Golf Practice Hitting Mat Review – FairwayPro

This video is my hands on review of the FairwayPro golf hitting mat. The FairwayPro is designed to give away so that you get the feeling of taking a divot which will help easy the shock of hitting of a typical driving range mat.

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JayMart73 says:

what if you dont have a mat to stand on ;/. Then the ball would be above your feet would it not?

Austin C. says:

Hey buddy how about you hit off the turf! Then you won’t ever have any wrist and joint problems. You don’t hit off mats when you play a round, so why practice on one?!

Eric Lemus says:


Youngsun Kim says:

nice stuff and review. is this noisy? l live in a flat and worry about downstair neighbour hear shock when my mat has very soft rubber plate underneath and ok.

Adam Butters says:

Awesome and I just found one second hand on uk ebay for £50!!
Instant purchase!! Been looking for a better mat solution for a while

E.L.Dorado says:

LMAO He tastes it.

tdaveniii says:

I’m guessing if you catch it fat, it reacts much more like natural turf than mats do?

JohnD says:

Feel & real!!

MrUmandMrEr says:

“Let’s hit on it and see how it feels.”

Frank Sammut says:

Did you try putting a tee in it? If so, did it work? Thanks Matt.

ericymun says:

Is there anyway you can let us know how it performs using launch monitors like skytrak or gc-2?

rivahkillah says:

I want a product review on the knife you used to open that package.

Josh Bennett says:

That’s cool. Cause I am a deep divot guy and the mats tear me up and in my chest I feel it. Christmas is coming soon. Might ask santa!

invisaman75 says:

I bought the SKLZ version some years ago. I am not sure how it compares but I am not much of a “Range Rat” anymore! LOL

kar wye ng says:

Hey, Can I Tee-up and play a driver on this product?

Chris says:

How’s the puffing up in the middle you spoke of? Did it stop after a while.?

john yi says:

I developed bad tendonitis in my elbow this summer after constantly practicing at my local golf range. May have to check this one out! Thanks!

Adolfo Zayas says:

nice video. cool training aid. wonder how this would compare to a similar device made by SKLZ

jpftwson54 says:

Bring this to the golf sim store you promoted and see if it works with gc quad

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