PGA Golf Pro and YouTube Club Reviewer Rick Shiels tests the latest 2017 TAYLORMADE M1 FAIRWAY WOOD using GC2 and HMT


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Nick Monchgesang says:

Hey rick. Why didn’t you go state side for the club launch?

Patrick Washington says:

triton triton triton triton triton

billy imholt says:

I really like your reviews but i would like to see you review the 5 wood in some of these model since i don’t carry a 3 wood and would like to get some feedback on the 5 woods. Thanks

Winston Morris says:

Could you review the Wilson staff FG tour F5 irons?

Dan Channer says:

Wow. Why bother with the driver?

i Run Hockey says:

Does the new m2 have any big benefits or is pretty much the same but different design.

Mike B says:

So am I the only one who noticed on a 15 degree lofted club your launch angle is consistently under 10 degrees? So your angle of attack then is -5 degrees? I realize you want to compress the ball against the club face, but that seems a little extreme. PGA players are -3 degrees, according to PGA Trackman stats. Just wondering if you are overdoing it? Your AOA it seems is geared more for hitting irons than fairway woods.

Golf Buddy says:

Callaway Epic???

esalinasbitch says:

Could you possibly hack it and add a second weight?

Michael Lindo says:

Thanks, Rick.  Are we going to get an 2017 M2 fairway review?

Station 2Station says:

must be fade bias’ed, you’re not hitting your usual hook – lol.

Barry smith says:

Looks great…..

Dee Gee says:

TaylorMade M1 or Mizuno JPX 900?

Jim Lunde says:

Great review Rick. I think that club has your name on it.

David Labbe says:

hmm…you don’t like the green but the décor in you hitting bay has the same color.

James Flynn says:

not that I wasn’t going to watch. but taylormade retweeted this video, so they must like the result.

John Anderson says:

Hi Rick..excited to see more M2 videos as well as the WS Triton from Driver vs Driver!

Lance Anderson says:

I don’t know if you have realized but you hit the previous m2 3wood further than this one

Adam Covington says:

That club needs to go in your bag immediately.

Ryan Mclaughlin says:

it’s weird I don’t like the look as a driver but love it as a wood!? I bet he games this!

Patrick Washington says:

triton triton triton triton triton triton

allo cromeau says:

are you gonna do a review of the m2 2017 fairwaywood review rick?

Len Frandsen says:

gorgeous!!! looks and performance !!!

David Seccombe says:

I think you need to put this in your bag!!

woody5581 says:

Great review Rick !

Jimbo28 says:

Old vs new?

Ben Morriss says:

Imagine how good u could hit the m2 version just like most pros last year that bagged it over the m1

Richard Rollins says:

Hey Rick, Thanks for the detailed reviews on these clubs .. Really gives a good bit of insight on the decision making process for future purchases.

Chad Koselke says:

Great video! Love the new colors

Michael Pasvantis says:

I like the new sole especially how the track is pushed back a bit off the face. I had some issues with the previous model when I had to go down and get a bit of turf, it felt like the track hit the ground and grabbed. This new design looks like they’ve addressed that. Can’t wait to hit it.

Michael Lindo says:

Hey Rick. Can we please get a review of the new M2 and M2 Tour fairway woods?

Celeste Ryan says:

I feel sorry for you guys Your damed if you do and damed if you don’t drivers are maxed out

MahanFan1 says:

Would love to see how it performs off the tee.

pilchtastic says:

Holy crap put this in your bag Rick!

Aj Nawabi says:

You hit this further then your driver not bad

Hidenobu Seo says:

amazing result

Alex Hier says:

wow, surprise appearance from the Sun!

Oliver Poole says:

Personally think it looks a lot smarter than last year’s model – but I liked Nike’s ‘volt’ colour scheme, too!

Paul Howden says:

Looks and sounds epic

jch3200 says:

How is this different than the R15 3wood? The R15 has 2 swing weights, otherwise, I think, it looks the same (smaller head on the 15) and would be cheaper.  Also when I looked at this it was too big for my comfort.  more like an old driver in size.  So I didn’t try it.

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