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Dxn Lowry says:

any chance we could have a date and time of the next video at the end of the video, so much handier as im always just checking but if i knew when it was going to be put on it would save always having to check for just your vids

Keith Williams says:

I enjoy your club reviews and find them very helpful. After seeing this one, I’ll stick with my F7 for now


What makes it difficult to choose? If you couldn’t hit the middle of the plus version, isn’t the difference between the two clubs obvious?

Taylor McGrath says:

Hi Rick, I’m waiting to buy the F7 3wood until spring (just had my third knee surgery). In your opinion do you think the F8 is worth paying more for? I’d love to hear your advice, thank you!!

Sven Hallauer says:

Hi Rick, thanks for the review. But could you please explain how one would change the grip on the club given that the arcross sensor is embedded?

cloudyview says:

I personally like the smaller head options, and would likely buy the + over the regular F 8 for that reason. Same reason I have an AeroBurner TP – smaller neutral head.

Lee c says:

ive got the f7 too rick, mine is in black/orange the only difference i can see is the f8 has eye brows now the f7 stealth dog stays in the bag for me great review tho

Sam K says:

f8+ goes from 12 – 15 degrees, not 13.5 – 15 degrees

The Moffman says:

Great vid thanks shielsy

NW H says:

It looks as tho you set the f8+ in 14.5 draw vs the f8 which is set at 14.5 standard off the shelf. May explain why you were drawing the + model so much.

John Monteagudo says:

I would have liked to see you take a few shots off of a fairway to see if the bafler rails really make a difference. Especially if you hit a 3 wood from Callaway and taylore made by comparsion.

Jack Ingleson says:

This is a real contender for my next 3 wood, very good looking club and I loved the F7 baffler rails!

Bryan Futscher says:

Is it just me or does the crown alignment marker on the F8 look heel bias?


Can you guys please sub. Last vid was on Rickie Fowler at the 2017 TPC.

Joey Marcotte says:

You should do an m1 fairway vs f8 fairway

Sodthong says:

Best thing about the F8 is that the F7 will be on sale soon…

nobby pocock says:


TDM170 says:

Great review rick! Well done. Not too amazed with the improvements between the F7 Fairway Wood and the F8 Fairway Wood, so similar

Marcus T. says:

I don’t know, I think I would have real issues properly lining the F8(+) Woods up. This design really screws with my eyes.

Nicklaus Ono says:

what shaft and flex were you using Rick? Great review

Tigersmundo says:

*3 wood IS THE hardest club to find IMHO!!!*

Omair Khan says:

I’ll stick to my F7 beauty, it’s the perfect sized fairway wood for me. Good review, Rick!

Brad M says:

I’ve been looking forward to the hybrid review. Any word?

Toon Linkie says:

Rick is there a one length hybrid? If so that is completely bizarre.

Usee says:

Have you used the F8+ in the draw-setting? According your pictures and the shot shape it seems, like you did…
…however, it also has a 14.5 setting without draw bias – which should be more suited for your swing.

Joe Perez says:

Not happy to hear you say the new F8 head looks a little bigger than the F7. After seeing you have so much success with the F7, I grabbed my own “Ol’ Bluey,” and finally found a 3 Wood I can hit from the fairway. I agree with you that the rails give confidence, whether justified or not. For laughs, just to see if my increased amount of playing was the real reason I was hitting Ol’ Bluey better, I played a few rounds with my older 3 Woods, and could barely get the ball off of the ground. The F7 STAYS!!!

TJ Shine says:

Thanks Rick, I love your reviews! After watching your review of “Old Bluey” you don’t seem to hitting these any better…Please do a review of the Cobra Connect system ASAP! We would love to see a comparison with your GC2 and Cobra Connect to see how accurate it is.

Jacob Sever says:

I hit my 3 wood the exact same distance, yet my driver only goes 252 yards carry (on average). How does Rick average 280-290 carry with a driver, but loses almost 50 yards down to the 3 wood?

Daniel Smith says:

Please let me know what was the shaft in these fairways. Thanks.

sushiman2000 says:

I’m a happy F7 owner and definitely see your point on the F8 or F8+ issue. It’s definitely going to be harder to choose. Thanks for the review.

Malcolm A. says:

Great review Rick; am really loving this Cobra series you are doing.
That F8 looks better to my eye than the F8+, but not as good as the F7. Wouldn’t say no the F8 though…

Groz says:

I think the top of the club looks hideous! Ping hid their turbulators well where as having them as a feature like what Cobra has done really takes away from the look

Tyler Egan says:

Old bluey looks a lot better in my opinion

Paul Chisholm says:

Surely its easy to figure out which model is right for you, just go for a fitting (and realise that like most people you aren’t a ‘better player’ and get the F8)

Harry Byrne says:

Is it better than old bluey

Norman Russell says:

I’m keeping Ol’ Bluey in the bag (you made me buy it after your previous reviews). In reference to an earlier comment in another video, I often hit it further than my M1 driver! Something isn’t right there. I play off 6 so I should be decent but I must be missing the sweet spot of the driver. Any thoughts on that? I’m trying to follow your ’tilt and hit up on it and extend through the ball’ but something isn’t right! Keep up the great content Rick

Adrian says:

i dont really get your opinion on they should have only brought out one version as every other manufacture will bring out two (at least)

Chris McMillen says:

I cant hit my 3wood off the fairway to save my life, maybe i should get a 3 iron instead

Brian Harrison says:

Take away that dud 3rd shot and the f8+ had at least 8 yards further

bob johnson says:

We want orange!
We want orange!
We want orange!

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