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GR JerryPK says:

I’ve got an old stealhead 3w, needs a new grip, though. And it’s pretty scarred. But it ticks some of the boxes. Love the club. Going to refurbish it over the winter.

Robert Macdonald says:

Might have one with the old clubs, will look in the morning and let you know

Bubba terrrell says:

I still have a steelhead in my bag tried to replace it but love the feel of and which back to it

tony powell says:

Hi RickJust going out to the car to check my golf bag, think I might have a 3 wood steelhead in the bag.Will get back to you if the answer is yes.RegardsTony

Jeremy Holt says:

Being a hook monster was my findings on this as well, which is why I settled on the Epic SZ.

John Marchioni says:

I bought a new set up driver fusion ith a fikri shaft I eas wondering what you though of the combination ?

S G says:

Been fitted for one but still doesn’t replace x hot pro 3 wood. Nor does the epic or epic sub zero!!

Stephen DiBari says:

Great review Rick.. glad I watched this. I used to play the Steelhead Plus and was thinking about switching to this 3 metal next year over the Epic subzero 3 metal but after watching this you validated the Epic is much better. I’ll stick with my Epic fairway metals.

All the things says:

I have the old one but it’s not a 3+, just a 3. Still has the original Callaway Firm Flex shaft too

Joel Peart says:

Not sure why he grabbed a 3+. Rick’s never had a very high ball flight. Loft equals accuracy. Hitting a 3 wood 280 into the shit is not quite the idea of a fairway metal.

Scott McIlwraith says:

More like the steelhead plus

Scott Dreyfus says:

Steelhead+ was navy and similar to this

Happy Duffer says:

As bad of a hit as that last shot off the deck was (so toe side) and yet it flew straight and long.. it should be lighting your fire.

SeaRanger311 says:

I have a quick equipment question. A friend is trying to flog me his 25* hybrid saying it will replace my 3i but I’m not sure if his being serious. Seems bit odd whats a closer angle to replace a 3i? Or can I just close the face on the 25* and it be same same?

Matt Aamold says:

When I first started playing I used the Steelhead 3w as my driver…Until it got stolen. The memories though.

Jacob Sever says:

Still have a VFT 4 Wood. Love the damn thing.

John Marchioni says:

I hope I did not make the wrong buy it was between the stailhead and futon ?

tony powell says:

Sorry Rick, it’s a Great Big Bertha War Bird 3, positively antique, just like me.Keep living the dream, one will come your way.

Thomas Rædkjær Pedersen says:

Had the steelhead plus 3 wood, loved it so much, but had my set stole many years ago, back then it wasn’t as easy as today finding replacements. Still miss it sometimes today.

Chris McMillen says:

You should do a 5 part series of 3woods

Sebastian Nachilly says:

tenesee shaft

Joe Dubiel says:

I like my Aeroburner 5 Wood by Taylormade much better. Straight and powerful. 🙂 Spider Dubiel said that. Good review though. Thank you Rick.

Dar Foggy says:

I still use the S2H2 for my 3 with the pro force gold shaft

Danny Smith says:

I don’t figure there is anyway for the new steelhead to be as good as the epic 3 wood I just bought a month ago. It’s the best driver and 3 wood I have ever hit period.

David Young says:

Still use 3,5,7 steelheads
LOVE THEM !!!!!!

Calamity Golf says:

I’m only 12 don’t think I remember the old one!!!!!

Vince Potgieter says:

Hey Rick.. I can’t hit my fairways off a tee.. if I need to use one off the box I find a fluffy piece of grass and hit it off the deck.. much more consistent for me anyway. Just some input from a random =)

Kristian Oakes says:

any chance of hitting it out of the middle?

Topbloke Golf says:

It would good if Rick could put some cameras at the back of the range and see real ball flight and landing. I wonder if this club encourages a draw, Rick didn’t point it out verbally but was letting you see for yourself

De'kwon says:

You would think a pga pro would know the difference between a draw and a hook

Roger Rigby says:

Certainly do. Still have a steelhead driver collecting dust!!

Niall Graham says:

Still use the old 3 & 5 wood Steelheads 😉

dhsieh911018 says:

Tennessee? lol

K4rN1v00L says:

steelhead vs steelhead?

cloudyview says:

You should get your hands on an old steel head to compare them

Hah, I made this comment before the end of the video… The old steel head 3+ was my go to as well, back in my teens/early twenties. It definitely does have a more metallic “ping” when you hit it. In the bag I have at my parents house, I STILL have a steel head plus 5w – love it as well.

Dustin says:

I am a very average golfer sitting now at a 10 hdcp. I tried the steel head 3 hybrid and I couldn’t hit it straight or to the right. It was left of left every time. It had good distance but ridiculous draw/hook every time.

jasonglen87 says:

Remember it? I still play it lol

short game skills says:

Ive seen it

BF golf says:

Looks more like the steelhead plus

b3rk0 says:

Bought one of these a few months ago, absolutely love it! Such a great club. Those shafts are brilliant also, Got mine in Stiff but was so easy to generate a high swing speed. Easy to hit off the deck.

Richard Gange says:

It looks more like the steelhead plus woods

Joshua Weisz says:

Old steelhead vs new steelhead xr!!!

danthemanwhocancan says:

I gotta get me wanna them Tennessee shafts! Yeeee Haaaaaah!!!

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