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Cobra KING F7 Fairway reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new Dual Rail System fairway from Cobra golf in the KING F7 range. See what numbers Marks gets on this high MOI golf club both on and off the course.

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Jack Dermody says:

Played this at September, Had the same shot stuck it on the green from 220 yards out (was trying to bail out the left a little)… Sunk the 35ft putt for an Eagle…
You look like a pro in front of the club house… Great memory for a 24 handicap at the time…

Went out again on the same course in October and beat a pro from Sweden on the back nine off 21 at that stage…

Great course, one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in golf…

Eelco Snijders says:

Well produced video Mark! You confused me with you opinion of the rails…. For years I had an old Cobra baffler with rails and it got me out of all sorts of trouble…. now I an keen to get my hands on some a F6 Baffler, when Cobra brought the rails back…. I assume you didn’t try the rails out of some rougher turf or grass…….

okolekahuna says:

very interesting when you pulled the weights out. I’m going to try that with my clubs.

Stewart Halliwell says:

so sad the loss of a ball good review you are always worth watching

Mark S says:

moment of silence for #chromeMYsoft #gonebutnotforgotten

TJ Shine says:

I feel your pain Brah, I hate when I loose a ball that Grandpa won the Open with back in 1960….or at least it feels that way…

Badplus 017 says:

Thanks for the review. I’d be down to see more course vlogs. Cheers, Mark.

Andy Titcomb says:

COBRA fairway woods are legit, my son has replaced his driver with a BioCell 3 wood and is loving the distance and finding the fairway

Charles Farley says:

no weights? The CG must be in the handle or he’s a robot

Kyle Walker says:

Might consider a 5 wood, but I’m loving my XR 16 at the moment for my 3 wood. But great review and yes I’d go with no weights if it gives better numbers

Matt Leader says:

Fancy one of these. Sensible money too for the performance

Celeste Ryan says:

Mark. Bill in Canada Do not know about using no weights but I have epic sub zero. And took 12gram screw out Put in 2 light screws picked up 4 mph More carry same spin. Awesome

Hacker golf says:

the no weight hits, did they feel weird ? did the club feel light. last year dechambau took the weight out of his f6 driver and it played as a b9 swing weight. interesting results….

James Harvey says:

One option I would have like to see would have been testing with just the heavy weight in front & testing with just the heavy weight in the back.. would that have made any difference?

tom hayden says:

Really enjoyed the review, it was interesting to see the difference that the weight made.

jaydee514 says:

Another funny review. The no weight technology is amazingggg!

Adam Boerger says:

What happened to James Diamond from back in the original videos?

Scott Carter says:

Mark, if you put the cobra hybrid from the last review, and this 3 wood in your bag, would you carry a 5 wood also? Seems like the gap between the hybrid and this 3 wood would not be large enough to justify another club in that range. This is something I am currently struggling with. I have a 4 hybrid, 5 wood, and 3 wood. I get predictable yardages out of all them, but my gap between hybrid and 3 wood is 30 yards. Seems like I could make up that gap with more skill and ditch the 5 wood.

Jeff Spicoli says:

Dead set on M2 propaganda and then sales dude taped this up before I knew what it was. Couple rails later and Cobra Kai mother fucker! Hitting it out of the fucking park! I was like man, whoa, my buzza gonna shit, and then he’s gonna kill for this fucking club! Hell Yeeeeaaaahhh right rocket club!

Milhouse Van Houten says:

Course vlog course vlog the army is chanting

Nice review by the way you guys were busy in Spain

Mark Daniels says:

Tidy shot into that par 3 brah!

Frank ter Beek says:

3:40 he’s a lovely boy, with a lovely sweater

Pierre Morin says:

Try with 3g back & front, it’s be legal….

Derek Comer says:

Had a nice win on the football coupon at weekend, treated myself to the Hybrid 19 to 22 and the 3 wood 13 to 16, loved them when I tried them out in the shop, my Taylormade jetspeed driver and 3 wood are going on eBay, I’m CRAP with my driver, so going to stick with 3 wood.

Benjamin Kaiser says:

Hi Mark,

can you do a review of the tour edge exotics fairway woods?

Anthony Villa says:

Someone went to the Casey Neistat School of Music Cue Editing I see (dats embarrasing)…love the vids PARfield, keep em coming please…

Strad 4321 says:

Mr. Crossfield, we here at Cobra do not recommend hitting the club without the weights installed. It makes our marketing people and engineers sad.

Kevin Cunningham says:

#NoWeight 😀

Hacker golf says:

I just took all the weights out of my f7 driver and its super light to the pickup. I’m gonna hit it tomorrow and see

Alan Wayne says:

somehow I lost the weights in my GBB alpha. I kept hitting it at the range and noticed a similar improvement. Although, I ended up adding some lead tape to the back heal and the thing has a firm hold at the top of the bag 🙂 Any reviews of volvik vivid, the things might be a good challenger for your truvis!!

Milhouse Van Houten says:

Why would you get further carry with no weight

Ahillbillyredneck says:

I’ve had my eyes on this club since I started playing a couple of months ago. I hit my tm pretty well but I’d like to see if the rails would make a little bit better strike for me because I have been struggling with getting it off the ground some. I know that my swing is the real problem but maybe the rails would decrease the amount of awful when I hit it bad??? thanks for the video. I absolutely love the style and music you choose!!

kaven audet says:

Can you take out the weights with the driver too just for fun and see the results?


shouldn’t hit it in the rocks

Zookie Budeck says:

I play my F6 Hybrid also with no weight in it 😉

Jim Rohnstock says:

Good review as always. Cobra continues to make really good clubs. It’s surprising that more people aren’t playing them.

mark Sushi says:

Not a proper review of that club. You didn’t utilized the purpose of the rails… All you did was show us that you can hit a fairway wood on a nice flat lie, congrats. Now have your ball in a divot or rough or any kind of lie where it’s not flat. Those rails are suppose to help the player get better contact out of most lies due to the rails gliding the club. This has been the worst review of this club that I’ve seen because all you talked about was the weights and not the rails, the rails are the biggest part of this club and thanks to rickie fowler for having cobra bring them back and perfect the use of them. As far as mark crossfield, I do like your channel and your insights, I just feel this review was not up to par. ( pun intended)

bogey1911 says:

I would loosen those weights up just enough to get them rattling. #lockeyarmy

whocareswins1 says:

Goes to show most things on clubs are gimmicks sadly. Gonna have to practice to get better instead 🙁

Tony Atkinson says:

Best line I have heard in a testing video, “going to miss you burh”.. lovely boy

General Splatton says:

Mark, take the weights out and put it in the bag bruh! LOL

Melvin Watson says:

Hi Mark, could you point me in the right direction when hitting the ball do you hit it at 100% or 80% mainly in the irons. Superb videos keep them coming. Mel from Worcester

Matt Jones says:

Says he can’t get there into wind, uses closed data and then just tracks it on the map. Fraud…

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