Easy to Hit & Fast Fairway Wood – Srixon Z F85 Review


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http://txg.ca – Testing the new Srixon Z F85 fairway wood and comparing it to the Titleist TS3! We test out how easy the F85 is to hit off the turf by hitting a long second shot into a par 5 at Pebble Beach on FSX software. See how it compares on ball speed, forgiveness, launch angle and spin!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



Stein Fonell says:

“A fitted one vs. a non-fitted one” at 17:15 into the film … which should be part of the headline and each testing of non-fitted gear. It gives you a great advantage towards all other who are testing Equipment – and you can also add the expertise that no one else hold – through a change of shaft of the tested gear possibly suiting Matt.

good stuff.

Timothy Daniels says:

I’m just guessing here but I feel that fairway woods ( they need to come up with a new term for these clubs) are the domain of really, really good players. Off the tee a 3 wood is no problem. Off the turf, getting it up, excuse my French, is an issue. My current club in 3 wood situations is probably a 5 wood or a hybrid.
This club looks promising.

John White says:

Ian – Can’t you find some more difficult holes to punish Mat with? 🙂

Kourtney says:

I went with the ping g400 7 wood over the ping 3 hybrid specifically because of the adjustable sleeve on the wood vs none on the hybrid. Also I could use a little help elevating the shot so the lower cg helps too.

Robert Salazar says:

I need a little offset so I’m glad to see srixon fairway woods are a little closed.

simmi352 says:

better footwear on Matt and you’ll find extra 5 yards

Kyle Dahlstrom says:

I just bought U85 (3iron) and 4-AW in 785s. Amazing clubs! I’m interested in the Srixon fairway and driver but can’t wait for the Cobra F9 release (driver and fairway) love to see testing for those two. Definitely would like to see you guys dial in the Srixon driver for Matt.

Robert Ng says:

Great review guys what’s the verdict overall from Matt with the rogue and this z85 fairway

Jamie Reynolds says:

Why not try tour edge 3 woods

WhiskerRub says:

TXG “Good News for your Wallet”. Just out of curiosity I assume there must have been a carry distance change of significance when you switched to range?

David Wilson says:

Top notch lads. I’m going through withdrawals these days. Need more!

Ian Nicol says:

What shafts were in both and putting the same shaft thats in the titleist would that help. I loose it right the odd time so is this a draw bias club?? Thanks guys. The srixon Irons are supposed to be as well eh??

whogg0521 says:

And yeah, you guys look “sooooo” big after all that eating….lol

Parnop Siripornpak says:

Interesting that Matt mentioned it has similar shape to Rogue. A little comparison between those could be nice. Great stuff guys.
By the way, what shaft spec is fitted on the TS3? Tour AD F?

Jacob Streiff says:

I’ll be looking forward to F9 speedback and Cortex reviews

coreyhr says:

In your opinion, what is a 3 wood that sits really open? I find that most 3 woods sit closed.

William Russell says:

Let’s see the z785 fitting with Matt!

mr. rbt says:

i have my own golf shop here in the US, where can i buy one of those machines? i think you call it matt?

wardn53 says:

With all the people you fit for different clubs you guys should do a yearly wrap up of the best clubs you have found that help different handicap levels. Thanks for the videos.

Justin Parker says:

Y’all said that 2018 was a down year for FW woods. What were standout performers from prior years?

Mike says:

More sessions with both the range and a hole seem to be way to go…great video. And yes please with the fitted Srixon driver re-test.

Ryan Cadwallader says:

Would love to see a Srixon vs Ping driver show down. You guys are putting the best content out, please keep it up!!

whogg0521 says:

I need to have Matty hit my 3 woods off the deck. I have been struggling with it lately.

Jason Alcock says:

Yes, to testing fitted Z 785 driver. Also love to see compared to Z 585 and last models Z 765. Now that Matt is well rested should be up to the task 😉

sabr686 says:

I put this one into the “sleeper” category when I first saw it. Might have to upgrade it now.

Thomas Veal says:

Great video! I would love to see fit competitors vs. gamer fitted equipment throughout the bag to provide level playing field assessments. Srixon may consider a more adjustable model in the future after this video. Why limit your customer base, right!

Aaron Kennon says:

Come to the DC area!

Craig Berry says:

I wish i had a fairway i could rely on, class Matty

Mike B says:

i recently bought Srixon z F65 3w and 5w at a demo sale.Wow. As soon as I put them down behind the ball the lie angle felt great. Just smoked the 5w. One, two, three in a row. It felt solid and powerful. The 3w also felt powerful and is butter when hit squarely. Needs a regular sized grip though. Someone put a midsize on it with 10 layers of wrap. What I have been able to hit with it though felt awesome.
Have 100 mph swing speed at the moment, but have a set of Super Speed sticks on the way, so maybe my 57 yr old butt can get that to 110 by the spring. I’ll take a consistent 240 with a 3w all day long!

terry howard says:

Recently purchased 3wood and hybrid. (I nelly went to get fit for hybrid). 3 wood has given me another 10 to 15 yards but more importantly I’m much more consistent and therefore confident with it. It does give me a slight draw, which I love. (My old 3 wood was about 7 yrs old). I now use 3 wood off of the tee since I struggle with driver. I have found hybrid comfortable off of both tee and the deck, again it gives me a slight draw. Really pleased with both purchases, fitted for both by Srixon. To endorse what was said on the video, I had recently been ‘fit’ for another 3 wood at a large golf store in UK. when I got it on the course I was missing both left and right, difference between the two was night and day.

Ross Danaher says:

Test test test test!

Juan Garcia says:

Great video guys. Just got fitted for Titleist TS2 3W 15 degree head, C 2 configuration, -.75 loft, @ 14.25 degrees, mainly off the tee and Mizuno CLK 19 degree hybrid, configured – 1 degree loft to 18 degrees for approach shots off the deck.

Bandit Baker says:

Welcome back Guys, I really missed you whilst I’m recuperating in sunny Lanzarote.
Retest/fit of the Srixon Driver, yes please.
Love this Fairway Wood, (the colour scheme is perfect for the Red side of Manchester), it reminds me of the old Cleveland Launcher’s. When I get the green light to start swinging again I really want to try it out. The Draw bias is perfect for me, but I’m not sure that there would be enough loft for me, is it available in a 15-17deg option? If it is it might just be the Perfect Fairway Wood for Bandit!

Michael Woody says:

Really excited to try the TS and F85 fairway woods now!!

Keith Finley says:

Absolutely fit it!

Paul O'Neil says:

This reminds me of my yearly golf trips from 20 years ago with the boys when we use to go down to Orlando for 1 week during the golf show and buy a couple cases of Shaefer Beer each night for $3.99 for 24 from the same Walmart each night. I swear some sales guy thought he had it made because of the spike in sales – and then it would disappear. There is going to be a Srixon Corp Marketing guy wondering why Toronto is selling all their 3 woods.

David Lum says:

I’d be interested in retesting the driver and get Matt better fitted. I’d also like to see a comparison of the Srixon hybrid and the new Callaway BB hybrid when it is available.

Bill Weiss says:

Can Matt hit right-handed at all? I would like to see a few swings!

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