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Uniq says:

I need a 3 wood and i’m definitely going to look into that cobra one

변상현 says:

OMG why no PING ?!!

Julian Roberts says:

I’ve enjoyed these videos Rick well done great content

Ryan Robertson says:

i would love to see a video on your most disappointing clubs of the year.

Murat Karaca says:

M2!did not make the list wow Rick!

Harambe says:

hey Rick, any chance you could do your top putters?

Matthew Johnson says:

The f7 better be in the bag you hit them so good

Jack Baker says:

Here’s a lovely idea for your reviews, do a top gear style, driver distance competition. Each new driver you review in 2017, hit 5 shots, and put the furthest one up on the wall. And whichever is the furthest at the end you give to me as a token of your gratitude

Alabaster245 says:

Sweet swing brother!

Dr. Pepper says:

I’m surprised that the m2 didn’t make it

petembb says:

Rick those clubs…. Titleist and Cobra….they are really 2017 models, they aint in shops yet, so kinda unfair to bring them in.

Michel Kohler says:

My favorit youtuber i’m 12years old and from germany and I love your viedeos! I just play since june this jear

Seth Palmer says:

I know it wasn’t in your top three but your review of the Cobra King F6 Baffler 4-5 wood was life changing for me in the world of fairway woods. Got it in stock shaft extra stiff. The rails are almost unfair with turf interaction and bad lies. Thanks Rick! Huge fan.

Matthew McArthur says:

Great vids, Rick!

Paige Michael says:

Keep up the great work Rick! Looking forward to 2017!

Joseph Garcia says:

Forgot the M1… 🙁

Bryan Pardy says:

I just picked up the Ping G 3 wood. I was testing out the Callaway GBB and M2/M1. The M1/M2 I wasnt making good contact and wasnt getting very good shots with but the Callaway GBB and Ping G I was making 220/230s but ultimately went with the stiff Ping G. Cant wait to try it out with year.

Martin Smith says:

What about the best rescue clubs…..

Romband1919 says:

Hahaha love ❤️ it too Ricky

Simon Dale says:

as always, fantastic video! thanks for all your content Rick

Pawlik Pawel says:

Are you going to do Top 3 Hybrids?

Geordie Sancaster says:

Morning Rick, how about one of the most important things that most golfers don’t really consider, the golf ball review, could you do a video with rob to see what ball is better for different swing speeds, not necessarily distance but overall performance including spin, feel, etc. Just a thought for 2017 happy new year.

HKR Golf says:

Rick – love your channel but I’ve a question that I’ve been wondering about for some time. The distances you hit in your reviews are massive. Do the numbers marry up between indoor reviews and what you experience on the course? All the best H

Brady Bunda says:

Watch my video

Lemon2108 says:

where the hell is the m2

Alex Ward says:

What about putters? The most important club in the bag

Bill Barclay says:

Most enjoyable series Rick your reviews has certainly made my job easier in recommending equipment for customers as well as myself. Have a good New Year and I look forward to seeing more in 2017.

mark l says:

Hi Rick is the cobra f7 not a 2017 club ? as the release date (U.K.) is Jan 2017 ?

gary donnelly says:

I want to try the F7 woods and hybrids i tend to go a bit steep sometimes with them clubs

Jack Shade says:

I love the XR!!

72fletcher says:

Are there not going to be a putter review made ? most important club in the bag !

James Harvey says:

No Ping G, no M2… interesting! I am definitely interested in the Cobra.

Lou P says:

Rick. I really wish you would go more in depth with shaft combos and heads. Other than that, your content is spot on.

ksinghvirk says:

F7 isn’t a club of 2016…

ConRon says:

The Titleist is gorgeous.

Chris Marshall says:

Rick, I’m a 15 year old golfer looking for a good, FORGIVING hybrid. I’ve been thinking king F7. Any others I should consider? Please help. Thanks.

Fraser Elvins says:

Great Videos Rick. I only started watching this year but now I watch your videos all the time. Keep it up

Louis Pounds says:

top hybrids too please…

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