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Travis smith says:

hahaha into the cobra…its so true i play all mizuno jpx 900 driver, jpx 900 forged irons and t7 wedges…but my 3wd and hybrid are cobra f7 cause they really are phenomenal

GolfHo says:

Lovely looking club, but not sure I can part with my great big Bertha

jerry mccauley says:

I love the look of JPX

Nixon Gill says:

I continue to call out for a fitting session for these Mizuno clubs. You “tinkered” with the driver and got some distance gains.
Please please do a fitting session, compare the session stats before & after. #happyHolyEaster to you

christopher perry says:

Great video Keep up the good work. Do you have any advice for a mid handicap iron? I have the Taylormade Speed Blade set right now but i would like something with a smaller head. Thanks

Zalman Zulkifli says:

Haha you are so into the Cobra the rest just doesn’t cut it anymore eh… I’ve been glued to your channel and Finch’s page for the last two weeks since I found it!

Excellent vlogs to watch, especially for a guy from Malaysia where it is always warm and sunny. Nice to see the cold weather and windy conditions you guys play in.

Play on and keep up the great work!


Banjo Caseyisfat says:

More! More! More! Love these reviews Rick keep them coming

strokerAce21 says:

better blue? – mizuno or cobra??

Malcolm A. says:

Good review Rick; love your enthusiasm for trying out various clubs.
I agree with you on the colour; it is absolutely the mutts nutts.

Mason Robinson says:


James Else says:

When are you going to game the JPX900 driver. Best thing I’ve watched you hit in a club review.

Thomas Mace says:

you should compare a starter set like top flight to a top end club set for people that are thinking about up grading to see what the difference are it would be interesting like if you agree

Jason Little says:

Rick, whats your personal thoughts on the new Mizuno blue?

Dreadtleite says:

Hi rick I just had a question about club selection because I am in the market for some new irons. I saw someone I know do this with the taylormade PSIs but I’m sure it could be done with ping or mizuno or really anything. The guy who did this is a very good golfer and his index is about a 4. He went with the PSI regular irons in the 4-6 range and then took the tour version in the 7-P range. The idea is more control on shorter approach shots but more forgiveness and length in the longer, harder to hit irons. I was just wondering what are your thoughts on this setup.

robgom777 says:

Move it forward in your stance a bit. That should allow you to hit it closer to the apex of your swing. It will also get that ball flight up.

seb crabtree says:

Ball position looked quite far back, this would give you a slightly decending attack angle.

André Serra Carvalho says:

Probably a different shaft?

Nixon Gill says:

I’ll maintain my request that if Mizuno 900 series is a “get fitted” set of clubs. Do a VLOG where you get fitted for them. Then show us the difference in distance

Sam Robbins says:

Rick, any idea why the spin decreased on your last two shots? I would have expected higher spin with higher loft and the weight back. Great review, thanks!

Tom Sweeney says:

Love the reviews! Good stuff as always, Rick.

Richard Harrington says:

when you reviewing the new Benross range?

Jouni Hietanen says:

tells to leave the wrench to pros and fitters –> changes two variables at once 🙂

Abdul Adzim says:

how come lower handicap and long hitters tends to draw (or too much)?

Matt Kricheli says:

5:10 – Jamaican Rick Shiels

spocktra50 says:

Nice club and review Rick but it’s Cobra for the win me old fruit.

nathan crewes says:

The shaft is shorter in the mizuno than any other manufacturer the mizuno is 43 inch the cobra is 43.25 the weights to far back and ya delofting the face at impact, that’s where the distance has gone nothing to do with the club, maybe try getting a fitting before you review clubs, people actually bare in mind these reviews when they buy clubs and they’ll just think I ain’t buying the mizuno it goes 10 yards shorter than everything else, I’ve just been fitted for this club the fitter set it in 17 degree and had the weight back and I carried it 240 in the air so more distance is there to be had out of this club, I just wish these reviews were done correctly and fairly otherwise there just pointless!

Daniel W says:

I just got fitted for the JPX 900 woods and they were really long. I Had M2 woods before them and the JPX 900 woods went longer And straighter. Just shows the wonders of custom fitting

Sean Phillips says:

Just spinning too much

Peter Twiby says:

Was just typing to say I’d like to see you use some of the available settings on a club and then you did it, if the club can be changed then don’t see an issue you in you doing so

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