Check out PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels review of the brand new NEW CALLAWAY GBB EPIC SUB ZERO FAIRWAY, using ProV1 and Gc2 and HMT launch monitor.


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Chad Sugden says:

please show us when u play with settings !!!!!

Nicholas Taylor says:

Nice club but £280 is a lot of money for a fairway wood, my XR16 driver cost less than that! Maybe brexit has had something to do with pricing but I still think Taylormade and Callaway are taking the piss with the new product pricing.

Drew Piontkowski says:

You should put those GBB Epic woods in your bag, Rick. You’re hitting with them very well!

Zachary Milos says:

A toe-y horrible golf shot that goes 280 LOL I think face cup tech is for real. I love my XR16’s, can’t see myself ever hitting anything but Cally woods.

Blarg13579 says:

Hey Rick can you please join my league on PGA Tour Fantasy Golf. I’d be over the moon. Keep up the great work

David Lepre says:

Great videos. I agree with one comment regarding trying different settings. it would help us if you DID move or switch the weights to determine the effect since we are much more likely to look for added help than you. It looks like the Sub Zero versions of the Epic driver and fairway wood hold more potential if you have the swing to use them and assuming the weight adjustments can make enough of a difference for the low handicap but not scratch golfer. Is that at all accurate? Thanks.

Kevin Martin says:

Love all the videos, Rick! Could you please do a video of a few “strong” 3 Woods off the tee for us guys who struggle with the driver? I personally have stuck with my 13.5 degree Adams Speedline 3 wood off the tee because it’s longer, straighter and more consistent than my driver. Thanks!

Jerry Petersen says:

Are you going to a test with the weight change to see what results you get?

Chad Sugden says:

hit it in 13.5

Jason Williams says:

I’m looking at a 3 wood this year. This Sub Zero looks good. Only issue I would worry about is dropping the spin to low and really messing up miss hits. That low spin is a double edged sword, great when you connect, awful if you hit it off the heal or toe.

Ben Ross says:

got to hit it today with the Speeder and the Hzrdus yellow. wasn’t impressed. had a strange sound. sticking with my 915f

Avery Falash Golf says:

Anyone mind checking out my golf channel? keep up the great work rick

Scott Adam says:

Have you tested this in 12.5 degrees? Watching this a lot later than when it was uploaded. I’m really interested cause I have one on order from Alan Staines in Brisbane.

TheGwhitey says:

Rick now that you and Pete have new drivers (and swings) can we have an old school longest drive competition please! 🙂

Vincent Tyler says:

Sold, was on the fence, but bought one today.

danthemanwhocancan says:

Tinker with it Rick! We will watch a 30 minute video no problem. I would buy this if with the heavy weight at the back it went long high and straight and then on windy days I could put heavy weight forward to keep ball down but you aren’t showing us

golfpunk46 says:

You should test in the 13.5 degree setting. I think you wouldn’t draw as much imo. Love your videos and appreciate that you have similar swing speed to me. All the best!

connor bennett says:

In the words of Rick Shiels “Damn, damn damn damn damn…”

Ashley Dutton says:

I reckon big stens could drop his trusty 3 wood for this

Cornwall1888 says:

Should test in different settings

Justin Boyd says:

Just order mine! Great review, went to test because of this review. Was carrying it 10 yards further than regular epic. Loved it! Can’t wait to put in play. #epic

Dale Hillman says:

In all of your tests, you have to remember that your club head speed is tour average. Most of your viewers can’t touch 3 digits. So tailor your review comments to the masses as their is a clear difference in performance of clubs between you and your viewers. I would think forgiveness factor should be mentioned in all reviews.

hawkey100 says:

good review but to give a better review wouldn’t it have been better to show you hitting it with the weights reversed to give us an idea what the club would do in both weight settings ?

Joel Peart says:

Toey as a Roman sandal

Kris Benson says:


Steve Cottrell says:

So why did you alter the loft without trying it first??

Clinton Worden says:

I’ve just been fitted for the sub zero five wood and 3 wood really happy with them great review

Ben Clabaugh says:

even the hook goes 280. lol. this is the club I’m excited about the most. I hit the driver and liked it but got the same numbers as my trusty m1. I can easily see myself bagging the 3 and 5 woods sub zero though.

Nixon Gill says:

The devil inside of me would have to put that 22g weight into the driver.

ryan nicholson says:

That noise you made at 5:06 has ruined me.

Sgt Pepper says:

wouldn’t be better with the 15 ° then u could lower the loft hence opening the face & helping u with those overdraws??

tyrone r says:

I would like to see a head to head with this and the JPX 900 fairways

Les Blair says:

I can’t believe moving those weights would effect it too much since the sole is so much smaller than the driver

ticleve2 says:

Are the weights interchangeable between the driver and the fairway wood?

Jason P.E. Scholtz says:

I would love to see Stenson hit it.

Derek1224 says:

So you’ll be bagging this and the GBB Epic driver this year Rick? 😉

Scott Brady says:

The bottom of the club looks like a titleist club

golfer1126 says:

Seeing how the regular version was 15 degrees and this one 13.5 would that not contribute to most of the gained distance and reduced spin? Meaning they actually have similar numbers

Running With The Boy In Blue says:

Rick surely if your going to review a club do it using all the settings to show the masses the difference between them all even if you feel it wont suit your swing.

Steve Reynolds says:

You said in the test of the std one, that you will test with the weights in both positions…..Did you forget ??

metamurph says:

I would think the huge difference is partly because the distance between the weights is much smaller than on the driver so if you think about a lever weight + distance….

Louis R. says:

great video. Looking 2 purchase a fairway wood.. looking @EXOTICS EX9 LONG FAIRWAY Wood… can U see if U can give me a heads up on that 3wood. thx


Excellent vid Rick, love your vids keep up the great work.

Collin Haggerty says:

Would you prefer the “Epic” family or the “M” family?

Weekendtroutfisher 1 says:

Hey Rick, how about letting Rob have a smack at it ? I would like to see what Rob thinks of this club.

Michael Blackwell says:

Rick, As a PGA Pro of 30 years experience, please give this a go… Do the same test under identical conditions, BUT MAKE EVERY SHOT FADE Please! !! All your misses are pushes and hooks, but your best baby draw is of course superb. YOU DONT NEED DISTANCE… YOU NEED TO HIT THE FAIRWAY ! Thanks for your great content, Michael

Christoph 1211 says:

Rick i really Love your reviews, keep up the great work!!
However it would be really Nice if You tested these adjustable Clubs in different settings to see the difference (especially with weights in the Sole etc.)

Seistrup9 says:

You keep Reading the number on the Shaft as grams. That is incorrect. The number, in This case – 70 – is the weight group the entire series is.
You Are hitting a 70 X Shaft, which is actually 78 grams. That’s a massive difference from 70, as even most amateurs Can feel a 2-3 gram difference!
You really should know This. It’s not rocket science and it’s free information from the manufacturer.
Silver 70 series has the following weight:
R-flex: 76g
S-flex: 77g
X-flex: 78g

Not even regular flex is close to 70. Come on Rickie, you Can do better than This misinformation

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