Cobra KING LTD Fairway

Cobra KING LTD Fairway reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new SpacePort fairway from Cobra golf in the KING LTD range of golf clubs. See what numbers Marks gets on this high MOI golf club.


golfninja says:

Space your port MC …. got to go in the bag surely …. port your numbers!!
Can you get your hands on a set of PXG (Parsons Xtreme) irons to test MC?

Dave Holloway says:

I wonder if his deal with Puma Cobra golf had any bearing on this video. I can’t help thinking if this was a Taylormsde club he’d be hammering the space port idea

Brutus ofTroy says:

“YESMYPLEASE” looooooooooooooooooooool

Peter Hughes says:

How come we don’t just get rid of grooves on woods if we’re so desperate to get rid of spin?

MrShewdogg says:

yes my please! haha

Adam Boerger says:

Would you say that this club promotes a higher launch(easier to hit high) than the normal 3 wood? thx

PkGam says:

That good? I’ve been hearing a lot of good things from Cobra club reviews lately. Not just from you, but others switching clubs for Cobra versions too.

Kieran Fleming says:

cobra seem to be the kingmyclub of late.

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Excellent clubs cobra are making at the moment.

scottclaire0 says:

Is that a X-Flex shaft I see in 0.29…..

Noble says:

Lets see the numbers when the space port is left off 🙂

Mark Ballantine says:

Had my best ever round today! 3 over par (4 birdies and a eagle!). Your videos have helped massively! Thanks Mark 🙂

rjb01camaross B says:

I hope you give this one a shot in the bag for a vlog. Interested to see if you can see the same results on the course. Great review!

Frank ter Beek says:

3:23 – I’m hitting another one ! That good, eh ?

Richard Rowe says:

Mark rarely uses “amazing” with his reviews. Never owned a Cobra club however based on this will give one a test. Nike 3 wood getting a bit old – always ready for an upgrade. 🙂

CJ T says:

I’m curious, I haven’t had a chance to see these clubs in person but does the space port actually offer customization?
It looks like a disk that can be removed but is there different orientations or other disks that actually change anything?
If not, wouldn’t it be easier to just fix the mass to the club instead of having a disk and tool that is just to show off?

ESikora12 says:

This is the third year straight you’ve been really positive about the Cobra fairway, going back to the Bio Cell + model. Have you ended up getting any of them out on the course with you?

Michael Hernon says:

Best numbers on a 3 wood made by cobra/puma coincidence I think not mark is quiet the business man.

Whomp ThatSucker says:

Hi everyone, are you allowed to adjust changeable necks during a round, or only between rounds?

streamleazefishhouse says:

Does it matter what balls you hit when using your computer thingy? Doesn’t it take data on the clubs face just before impact?

nardu malherbe says:

Not very often Mark is impressed by any golf club.
I can’t wait to give this a whack

Bickety Bam says:

How is the size of this compared to the Cobra Bio Cell+ 3 wood? I love the small shallow size of that club – almost as small as some hybrids.

milkos ztemil says:

could they have gotten a zero cg without the space port? seems a little gimmicky

chaveznieves says:

my, my my

Erik Biles says:

Mark, you should have said PortMySpace and gestured with your hands like you want space before you hit it!! lol #longball

Guillaume Gaudry says:

Hi Mark, can’t wait to see you testing of the new JPX EZ2016. Soon I hope! Keep on the good work!

Peter Hughes says:

Go on! You must game this, look at the numbers!!!

Jake Corben Golf says:

That’s the longest 3 wood marks ever reviewed O_o

kvgolfa says:

Why’d they send you an X-flex?! Lol

kf says:

If this works for a bit slower swing (that I have) I would be all for gaming this as well. Thanks for the review. Currently gaming the 910F, so most anything newer will be more forgiving with increased distance but I would like to maximize the 3-wood distance for my game. Thanks Mark!

Chris Jones says:

X flex shaft? must be the reason its so long… #sarmycasm

BigBlueMSP says:

Glad to see Cobra really getting back into the game more. They have been at a low the last 10 or so years. But their new stuff not only looks great but the numbers are impressive as well. Thanks Mark..

Chad Ostby says:

Mark,  I wanted you to know I have purchased and tried all my golf equipment based on watching  your reviews first and appreciate the in depth cut the BS type of UTUBE channel have created.

Daniel Russell says:

Thanks for the video mark.

Sud Man says:


Ed MacIsaac says:

Big fan of your’s Mark. Taught me a lot about golf.

valderja says:

which shaft do you have it it Mark?

matt purcell says:

Nice looking club great video again

JWalk says:

hey Mark…i’ve heard of people in the old days putting cotton balls inside their metal woods to increase the swing weight and dampen the sound that the club made..wonder if you would try that with Cobra’s new equipment

Mason Osian boulton loves his rustler says:

I can’t see me changing my drive 3 & 5 Woods, all king ltd. So nice and easy to hit

Don Choi says:

Are you going to do a head to head Ltd driver and m1 driver test. I want to see the out come

David Bell says:

I play a ton of gear over the years. Cobra woods and drivers are superior to perhaps 80% of the market. TM and Callaway are marketing geniuses, however, something I wish Cobra would be better at. That’s why most people don’t have Cobra in the bag, but those that do have an edge when playing against compatible players with more popular clubs.

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