COBRA F8 F8 PLUS FAIRWAY reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield and Dan from Torquay golf club. On this windy day Mark and Dan put to test the F8 and F8 plus fairways. See what Ricky Fowler loves about the F8 plus and how the F8 fairway from Cobra golf could help your golf game.

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MrSniffwiff says:

I have a Titleist 910 3 wood that provides that “bullet ball” and for the standard occasion where finding fairway is paramount or approaching a green from plus 210, I’ve an F6 5 wood at 19*. Anyone who can’t carry an 5 iron over 200yards should have a similar setup imo… having two woods with a hybrid.

I think having that lower lofted 3 wood, especially into wind, is such an important tool.

Horses for courses though!!!

But when you see people like Dufner and ZJ, carrying similar setups, who have say, a more realistic swing speed, I think it speaks volumes.

Nick Hough says:

Has Mark given up his slot at Exeter golf range?? Lots of Dan indoors stuff goin’ down now?

cobra1995xx says:

I need a 3 wood with “oh shit” sensing technology.. where, mid swing it can tell I’m going to swing over the ball so it drops a couple “extra” grooves down for me.. lol

d l says:

Little jelly of Dan’s easy looking swing.

Preston Bonner says:

Why not test both at 15?! Not an even comparison…

lee jordan says:

i wish you could test clubs on the course in different situations before you buy.

sabr686 says:

I think people who like to hit golf balls might go for these, and people who play golf may not. If you get my meaning.

Martin T says:

Great video review! I didn’t think your reviews could get better but adding Dan (who seems a top bloke) gives the review a different edge. Keep up the good work!

Bo Lewis says:

Maybe say the joke once or twice, it gets old after the 10th time. We get how you “aren’t seeing it” for anything ever but it is tiresome.

Core52 Rivas says:

You guys should of tried to hit them out of bad lies. To really test the rails out. Otherwise good video. Cheers

Goodspeed says:

Could you see someone going F8 in a 3W for the extra size off the tee, and then an F8+ in a 5W to make it something like a more versatile fairway/hybrid type of club?

Leslie Robertson says:

I’m finding this very hard to understand why don’t you just change the loft if you feel it’s going to go to high or am I missing the hole point.

Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs says:

They are bloody good looking

Goodspeed says:

Also, Dan said this one doesn’t have a “channel” or insert, but it does. Cobra’s website says both fairways have a Forged 475 Stainless Steel face insert.

Neil Mitchell says:

I think Rickie is playing all his clubs at least an inch shorter so smaller head sizes are probably not quite as scary as with stock shafts. Sorry, didn’t mean to mention shafts !

allo cromeau says:

Hey mark….its call carbon
Not graphite….lol

Impreza WRC says:

I like Dan’s input in the video’s he’s done with you Mark, he comes across as a top lad and very knowledgeable. Your building up quite formidable a team with coach Lockie and Dan….. Oh i nearly forgot, Rory as well….Just joking Rory 🙂

Jason Gillespie says:

Yeah, this is looking like a good match for my G400 driver. Sounds like the sound might be right too. I’ll have to give them all a go in the spring.

nigel brooks says:

are you guys going to try the one length hybrid in the F8 range ?

The Golf Jedi says:

Love Dans Star Trek side burns bruh

Sven Hallauer says:

Can’t wait for Jan 12th to get my F8+…truly excited 🙂

Christopher LaFreniere says:

Think Cobra’s F8 series is their best so far. Really did a good job and they have an aggressive preorder going on in the US for a nice discount.

Ken Royal says:

Interestingly, I think you might find more drawn to the “Ricky” club for that piercing flight. At 13 degrees, it could be used off the tee a lot, especially for those having driver difficulty. I have a Cobra 7-wood with rails, and it’s my favorite club. Smaller head is something to consider. Enjoyed the review. Thanks!

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

I use the Baffler F6 at 17.5* of loft. Amazing club. CANNON.

Solomon Spydro says:

What has Mark got up his sleeve for the chrimbo special?! Buzza was seen with Pickard at Sauton. It couldn’t be.. Could it?

BeachBow says:

How do these clubs fit with the rules of golf? Can a player change the loft during the game, or once they start play, it’s locked in until that round is over?

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