Rick Shiels tests the NEW TITLEIST 917 F2 & F3 FAIRWAYS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy ibased at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software

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Eric French says:

I use a Callaway set of fairway woods. The X-HOT line. That being said, I have the standard 3 wood and the 3DEEP as well. Smaller with a deeper face. Some may know it as the “Phrankenwood” designed for Phil. The 3deep is for when I’m not hitting my driver particularly well on any given day. Definitely best off of a tee. Rarely do I have the 3deep and the TC 10.5 degree Driver in the bag simultaneously. I mention that it’s a “TC” serial number because I have both and it truly makes a big difference. It was my first golf club purchase in over 10 years but I eventually noticed that the seller had sent me a TC stamped club so I did a little research and realized how fortunate I was to receive it. any way, the F2 and F3 seem to be Titleist’s version of the standard and 3deep.

Native_Golfer _20 says:

I just went got fitted for the f3 and I was absolutely crushing it. I was carrying it 280 yards on average and averaged around 310 for total distance.. can’t wait for this to be in my bag for next season..

Charlie Pereira says:

rick what projector are you using

hawkey100 says:

Taylormade M2 Fairway vs the F2 ??????

Dan Brubaker says:

Anyone know what the clubs he is reviewing next that are in the back??

StratNut2008 says:

I tested the F2 and Cobra which Rock plays but I consistently hit the F2 better and actually got 20 yards more distance. I’m not a long hitter and I get about 220-230 on the F2 fairway woods which is fine for me. I couldn’t get that Cobra past 206.. is what it is.. so, I’m now waiting for my fairway wood w diamana s plus regular shaft at 70 grams in left hand to come in.. it’s like Xmas around here! Cmon Santa (Fedex) !! Where the hell is he? #anydaynow

Station 2Station says:

That Sound. Jeez. I thought my 915f2 was the best. This is superior.

Nick Graese says:

Rick found a 3wood he likes? It must be good!

MissyLaMotte says:

haha … the new bay is so big, you look almost a bit lost in it 😉

Andrew McGaha says:

Rick, is F3 much different than the 910 – 915fd’s in size and/or shape? Please tell me it is the size/shape of the 906f line???

metamurph says:

These chromy bottoms of clubs always looks cool brand new but it is nigh impossible to maintain that even on my Ping Cadence I see that. I just like “tame old school” ie I like the CB716 vs. AP2…but beyond that, these rock.

Alexander Schwarzbart says:

F2 in Ricks bag?

Rick Peters says:

M2 vs F2 fairway woods and driver.

TheJhaley12 says:

What do you think of the Titleist D4 driver?

Alan Terry says:

Love the videos and reviews. May want to tilt the back-light in the studio down toward the floor. It can be distracting. Keep up the good work.

aksel seppel says:

Could you review the new mizuno jpx 900 tour irons? Btw great review this 😀

Sebastian Mioen says:


Zander Steiner says:

Do a M1 vs. D17 F2 and F3 head to head it would be awesome

Droopy Marcum says:

Rick, another awesome video! I was dying for you to review these clubs and wish you had hit more shots with them!!! Thanks a ton! I can’t wait until saturday when I get fit!

Joe N Lisa Bailey says:

So glad I found your channel I can’t stop watching

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

917 vs. King Cobra LTD…should be a great compare.

Rapp Washington says:

Another great video!
Please test the New Callaway BB Fusion vs Calaway XR16
fairway woods!

Harry Hutchings says:

@Rickshiels u should do a christmas giveaway

Conley Bragg says:

Wait you can take the rubber face slot out of the fairway wood?

Sam Redding says:

Great review. I have always used Titleist woods so looking forward to these coming out. I currently use a 913 f2 which I am really happy with. Tried the 915 f2 but didn’t see any benefit for me. Would be interesting to see a head to head though with the new 917! Great videos Rick keep them up!

Keith Finley says:

Put the F2 in the bag!! best I’ve seen you hit a 3 wood

Morten Frølich says:

How come you don’t like the “boxing gloves”, Rick? Aren’t they easier to put onc ompared to the “socks”?

roger sack says:

Rick how did you get those clubs early? i can’t wait to pick them up!

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