never and in between, it’s one or the other which has me going else where, only to come back but leave again fast. Good video post James, thanks.

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

Good review! I’m going to pass this on to my Dad!

It has to be tough to do a Ping review because there are a ton of hardcore Ping loyalists out there! I count my father as one of them.

Ping has never been my thing because I’ve always gravitated toward players clubs. Titleist, Mizuno and Hogan have always been my brands. Ping has traditionally been positioned more as a brand for the masses. That does seem to be changing though!

The new i210s are lovely.

The new G410 Crossover looks really nice, too.

**Their drivers have been really good for a while now!

The fairway woods though, not so much. It looks like that has changed now as well though! I’m happy for Ping! They are a good company that tries harder than most to give their cunstomers quality products that really perform without all the Flash and Sparkle that some other companies are extremely guilty of.

allo cromeau says:

Thinks it sounds plasticky???…and looks plasticky too from the bottom….not top end product…looks like beginner product for 10 year old kid

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