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Jack Whitsed says:

Please if anyone can help out, your the best

Jamesz22 says:

the sound of this club outside is just immense

Ryan Bradshaw says:

Great numbers out of the 3 wood. Once you try the pro version of the driver, I think you will see a distance increase over the regular King LTD.

CobaltA13 says:

How do you get these clubs…do the companies send you them to keep or test….or are they from the clubs pro shop?

Arlene Firth says:

~ *The Cobra KING LTD Fairway offers a compact head shape with Zero CG making this fairway both very long and very forgiving. Become the King of the fairway .*

KeilCrafter says:

Hey Rick! You should try the new Mizuno JPX EZ forged, would be really cool 😉

Don Choi says:

can you do the new wedges please i really want to know how it performs thanks

Vici Martynov says:

Not a fan of this range or the barking mad science theme. A huge disappointment after biocell. I was really starting to warm to Cobra now i just cant take them seriously.

Taben armstrong skates says:

That thing fly’s funky

MikeBingo1 says:

You could use the space port to smuggle crack? Not that I’d condone that kind of thing

Adam Gubbins says:

good review rick needed a new 3 wood thinking about this one

Sara Afonso says:

M1 vs. R15 or PSi irons vs. titleist CB 716

Angus O'Keefe says:

Rick, love your videos. A bit unrelated, but what do you personally think is more important- finding the clubs that perform best for you off the rack, or getting properly fitted, even if it may not be the very best set for you (obviously the ideal situation is finding the best clubs for you AND getting properly fitted)? More of a hypothetical question on the value of fitting vs club technology.

speterj says:

What kind of distance would you get if you hit one with space port open?

Igor says:

you are hitting this club waaaayyyyy shorter then the aeroburner 3 wood (not that I am a fan of TM).

bronco 83 says:

Rick will you be getting the new callway apex irons?

Adam Flynn says:

I currently have cobra bio cell driver and fairways in my bag..don’t think these would persuade me to upgrade them

SuperFassst says:

Rick and others… on a scale of 1-10… How much of a gimmick is this? I say 10

R C says:

Has Cobra gone Mickey Mouse? not for me

Donald Trump says:

Hey Rick, do you think you could do a md3 wedge vs rsi wedge?

Taben armstrong skates says:

It dies quick

Rich206L says:

Great irons and hybrids, never liked the drivers…You do plan a video with Rob’s first lesson I hope ,at the new facility?

chris boulton says:

im really thinking about ditching my 915 3w and driver for this bit of cobra kit

Donald Trump says:

Anybody know when the m1 would go down in price like the r15. And will the r15 go back to its normal price?

Rich M says:

I’m hoping that this release will mean a price drop on the Fly-Z range. I was really impressed with those clubs but these, not so much…

Almdudler says:

Test the King LTD PRO version Rick.. That should be lower spinning for you! 🙂

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