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PING G400 FAIRWAY and HYBRID reviewed and tested on the golf course and with launch monitor numbers. Mark hits the new Ping G400 fairway and hybrid and talks about the new colour, face and new non Ping grips. See if the G400 series fairway clubs might help your golf game.

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Ashley Houseman says:

It’s all just boring,new,old,no difference, no further totally nonsense tech but hey the shaft changes colour. Great stuff mark!!

Peter Schmitt says:

From what I’ve seen, I don’t believe Rahm should’ve been penalized.  But I don’t think Lexi should have either.  Personal opinion, but a couple of millimeters incidentally here and there won’t make a MASSIVE difference.  When they place the ball down, they’ve still gotta roll it….

stu says:

Can’t find any footage of said incident.

Philip Nye says:

I was hoping for a g400 vs g400 stretch test

Ron Thibeau says:

Not penalized

Andrew Gort says:

Amazing differences in spin between you and Dan. Get fitted Bruh!

seantmcc says:

Just a general comment, idea, not particularly related to this vlog, but you always stress functional over perfection, at what point does functional become an hindrance to improvement? I have a buddy who hits the ball well and at times plays well, but always has the ball back in his stance with his hands past the ball at address, forward press. Nothing wrong with it and it works for him, but I keep thinking that it is wrong. At some point there are fundamental positions, grip, address, stance that require one to adhere to achieve consistency and maximize one’s ability. How do you address the juxtaposition of functional versus improvement? When is the quirks of one’s swing a hindrance? To a degree, it is like learning to play a slice or hook. Yes, it is possible and possible to become quite good adapting to it, but seems limiting too. As always, love the vlog. Cheers brah.

Turner Humphrey says:

Didn’t you do a video on how easy it is to know where the point behind the ball to the hole is? Come on he cheated.

Gary Brown says:

Great review Mark. Honest and impartial as always. I especially like your views on the aesthetics, thus the review being complete and not solely about performance and stats etc.

Brian Debert Golf says:

Mark bring back the REALLY LOVELY lol my wife laughs at that in the background when it’s on lol

Miguel Garza says:

like the copper shaft and how it looks black at address. I also like the ping grips better. on course review, absolutely love them.


I don’t think Rahm was trying to cheat……..BUT…….I’ve never seen a pro mark his ball on the side…….or anyone for that matter………and he did gain a full ball closer to the hole…(from what I saw)……..and for that , I would say he should get a penalty for being careless and forgetting where he marked his own ball …….(I’m probably still thinking about Lexi getting screwed)…….but his playing partners didn’t say a thing……..and no intent for sure…….so with new rule…….let it go !!!! For the life of me, I don’t know why he just didn’t putt out and be done with it all !!!!

James Morgan says:

How do you become a member of the lockie army?.

RonanHD says:

Radar said that he and Im were like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito. He is a big guy. I stood beside him at the 15th and thought I was standing in a hole!

Chewy V says:

Ping is really good at making really good looking clubs or really bad looking clubs and these are some really bad looking clubs

Pierre Cuinat says:

Agree with the shape of the head, looks too flat. Far away from the old shape of the titleist 906f2. And for me it’s not easier !

Ian Shepherd says:

dustin johnson for the open…great vid

Tucker Conklin says:

Rahm is massive I saw him live at the Shell Houston Open this year just a big broad guy

tim dibble says:

how can anyone prove intent? R&A with USGA seem to be reacting to incidents and changing rules that have stood and done the job for years just because of the media spin on incidents. Enjoying the blogs

Oscar Byström says:

nice ping g400

Danny Gomez says:

I do have trouble hitting my wood off the deck (Titleist 915) my swing is shallow so maybe this wood is worth a try…

Andrew Brown says:

Hi Mark love the daily vlogs really look forward to watching them each day. Just quick question what happens to all the clubs you test are they sent back to the manufactures ? Great work bruh

Richard Brooks says:

can you let the kids out of the cupboard now, please??

Sodthong says:

New Ping prices up 33%. Another nail in the coffin for golf and retail shops. Of course, most reviewers don’t have the balls to talk about it…

Daniel Crawford says:

HI Mark, just how many clubs do you have in the room behind you at the end? Looks like a clean out is needed. Happy to help take some off your hands if needed!

shayne walters says:

trying 400 next week ,like the trilby hat!!!

LB says:

why do u keep showing Dan’s data? did u lose a bet??

josh davenport says:

How you liking that #LockeyArmy 2-ball brah???

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