Cobra F9 Fairway Wood Review

Join our new community on Patreon! – Reviewing the new Cobra F9 Fairway Wood and comparing it to Titleist’s TS3! See how it performs in launch, spin, forgiveness, feel and more!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



Great stuff guys. Best i have ever hit a three wood, and i think the rails help avoid the odd fat muddy one which tends to creep in on occasion.

Bob Kuralowicz says:

I’m convinced that Matt could hit a 2×4 250 yds. with a tight draw.

Timothy Daniels says:

If people ever find out when and where Matt plays his golf, he’s going to start getting galleries

Doba says:

I’d love to see Matt hit a lower deg fairway as a driver replacement test. There’s probably a good number of players that cant hit a driver and play fairway off the tee.

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

Is any manufacturer coming out with a titanium fairway wood these days? Or is that not in fashion anymore?

Glenn Wisse says:

Sorry. Super Bowl is on.

Jacob Streiff says:

If the speedback helps the driver 2mph and the face on the fairway is say 40% that of the driver then it should only produce .8mph increase I would imagine.

Adam Boyle says:

Cobra will be crowned the new King of 2019. Not only are their drivers $100 less than everyone else, but they’re arguably as good or even better.

sabr686 says:

Strong lineup this year for Cobra. Personally, I think they should restrict the color yellow to bicycle racing.

Some Mass says:

Hoping next video will go through Ian’s wardrobe. The man has no shortage of sick shirts.

Jake Horst says:

In my opinion I see the 3 wood as a club to go a certain distance rather than a driver replacement, therefore the fact that it didn’t have a massive distance gain is a good thing.

ripyerballs says:

It would be interesting to see the Cobra struck from some turf to see if those rails aid performance, but you guys like us in the UK will be snow bound.

Rene Forgues says:

Great job guys ! Which I have Matt’s swing… wow…

Mike Cook says:

Great video!! Matt could hit any 3 wood 300 yards, amazing!!

J Tree says:

Can you please test the Cobra MB/CB combo and the Forged Tech irons. Please

walter says:

Interesting that Rickie just wins yesterday and he’s playing the old F8+ and not the new F9.

Rob Biles says:

I would suggest that the marketing boys at Cobra wanted the Speedback name on the fairway to get the sales off the back of the driver.

Blake says:

Cobra F9 hybrid??

Eric Riemenschneider says:

Glad to see it performed well since I just ordered one. Looking forward to seeing how it and my FX300F work together on the course

Chris Freitag says:

Love, the how far Matt can hit it video series. 300 yards with a 3 wood off the deck with the Titleist or Cobra or ….. lots of great choices for golfers. Impressive

Rodney Greenwell says:

When are the CB Forged coming and how about a 5 wood for a change…

Josh Luther says:

Wouldn’t the speed back tour be more of a comparison to the TS3 fairway?

David Hulbert says:

I play the f7 fairway woods. In my opinion if you struggle with a steep aoa and or height like me test the cobra range. Changed my long game. My 4 iron is a 24 degree 8 wood that stops on greens. Fantastic clubs.

Lex GolfHacker says:

Another great video guys! Keen to hear your thoughts on the really unusual shot pattern from the Cobra (more distance when you hung it out to the left rather than when you turned it over to the right), I’ve not seen that happen before…

leroy h says:

Probably irrelevant, but I would love to see the difference in performance between a current model 3 wood and a Nike covert tour 2.0

bluffgubben says:

Great vid as always. My question is tho, how much difference in distance is 1 degree of loft? Considering changing my 3 and 5 Wood, m2, to a 3hl but my 5w is 19.2 degrees and the 3hl I am looking at is 17.9. Sorry for asking questions!

Daniel Young says:

no left hand for the “tour” version.

Hugh Mcghee says:

Good video can you get Mat to hit some balls of a tee just to see how well it is for teeing of with thanks.

Nate Buyze says:

I noticed Matt’s ball speed is around the mid 160s with around 120 club head speed, that equates to a pretty low smash factor for a 3 wood even though it’s obvious he’s hitting them well, is that a result of the gc quad reading club head speed differently? I get low to mid 160s ball speed with my 3 wood but my club head speed is around 110.

walter says:

I’d like to see you test the TEE CBx woods, the longest woods on the market, well according to TEE.

Ross Danaher says:

Great video as always! Is there a video coming where you test these woods outdoors in different turf conditions to test and see if the Baffler system adds any benefit for steeper swings?

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